Dec 23, 2013

Where to from here? fabd

The death of Nelson Mandela has stirred in all of us some powerful emotions and perhaps in some, a desire to retrace the unsteady first steps […]
Nov 26, 2013

Media Release: #MandelaLWTF – The Journey continues with a social media first

Date of Release: 26 November 2013 Join the conversation and live Tata’s Legacy With the long-awaited release of the autobiographical movie – Mandela: Long Walk to […]
Oct 31, 2013

Earth is full.

If you can’t pass a test or exam, you don’t get the certificate or degree. If you don’t get that special license, you can’t operate an […]
Oct 11, 2013

Busy Looking Busy

The ANC Women’s League had some big meeting this week where Comrade Angie Motshekga reminded all the gals that their main role was to wait for […]
Oct 11, 2013

America Over A Barrel.

You may be forgiven some schadenfreude when you take in the fullness of the clusterfuck that is US party politics in 2013. On the one hand […]
Sep 30, 2013

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Have you ever stopped and thought of your life as a computer game? You know, where you remember to click on SAVE when the game is […]
Aug 30, 2013

The Newsroom

ANN7 will have the best ratings of any local news channel for the past two weeks, but not for many weeks after. Everyone is talking about […]
Aug 19, 2013

We Don’t Give a Monkey – Published in City Press 18 August 2013

You and me baby, ain’t nothing but mammals – so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. We can’t be civil with each […]