The State of the Nation drinking game!

9th February, 2011

Thursday sees the President’s State of the Nation Speech. When old T-Boze Mbeki was still Prez, we tried to launch a game where every time he said “poverty” we’d knock one back, but his speeches were so droll that nobody could stomach more than a few minutes before passing out for boredom. Since many have no taste for the political, we thought we’d see if we could bring a whole new audience to the current Head of State’s remarks that start the parliamentary year… by playing a drinking game! Are you in?



Here are the rules:

1. You will need a litre or two of some kind of liquid. You may use any kind of drink you like – hardcore phuza, water, wine, beer, tea, soft-drinks or even coffee. We discourage the use of methylated spirits, diesel and cat oil, for health reasons.

2. You must watch the entire speech – unless you lose consciousness after the first 40, 45 minutes – in which case you are exempted.

3. Every time the Prez says “Absolutely!”, clears his throat or pushes his glasses up on to the bridge of his nose; you must drink one shot of your choice liquid.

4. It will be fun to play on your own, but even more fun if we all play together – so follow the course of the game on Twitter –!/GarethCliff and post your own minute-by-minute updates. If you like you can use #JZSOTNDrinks to tag your participation. You can also post your comments on facebook at

5. If the Prez mentions ABSA, “Nquza Hill” or starts laughing, you have to double the quantities  consumed.

6. Make sure you don’t have to drive anywhere after this game. After-all, it’s Phuza Thursday – and even excess coffee will render you a zombie.

Will you be the last man standing?

Good luck! See you on Thursday at 19h00! Viva Democracy Viva!




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