End of Month 2: An update.

ccCliffcentral.com continues to evolve, growing and adding new and exciting things to the future of broadcast and online media.
July brings with it a few changes:
1. Our morning team has a new member in Ben Karpinski – award-winning sports blogger and enthusiast. Ben is fanatical about sport and has a wry sense of humour – and a very big head. I don’t mean he’s full of himself, I mean his head is much too big. He can’t find a hat to fit it.
2. We’ve finished our first two months with Comedy Central. Simulcasting an hour and a quarter of my radio show was a great experiment but I’m delighted to reclaim my studio from all the cameras, cables and lights that inevitably come with TV. The vast majority of my audience are thrilled they won’t have to look at me and can keep listening instead.
3. We’ve got some great new contributors, people who have never been on air before – like some of the 1000 auditions we had in month one. Many of them will feature in the CliffCentral Conversations show from 3-6pm with Arye Kellman, but some have landed their own shows. Auditions will continue to feature and give new talent a chance to shine.
4. We have a terrific line-up of well-known, talented broadcast legends in the stable: People like Trevor Gumbi, Tony Ndoro, Casper De Vries, Stan Katz, Penny Lebyane and Tumisho Masha will all delight and thrill you with their brains, laughs and personalities. There will be intelligent debates and discussions with the Daily Maverick, great legal advice with award-winning Garry Hertzberg, medical and motoring shows and plenty of sport. You can’t afford to miss anything – but if you do, there are podcasts.
5. You can win. In the next few weeks we want to reward you for coming with us and being part of the future. Keep listening and we’ll make you a winner.
Don’t forget to listen to CliffCentral.com or get the WeChat App on your smartphone, add CliffCentral as a contact and start listening wherever you are. Glad you’re on board 😉


  1. Jeremy Hammond says:

    Hi Garreth,

    Glad to see the show growing from strength to strength. Only managed to catch about 3 episodes on TV as it clashed with work times for most of us contributing to the economy, =). I do feel that your show will do much better as a flat out radio show. Been a very strange adjustment not listening to she show as it was very much part of my daily routing (spending at least an hour in traffic on the way to work).

    All the best for the future and will be sure to keep listening. Just a question will we be able to tune into your show through our car radios are just online?



  2. Wonder Machingura says:

    Gareth . Stop experimental radio. Start a new radio station with proper airwaves and have podcasts for those who are already in the so called future. Do it before you lose further on listenership.

  3. Mutton says:

    Now that Comedy Central has given you the finger, the boot and your marching orders, citing flagging interest etc. why don’t you do the honourable and just slink away quietly?

    Perhaps an 8 – 5 desk job is more suited to your so-called “entertainment” style?

  4. Judd Da Cruz says:

    I like where your going… Just partner with the right people…(Recommendation)South Africa is full of Dumb Dumbs… “Your” general public do not know what they want because they have been brain washed into what they should like, or want, or need… A guy who changed a big aspect of our world said something before he left… Went along the lines of “people don’t know what they want until you show them…” I’m not going to Google it and copy and paste to prove my point… But I got it… I think you got it… But! You going to have to change the minds of a robotic societies (with some confused newbie’s) to get it right. Gareth good luck. You got great big balls! Respect!

  5. sizwe says:

    Big fan of yours mate,love your don’t give a shit attitude mate.and bud whats have you been eating your face looks inflated,don’t mean no disrespect and good luck with evrything mate.

  6. ludo 9 says:

    Congratulations on your radio. I often listens. I hope CliffCentral continue long.

  7. sikis says:

    thanks you admin

  8. henry wilkins says:

    youre a cunt

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