CLIFFCENTRAL.COM – First Month Round-Up – launched on 1st May 2014 – celebrates one month of “netcasting” with almost a million page views.  Having taken the leap from traditional terrestrial radio to the future of internet and mobile, Gareth Cliff and team plan to create the pre-eminent “infotainment” online content hub.   It’s about sharing in real conversations – everything that happens in our world – everything we all experience every day – makes us think…makes us laugh…makes us cry…..makes us angry….inspires us… what makes us human. broadcasts from 6am – 6pm and the programming is repeated so you can always catch up later.  Alternatively, podcasts are available to listen on demand. starts the day every weekday morning with “The Gareth Cliff Show” and his trusted team – Mabale Moloi. Leigh-Ann Mol, Damon Kalvari and Siya Sangweni-Fynn – uncensored, real conversation about everything in the news, everything that happens in your life and everything we all experience every day, along with first-class guests, edgy material and a healthy dose of humour, intelligence and inspiration….and lots of phone calls!  “The Gareth Cliff Show is simulcast on Comedy Central (DSTV Channel 122), will be moving to the earlier timeslot from 06.00 – 07.15 on Wednesday 4th June.

Between 09.00 and 15.00 every weekday – hourly shows hosted by well-known personalities and experts covering a wide range of topics and issues news with the Daily Maverick journalists; “Candid Business” with Business Report Editor Ellis Myandu; Leadership with Adriaan Groenewald; “The CasperRadio Show” with Casper de Vries and his team; “TG Squared” with Trevor Gumbi and Gabi Mbele; “The Buzz” with Jen Su and Jason von Berg; “Blaque Issues” with Tumisho Masha and Monwabisi Thethe; “Rockstars and Rookies” with Hlubi Mboya and Jade Reinerstsen; “Womandla” with Phumi Mashigo; Sex Talk with Jonti Searle and Black Spider; Law with Garry Hertzberg; Health with Dr. Jonathan Witt; “Heavy Petting” with Leigh-Ann Mol and even “Keeping Up With The Kalvaris” with Damon and Bernice….just to name a few.

While having some of the most well-known broadcasters, personalities and experts in the stable, the aim was to also encompass ordinary people who may never have had an opportunity before to showcase their talents or even just share their areas of interest. To this end, some 1000 live auditions were held during May yielding amazing results.  Every afternoon between 15.00 and 18.00 “CliffCentral Conversations”, hosted by young up-and-coming broadcaster Arye Kellman will include guests (and successful auditionees) bringing  their particular flavour and engaging with the wider audience with live phonecalls, social media and WeChat messaging.

The range of conversations include sport, finance, legal, beauty, fashion, “The Stars” – astrology…as well as “The Stars” – celebrity gossip, technology, gaming, youth panels, education, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, love and relationships, social media, inspirational stories, television, movies, lifestyle related topics…everything that is relevant to our audience.   There will also be a slot for ongoing auditions so the door remains open to join in.       Some of the applicants who are potential talk show hosts will be developed by co-hosting some of the shows in preparation for weekend programming on

Listen live on; Wechat CliffCentral Account


  1. Lorenzo says:

    Congrat’s Gareth and everybody involved on an AMAZING first month!! It has been such an eye opening experience to be able to listen to something REAL for a change. Apart from you and your team being brilliant (as always) other shows like TG squared, Sex talk and The CasperRadio Show have really impressed me. Keep up the good work and may your good fortune continue long into the future. RESPECT!!

  2. Dot Maritz says:

    Congrats to you and your vision! Well done – awesome job – amazing team! May the blessings keep rolling in! You rock the world – Sir Cliff!

  3. Nomaswazi says:

    I have enjoyed what I have been able to catch this past month. Great and inspirational!!! The various shows have set the bar even higher. Awesome team, great work and happy that I’ll be able to hear more!

  4. Yadin says:

    Loving this man!! Stern was great entertainment for me up til now, but your whit and relevance has won me over. I hope to get on-board one day man. Looking forward to month 2 !!!!

  5. Nick says:

    Great one making it on your own team, enjoy listening although havnt made it part of my daily routine yet. When it starts earlier it will be ideal. Just leave my phone in wifi hotspot + cliffcentral = bliss

  6. Yadin says:

    p.s, saying fuck on air is taking some getting used to i hear hahahaFUCKYEH

  7. molebo says:

    I must confess that I have never been a GC fan. but and this is a big but, I have been hooked since day 1, I kid you not.

    It’s too different to ignore though I Still maintain that it lacks balance, in the form of (drum roll) me. the show or certain aspects of it needs to be SANITISED, for balance. I love it!

  8. Lee-Anne says:

    Congrats guys!! Its amazing, I love to sit @ my desk & listen & giggle while you all do your thing. The talking was always the best part!!

    Keep it up 🙂

  9. Elzet says:

    Me again… What a month this has been. So many of our dreams came true. Dude, this month is the first of so many more and so much better to come. Thanks again for having me in your studio. Ur cool and ur studio and team is awesome! Zt

  10. Listen to your show most mornings before I get the day going… Loving the entertainment!

  11. John says:

    Great show

  12. john says:

    Great Show!

  13. Congrats Gareth & The Team….you guys rock. My son Tahil and myself publish a localised magazine online based. We featured you in this magazine as part of your launch celebrations. Pls browse our magazine – Wish you every success in the future – and f8ck you got guts bro!!!! – ISh Bugwandass

  14. janett says:

    Hey GC and the team,well congrats hey-always loved listening to u n still do even now. I wanted 2 ditch my Blackberry but since its brings me u free coz of BIS n WeChat it aint going nowhere. I looooove you guys and keep up the good work. 🙂

  15. Riam Exley says:

    Hallo Gareth

    You show is awesome.The sound is just a little soft.
    It is the best when you cheers with the news you choose to lose or use.

    Go on going

  16. lennon says:

    How does someone from PE get auditioned for co-hosting or training if we from PE

  17. Colin says:

    Hi Gareth
    Would like to be able to listen in the car as well

  18. sadelanga says:

    Hi Gareth

    How do i audition to be one of the co-host? i would love to be part of your show.

  19. Bobby says:

    Congrats to you and your team!

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