Sep 11, 2012

Corporate Takeover

In the late 1960s the very recently late Neil Armstrong stepped off a vehicle made of aluminium foil and toilet rolls powered by a computer the […]
Aug 8, 2012


Thabo Modisane Executive Producer was suspended for a week for inadvertently not bleeping out the F word in an audio clip of the Christian Bale rant. […]
Jul 13, 2012

What waits for us?

I attended a funeral yesterday. It wasn’t sad, depressing, weepy or filled with the dread of mortality. It was lively, good-natured, friendly and congenial. Of course, […]
Jun 16, 2012

The winter is cruel

The winter is cruel. Cold, merciless, without compassion and free of empathy. It insults us, strips out our comforts, reduces us to quivering wrecks and sends […]
May 22, 2012


Let it not be said that art is only the province of intellectuals and aesthetes. The cockblocking of the nation by an artist, the wounded pride […]
May 16, 2012

March 2.0

Constitutional Democracy is all about minorities. Sure, the majority gets to make the rules – but they don’t get to do so at the expense of […]
Apr 27, 2012

Freedom Day

Today we celebrate Freedom Day. It is the eighteenth anniversary of our democratic republic. We are emerging from our political and social adolescence, redoubtable and self-assured. […]
Mar 27, 2012

Minister of Wealth

I was tempted to give him the nasty epithet Moron Motsoaledi, but at a second thought believed it rude, unnecessary and precocious. I like our Minister […]