The whole truth and nothing but the truth…..

Liars 1The reason Jacob Zuma, Oscar Pistorius and Shrien Dewani make us all so cross is because we know they’re lying and we know we wouldn’t get away with those kinds of lies if we tried them. Imagine someone builds you a R240-million house, all you have to do is lie that you didn’t ask for all the extravagances, and they’ll shut up and pay – and because people are scared of you, you’ll get away with it. Imagine you kill your girlfriend, lie that you thought it was a burglar, hire some lawyers and cry a lot – because you’re a celebrity and people are stupid, some of them will believe you. Imagine you hire killers on the Cape Flats to murder your wife and then tell everyone you have mental illness and suicidal tendencies in order to delay your extradition to a trial – and waste two years before you’re eventually made to explain yourself. These people annoy us because common sense tells us they’re bullshitting and yet, in civilised societies we’re not allowed to point fingers. We want to point fingers. We need to point fingers.

People (especially pious people) keep telling me not to judge. Judging is what got us to this point in our evolution. You judge the distance between the sabre-tooth tiger and the tree, and you make a dash for it. You judge that the ledge is too high to jump off of, and you survive. You judge another person’s trustworthiness and you either do business with them or you don’t. When people tell you not to judge, they usually mean you shouldn’t criticise them or their decisions – or a situation where they have the opposite opinion to yours.

The onus also seems to have shifted in cases where someone is caught in a web of lies. There seems to be either a lack of authority about the truth or a lack of accountability for it everywhere. Either way, if you accuse someone of talking nonsense, somehow you’re the bad guy. It should be the other way round, don’t you think?

Imagine you’re at a lunch and some guy can’t shut up about how he just bought a McLaren or owns a house in Italy. You know this is patently untrue. Something we’re taught from childhood seems to make us want to shut up and tolerate this kind of pea-cocking. What really should happen is that you should get up and tell the guy in question to stop talking rubbish. Nobody does that. If they do, people round the table might actually think he’s the rude one. Unless you come like Gerrie Nel, armed with files and photos and bloodstained duvets that prove someone is being dishonest, you should humble yourself and let them keep mouthing off. The difference between truth, fiction and opinion is so blurred.

I think much of this comes from a general dislike of confrontation. That’s why Zuma, Pistorius and Dewani can keep up their lies. People don’t want to cause a scene, disrupt the peace or make anyone uncomfortable. Being quiet and allowing them to continue corrupting the truth will only delay the inevitable and make the truth, when it eventually comes out (and it always does) that much more painful to hear and bear. If we all had more regard for the truth than for being popular with our fellow citizens, associates, friends and family; we’d be willing to stand up and ridicule these lies in open, public ways. I’m going to ask you to imagine again, but this time instead of making you frown, I’ll make you smile:

Imagine the ANC NEC calling an emergency meeting and telling Jacob Zuma to either repay the full cost of Nkandla and resign immediately or face prosecution. Imagine Oscar Pistorius breaking down in the dock and admitting that he’s an incendiary, complex man with a lot of psychological problems and that he might have been responsible for the murder of a girl who engaged him in a furious argument. Imagine Shrien Dewani manning up and saying “I’m willing to face trial, to present my case and to stop putting every obstacle to justice in the way of prosecutors.”

Now go back to that lunch I told you about, stand up and look the boastful guy in the eyes and tell him he’s a bullshitter. Do it, you might upset the party, but you’ll gain bucketloads of respect in the long run.


  1. Tamara Courchay says:

    You’re Awesome! We really need more people to speak out in a country where everyone looks down and thinks they cannot do anything to change. The people are the voice of a country if everyone got together and did something to change what is happening lately, something could be done. But the south africa motto is say nothing and just endure. I find that very sad.

  2. Ian Pero says:

    This has to be one of the most profound blogs of this month .
    Simple , straight forward but TRUE .

    Imagine if ………………You could carry on for a month of Sundays .

    Such a pity we South Africans are too scared to say what we mean , say what we think or say what we should!

    Well done to you !

  3. Victian Buys says:

    Thank you for always saying what you think I do the same might get us in trouble sometime but it’s always worth it…. I’m so over the oscar trail he is a damn murderer en klaar this case is taking to long for my sake, Zuma is a thief and a disgrace to the revolutionary party that once was the ANC

  4. Zanel Bekker says:

    If more people could think like you! If you lie, atleast remember the crap you told, because if you forget your story, you’re screwed!

  5. We always needed someone to speak the truth and you are so right. People are so accustomed to turning a blind eye and keep quite about injustices and blatant corruption. Even at the workplace, people abuse their power and manupilate others. Its time for people to recognise injustice and corruption in all spheres including schools, places of work and Goverment. Even the media industry has its own corrupt managers and dictators. What happened to our Democracy? Gareth we need more people like you who will stand up to these bullying tactics. I would certainly welcome it and be a part of a Revolution inside a failed one.

  6. Trace Turner says:

    I love it Gareth! I love the way you write!
    You are so right though. People should stand up to bullshitters! If only everyone would believe that it would in fact make things better in the long run.
    Pity their pants really don’t catch on fire!

  7. Chantal Keith says:

    Well done Gareth. The truth always stings and upsets people along the way but in the long run things turn out better. I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind even though it’s got me into trouble more times than I can remember!

  8. Elmarie says:

    Excellent. I’ve actually started this year to say something when I hear BS. I started to send mails and complain about bad service, give praise when something goes right, and it is a wonderful feeling. I do get told I am too harsh, but I do make sure beforehand that I have the facts correct. If one have the right facts, one CAN speak up. In these 3 cases we have most of the facts, in Zuma’s case we do have all the facts. We just have to wait and see if the other 2 can man up and speak the truth.

  9. Jen Bauer says:

    I am a huge fan. You always have “true facts” ready to proof/back your statements. It is embarrassing to hear educated professionals defending people like these (devils advocate) and then the poor grammar……

  10. Sashen Manilall says:

    I wish everyone thought in this manner. Its unfortunate that we live in a society where authority can break or bend the rules of authority, where a human can kill another human in cold blood, but it is considered inhumane from the perpetrator to face death himself. Injustice and justice battle it out. Justice is failing not because it can’t fight… But because it doesn’t want to

  11. RonalMunian says:

    Well done GC- I’m positive that more than half of our population feel what you jus voiced. At gatherings of family and friends as well as on a grander scale as gvmnt and psycho killers. Too scared to rock the boat so to speak. Thumbs up.

  12. Bev Clement says:

    Hear hear Gareth !!! I’m a bit like that ! If I know someone is talking crap I normally tell them LOL !!! I am NOT scared of confrontation ……

  13. Yosheen says:

    Well said Gareth. The world would be a better place if we had more soldiers like you. My sentiment exactly. Life is not a popularity contest it’s about being the best ‘you’ you can be. With this comes opinions, judgements, choices blaaaah blaaaah blah. Do the right thing!

  14. Nirvana says:

    Thanks Gareth! I get myself into a lot of trouble by speaking the truth! Miss you and the team on radio!

  15. rache says:

    Everyone will agree with u know what ,we can decide what we want.yeah gareth is right..if gareth goes on idols dissing some1..then ya’ll like he is so mean i hate him..if berry roux asked a difficult question he is an awesome advocate just bcuz gerrie nel is ruthless is he making pistorious pay..when zuma cuts on tax he is getting better..will u all shut up and make up ur mind..its not that they lie..its bcuz ya’ll so gullable..use ur minds and stop commenting on statusses and write the report..

  16. Nadine says:

    Hear! Hear! More people aught to say it like it is (like you!)

  17. Xoliswa Maso says:

    I couldnt agree with you more. We as South Africans tend to want to suffer in silence or moan and groan until we rally enough people to help us confront these issues, than standing up alone and speaking our minds. If more people could stand up as an individual and voice their thoughts a lot could change in this country. And there would be no need for protests that stem from brewing frustrations.

  18. Rivkah Hope says:

    Put so damn straight. Love it.

  19. Jostinah says:

    What happened to not taking sites when it comes to the OP trial?

  20. Ilse says:

    Your reasoning is so sexy it drives me up the wall. I am a sapiosexual the definition of a sapiosexual? (adj) A form of sexual orientation characterized by a strong attraction to intelligence in others, often regardless of gender and/or conventional attractiveness.
    Seriously you the first person who turns me on with your intelligence. Aaaarrrgggghhhhh

  21. Sudre van der Merwe says:

    You are an absolute genuis! I love the way you speak your mind. Wish everyone had your way of thinking, our land wouldve been so much better and successful. Thank you for your blogs. We have a voice, we have the right of choice, we should use it!!!

  22. Carrie Wickens says:

    Gareth, I thought you were of no opnion regarding Oscar the other night when you were on channel 199?! Why couldn’t you have expressed your strong opnion on the matter then?

  23. BruceBrucie says:

    I agree, we need to have balls and use them, we are scared to say what we want when its “them” that should be scared of what we gonna say;-

  24. Rick says:

    What if Oscar is NOT lying…….what if?

  25. Driekie van Rooyen says:

    I am always the rude one at the table cause I hate bullshit, it makes me feel horrible but I can’t stop myself… so glad you can publicly condone my behaviour.. 😉

    Thanks for being a mouth piece to millions Gareth!!!

  26. Henri Zermatten says:

    I opened my mouth and stopped queue jumpers at the wits photographer queue after the graduation ceremony. Much hurrah from the rest of the queue, I was accused of bullying and racism by the jumpers. Only when I asked the student whose dad was cutting in if he was proud of his dads behaviour did they eventually bugger off to the back of the line.

  27. Jamerson says:

    I remember saying Geydlehlekisa on radio. That got me in trouble. It was worth it though. I think Ronnie Kasrils and Madlala- Routledge came up with an excellent idea of voting for smaller parties or spoil the ballot paper. To think of it, booooooing at the paper would be worth an effort. EFF promises are unrealistic. DA isn’t coming up with solutions and AgangSA…Well… that woman is a bore. All she does exclusive language. Oscar trial taking far too long. I remember reading an article of women who were accused of cheating on their husbands in court. If they vomit during the court proceedings, they are considered innocent. Which very ridiculous. I’m sure the Roman law knew it. The Shrien Dewani trial is also a drag. Like you said, if we point out fingers we are the bad ones. Lets rather continue with our lives. You Zuma saying, “A newspaper won’t sell without a noun, Zuma on it?”. I think he’s bluffing. I’m so looking to life after elections.

  28. Carol says:

    B.s. baffles brains…don’t let it happen to you.

  29. Joyce Kaye says:

    A case of the Emperor’s new clothes. Why can’t people be truthful – so strange that the accused(s) start believing their own lies.

  30. Melanie says:

    Hi Gareth. Love your blog. It is true and very little South Africans are so scared to take a stand and voice what they really feel out of fear of being politically incorrect. I am a really big fan. Miss u much on 5fm morning show Xx. M

  31. Louise says:

    Great article! The truth always surfaces, unfortunately not always at the right time. Good luck with ur future and new start…..

  32. Gregory says:

    Heya, good one! People indeed hate confrontation. Honesty with people, which includes family and friends is lacking. I find that when it comes to strangers I have no problem getting up at the table and exposing the rubbish, irrespective of rocking the apple cart. With family and friends it is important to be honest also, but this would require a tactful approach (ie approaching the issue in private). Honesty without tact is rudeness (on our part). In turn, tact without honesty is spineless (also on our part).

  33. Lorraine says:

    AMEN to that!!! Gareth, you are awesome!! Gareth for President!

  34. Leon says:

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!

  35. valda says:

    Just run for president already!!!!!!!

  36. Zettie says:

    May is going to be very interesting month in South Africa. Our whole world, as we know it, could be turned around in one instance. Like your announcement on the 31st of March. JZ, OP and SD could be sharing their stories around the same table in Vic Cafe or Pols Diner. They could come on your show and play truth or dare. 3 books, 3 movies and GC…. SA is gonna stay in the headlines for al long time still coming. I will say this again. You are a true inspiration. I personally put you in class where you will find the likes of Madiba, Jesus, Diana, Giordano Bruno and many more that tried to make this world a better place by not letting everyday law and comment stop you from making a difference. And putting yourself in the line of fire to do so. Making the sacrifice for the better of our future and our children’s future. Kyk noord en fok voort!

  37. Jenifer says:

    I could not have said it better!!! I keep having these debates with half wits about judging . It’s what we do and I will keep
    On judging liars and calling them out .

  38. rajen Y says:

    Well said GC. If only all people could think like you, how much better life would be. Missing your voice on radio.

  39. marika minie says:

    Gareth I love u, u are very outspoken but damm man give oscar a break seriasly his done so much for so many people and to charities and most of all for his country he made us all proud. We all have faults and flaws we all make mistakes but in new sa u have to shoot and ask ques later I would done da same if I felt threatened and overwhelmed wif fear I would of done the same** dewani was premeditated and zuma is just corrupt.

  40. Romaya says:

    Could not have said it better myself! Reasons why we love you and your honest opinion! Can’t wait for 1 May 2014 to listen to you and the team on Cliff Central!!!!

  41. Chief says:

    You are awesome Man . I hate it when someone making fool of yoself ,They actually forcing us to believe their bullshit .

  42. Carol Nowlan says:

    Gareth, it appears Marika Minie feels if one gives to charity and other causes, it is an excuse for Oscar to get away with murder. Being charitable has nothing to do with ones temper or character, it is but a small part of their character. Chicago gangsters were known to give money to the church, but still shot people in cold blood, just like the IRA.

  43. Desiree says:

    Thanks Gareth – this gives me so much comfort knowing I’m not the only person who feels or thinks honesty is the best policy. I’ve been victimised at work for this by someone who’s got terrible psychological issues and identity issues – just coz I call it I’m the hated one in the office – but I know it’s ok coz my conscience is clear and I sleep well at night – thanks Gareth – go into politics I’d vote for u

  44. Rachel says:

    Gareth for President!!! If the world was filled with people that spoke the truth and took responsibility for their actions this would be a better world to live in.

  45. Ndivhu says:

    I love you, you Rock

  46. Anne Binos says:

    Gareth Cliff I salute you and enjoy your writing!
    My husband, James, is never afraid to stand up and tell it like it is and makes himself unpopular sometimes, but I appreciate people like that!
    Wish more of us were brave enough to do it!

  47. Graeme says:

    Fuckin aye! This is refreshingly honest and straight up truth! Gareth I used to think you were a pompous twat in the beginning and over the years you have proved otherwise with your straight up no nonsense views on politics and human behavior. Respect dude! I’m sure I speak for many when I say I can’t wait to hear more, this could turn into a big thing bud! Viva no-bullshit, viva not shutting up and speak your mind, viva the Cliff-central revolution. Start a party bud you’ll have my vote!

  48. Suzanne says:

    Thanks Gareth. I read this and am perplexed by the actions of those who are supposed to be leaders in our beautiful country. It shames me to have to bundle supposed pillars of our community like our president and a sports star, with common thieves and murderers.

  49. khotso khoabane says:

    I wish it was that easy… Especially with the kind of political killings that are happening around our townships… It seems like you shouldn’t talk trash some ones leader at all… Just sad, really sad

  50. Lara says:

    The funniest experience I ever had when calling someone on their bull, was the shock expression, the 30 second stunning silence that was was filled to the brim with all kinds of possibilities of what might follow, and then how everyone just carried on like it never happened. People fascinate me. People aren’t scared of confrontation, they’re petrified… and that scares the hell out of me!!

  51. Terry Rens says:

    So sad and yet so true. Starting from the crib, it should be mandatory to take responsibility for your actions. Perhaps if OP had taken responsibility for shooting his friends gun in a crowded restaurant, he would not have been in the position he is in now, and perhaps if society had not let him get away with it (the restaurant goers and owners) he would not have been where he is now. Miss the team on 5fm – looking forward to the wichat scene.

  52. Bonga says:

    Very true Gareth u know the truth is more of a formal language people like being lied to than facing the truth for what it is

  53. Sandy Berovic says:

    How about speaking the truth unconditionally. I happen to share your view but my voice wouldn’t be heard, nonetheless it is significant.

  54. Frances says:

    This is why religion does so well, we love bullshit!

  55. teresa says:

    I love this blog….thank you Gareth for writing this blog, am really glad there is still people out there who believe in telling the truth and being honest .

  56. Jax Greenwood Smith says:

    how about tackling the issue of very young children that are being indoctrinated with their own particular religious beliefs by their elders.It should be illegal. A child should be able to make up his or her own mind which religion they would like if any (preferably none of course)when they are older and able to do so. This really gets my goat. Argghhhh!!!!!

  57. Daphne Sanderson says:

    Truth be told, either way you can’t do anything about it. There’s nothing annoys me than hear Oscar’s lies and sobs everyday. Cold blooded murder.

  58. Vuyile says:

    These 3 humans eish,makes society seem like t cant see the sun on a clear blue sky midday,looking at the president ,i think i have to update my definition of “SANE”.All of them phofu,how can you live like that,i nearly said some people are amazing in a way i cant figure out and which i never wanna be a part of FULLSTOP

  59. Tyron says:

    I think I might just buy your book now.

  60. Neil says:

    What we are all seeking, is “objective, absolute” truth. However, there is no such thing, since ALL “truth” proceeds from the mouths of fallible human beings, who are inherently subjective. Any of these stories, as told by the ‘accused’ in each case could very well be the truth, regardless of how badly their version has been conveyed. Just because someone’s first-hand account of events doesn’t superimpose perfectly with what we ‘want’ to hear, doesn’t automatically render it a lie. We “Subjectives” must be very cautious when delivering verdicts of truth and lies – lest we become integrated with the very lie itself.

  61. Kevin says:

    There are loads of us people that tell it like it is. We are called troublemakers, gangsters and ‘ne’er do wells’. The real word you are looking for is ‘pluck’. Either you have it or you don’t.

  62. whasseef khan says:

    Gareth – if only everyone would be honest enough to call a spade a spade

  63. Ismael Gouws says:

    True that! Balls, that’s what we all need. The balls to to do something and admit that we did it or at least that we are capable of doing something like that. We always just want to justify our actions and the moment someone nails it or put us in an uncomfortable position we tend to run to something called: “Don’t judge me!” Ironic enough the once uttering those words are always the hypocrites, the once who see the speck in someone else’s eye but forget the log in their own eyes. So my question is; how long are we going to let these people walk over us? How long before they conquer everything through their deception? How long are we gonna let fear keep us from putting these people where they belong? Or are we afraid to do what’s right based on the positions they currently have? Respect, respect yourself enough to settle for nothing less. Respect yourself enough to point a finger at someone when they have wronged those who believed in them, even if it’s the president of the nation.

  64. Ilsé says:

    Somehow if Zuma was our uncle, Pistorious or Dewani was our cousin then it would be easier to tell them Shut the f*#k up! Stop talking nonsense! But because they’re famous and they’re idolized we’re so scared to say that. We are so honest with our friends and family but we would not dare saying anything bad to strangers or,worse, our President. Why is it we can stand up for ourselves against the White government who didn’t help us, but can’t fight against this government who is also not helping us. None of us believe Oscar’s story, like HELLO!!! We know he didn’t believe it was a Burglar in the house…He did it because his temper got the best of him.

  65. @MrBarryRoux says:

    Fuck you Gareth

  66. Fonnie says:

    These “idols” with feet of clay are the creation of our media houses. They has been usefull to create sensational news in their making and their breaking. Its a pity that the taxpayer must pay the prosecuting as well as the rehabilitation (Jail centence) costs

  67. Jodi says:

    You hit the “pants on fire” spot with this very well written piece! What angers people most is the blatent disregard for the simple truth. It makes us feel cheated, thus the anger that follows!

  68. Alison says:

    Love it! Well done Gareth

  69. Ryan Peter says:

    Here’s some truth for you: your blog is an eyesore! Please change it! Otherwise, nice article, but remember: if you want to give it then you need to be able to take it too. Too many people will praise what you say here but when they’re challenged for their BS they can’t handle it.

  70. Tracey Lee Heylen says:

    Finally!!! Well said G-man!!

  71. Francois says:

    The problem with most of these so called boastful personalities, is that they carry an element of danger with them. Most people is scared to confront that dark side in case it leads to violence against their person(as they have surely been in situations/conversations where this has happened). We also tend not to want to rock the boat, in case we are wrong and thus cause embarrassment to ourselves. That is why these personalities get away with it.

    My take is that if you are 100% certain of your facts, that you can “out” such a person with a few choice questions, with which you can expose the lies.

    This however is not so easy, and mainly the status quo then remains. We then remain angry,resentful and cheated.

  72. Anita says:

    Gareth, once again rhe voice of reason! Yes, I agree, lying will not get you anywhere while the truth will set you free! I am also getting fed up with liars!

  73. Lungisani says:

    As Always… Gareth you say alot of things that needs to be said…. an its all about “Blunt Loyality”…. We need to Stand Up an Demand Answers…. it is so Fistrating to be a South african Right now… Mandela Sure as Hell Didnt want any of that in our Freedom…. Some people shud be ashamed and We as the Citizens should be ashamed if the Leaders We Chose.

  74. Zweli Ntozini says:

    Cud any1 b so brave with obviously known facts that most r scared to divulge,face and say-wow TRUELIES INDEED Gareth(ur thee man).

  75. Karishma says:

    You say it as you see it…absolutely love it! Much respect Gareth!

  76. cindy naidoo says:

    Wow Gareth, u are just brilliant, I’ve always thought that u r the only one in this country that has balls to speak his mind. You go Gareth, u tell it like it is, If u were President, this will the most safest, happy country to live in. U are my inspiration, u give me the confidence to speak up, Thank you

  77. Nathalie says:

    Love this article-so next time I am on a date with some guy bullsh@tting about his life,his salary and his intentions-I will have the balls to tell him the truth about what I actually think about him

  78. Cheri Baines says:

    You had my attention at “general dislike of confrontation” and boy am I guilty of that. Shamefully!!

  79. Ines says:

    I’ve often used the words ‘you lie’, ‘I don’t believe you’ or surely you’re exaggerating. I have been called curt, rude, obnoxious & my favourite ‘what a bitch’ many many time.

    It’s priceless when you call someone’s bluff and expose the liars. Being able to spot a bullshitter is my special talent, hahaha!

    Thanks for the article GC.

  80. Jen says:

    Speak on it! I do, often. But rarely do I get 79 complimentary comments (a.k.a pats on the back, LOL). As far as I am concerned, OP is a spoiled, boastful, egotistical wimpering brat – whse Trial Coaach should also be fired. His versionS are odious, if not tedious. We’re not stupid. We all really, really know what happened. Thet say Money Talks & the Truth Walks. Hmmmm. GREAT ARTICLE!

  81. VAC says:

    Well said Gareth…another set of spot on observations voices out loud. We’re all thinking it. GC just has the kahoonahs to put a hand up to say ‘You know what,it’s time someone told you to your face that your mouth needs Twinsavers!’.Keep on stoking those embers Gareth,at some point the flames of change is bound to erupt and start licking at the feet of idiots! When that time comes,they will most definitely run 😉

  82. Clint Alison says:

    Man You Really Know How to Hit the Nail on the Head Gareth..
    I Agree with You on all accounts ” Man Up Grow Some Balls and take Your Punishment Like a Man You Bunch Of High Profile Cowards..”

  83. Lindokuhle Bikitsha says:

    Gareth bruh, I’m a 20 year old black guy and I could not agree with you more. It’s not only the assholes you’ve mentioned that are scumbags, infact everyone who is willing and proud to stand for lies deserves to be eaten by a tigers in Kruger National Park. People need to realise that their ideal world where everything will be perfect for some profound reason will not exist unless we all stand as citezens of South Africa, it’s people like you that make me wake up every morning, people who are not scared of speaking their mind in any way possible, humans not robots.

  84. winifred says:

    Very well said Gareth. Bullshit baffles brains!!! We need some straight talkers! I live in the UK now and everyone is hoping that Dewani has a real hard time there and everyone was thrilled that he was extradited but, I hear the he is supposedly in a worse “mental state” and is being kept in a beautiful hospital until 17th May and then, if he still ” not well enough” the scared baby has to be returned to Britain because the leftie justice system says so. There will be an uproar here if he comes back I can tell yoh.

  85. winifred says:

    Frances you are a disgrace

  86. Rick says:

    What if OP is NOT LYING. ..? And all you self acclaiming sheep ARE WRONG, What IF

  87. Kate de Goede says:

    This is an awesome blog, straight to the point! Love the fact that your not afraid to say what you think!

  88. grant freese says:

    Gareth ive been having a hard time choosing who to vote for and its because im trying to choose the lesser evil anv vs da etc and you the media and everyone is an expert at what political parties are doing wrong corruption poor service delivery etc I feel like at a drop of a hat you can mention 1000 things parties do wrong, but not many people know what theyve done right or good so like we all are experts at what they do wrong lets try be an expert at what they do right for a change we are so predictable in our thinking

  89. Claudio says:

    I find myself keeping quiet in order not to disrupt the status quo but I know it’s wrong as I feel the build up of resentment. So, i am gonna grow bigger balls and just say it because quite frankly I rather have others think I am the prick than have resentment within me. Thanks for the wake up call Gareth.

  90. Angus says:

    You are all followers and your sycophantic worship noted here is what you need to look at – some of what Gareth says is fine, but a lot of it is total bullshit and you are lapping it up.
    Think for yourselves why don’t you.

    Someone described the mentality going around as the colosseum mentality, one where you have the crowd baying for blood at the circus in Rome….. That’s what is going on… Sickening.
    Think about it Gareth how do you know what happened or is it all about you rather than the other person? Judging them – and I am defending Oscar here – based upon your own character and foibles….. Dewani I know little but what I have read and Zuma I agree with you…

  91. Janie Rorke says:

    We are so busy pretending our country is improving that we don’t want to fault anyone or anything. We are the perfect rainbow nation. We hide our heads under the pot of gold. We make excuses for bad behaviour all the time. We all still feel so terribly guilty, we can’t throw stones.

  92. north west says:

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Am fully behind you though, the world wld have been a better place if people were telling it as it is. Much love for you Gareth

  93. Angie says:

    I never keep my mouth shut, and have many enemies due to this, but make no mistake, the lesson of standing up for what you believe in has passed to my children, and it has helped them in many occasions, and I am proud to have kids that make their voices heard.

  94. alvin says:

    Yet another well written blog. Its simple, we need leaders! leaders will be truthful, will take an ethical stance and will go against the majority, it is however sad, that leaders will be the first to be thrown to the lions, but enough strong willed people keep fighting the fight, right will win, we only need to rest of the folks to stop being sheep and make a stand.

  95. Michele says:

    Only unenlightened people would label this profound?

  96. Yovanna says:


  97. Otheli says:

    Well said Gareth.

  98. Gashiya_N says:

    We are not suppose to judge, then who the hell is suppose to Judge???? Isn’t this our country, democracy and our freedom of speech…I like the way u clearly put it. As long as we don’t ‘judge’, we not saying anything to liars SA will never be better place…Big Up Gareth, we sure need people like you

  99. Gareth C says:

    Well written Gareth. Maybe that’s why you are not at 5fm mornings anymore because the SABC cannot handle the truth.

  100. Jane Moodley says:

    The truth always prevails, if you do get away by law
    You won’t get away in life. Good on you Gareth, you
    Teach us courage. Stop taking BS. Enough!!!

  101. arthur christy says:

    Once again WELL WRITTEN GARETH, Iwould just like to comment on RICKS REPLY 19th April SURELY YOU CANT BE SERIOUS,have you been listening properly? We cant all be wrong man WAKE UP.

  102. Marc says:

    I’ve never had much problem telling someone when I think they’re full of shit.

    The problem I’ve always had is that I can’t shout it loud enough to let enough people hear me, so that it actually matters.

    But if this counts for anything, screw you JZ! You are a liar and a thief. Screw you too Dewani, Pappa wag vir jou. And I believe OP is a lying sack of. He should pay the penalty. Would be nice if he could take a few politicians to prison with him.

  103. Yovanna says:

    The truth is……she probably told him exactly that he was a bullshitter, and in response……HE SHOT HER! Maybe we SHOULD JUST TWEET and fly far away!!!

  104. Yovanna says:

    Ok so we know the potential consequences of “ROAD RAGE” now we have to consider the implications. Of “TOILET RAGE?”

  105. Trevor says:

    This is ridiculous. Sure you can tell people that they’re lying, they first need to be proved guilty first! You can just go with ‘he looks guilty’, then he’s lying. Ridiculous.

  106. stew says:

    good article, now how about the truth between you and 5fm/sabc?

  107. Ian Visser says:

    OK let’s try your advice. Can I respectfully request that you stick to judging singers and not people that for the most part, will have their day in Court?

  108. Bish says:

    Big ups for the writing style. You remind me so much of my Unisa Professor with your writing. Love it, adore it. I can see that you are being the change you want to see. Dream Team Cliff!

  109. Antoinette Keyser says:

    Very well written, I love your writing style. I agree with all you have said here, especially that it should be the other way around…

  110. devon mellem says:

    Hey Gareth have u ever thought of joining politics..our country need people like you

  111. Love it but where it the share button?

  112. Love it.
    But where is the share button?

  113. hippyfeet says:

    human rights is eating it’s young. It’s gone too far. Instead of protecting the innocent, it’s protecting the guilty.

  114. phuti says:

    Lying is a very neccesary part of human life. Its a natural human behaviour and has over millennia shaped our present world. Imagine approaching a lady and saying ‘Hi, I really like ua bum and would like to sleep with you’. I know many men who started with this in mind, but end marrying the lady and living happily ever after. Lies are not a problem, the use of lies is the problem.

  115. Tascha Haskins says:

    People need to be accountable…finished! Being shunned for stating the truth is far less awkward than blatantly patching it up or worse still, keeping quiet. Too many lemmings and not enough brave individuals standing firm… by whose standards are we measuring ourselves up against anyway. You’re right…people should not be afraid to rock the boat if it means the waves will drown out bullshit!

  116. Thandi H says:

    The seeming UN-accountability speaks for itself here. Irritating, to say the least. As for the psychological part – do you know how many bestialist-inclined rats we have running ragged our streets, living in denial of their own psychological issues which they absolutely refuse to face?! And some of these rats are murderous…….scary scary scary

  117. Adrian says:

    Hey Gareth, what about a “name and shame” website for SA. It is a shame that innocent people end up paying a hefty price for someones malicious lies.

  118. cherie says:

    what a legend !

  119. dunderhead says:

    I truelly get what you’re are saying but that will remain you’re opinion, Gareth’s opinion. Nobody cares about the truth, its all about who lies better from the state procecutors and the private attorneys. Life is business and justice is the non-existing factor let’s just make peace with it and stop lying to each other

  120. dunderhead says:

    When I scrolled down I came across somebody’s comment comparing you to julius malema and I quite like that, you two got something in-common. Julius didn’t create the EFF becouse he has the people’s interests at heart, he just saw a gap to make a living and maintain his levish life-style and he succeeded becouse 2 million people are stupid as fuck, and same goes to you Gareth. You’re just telling us what we want to hear but deep down we both know that y.all don’t care, but I don’t blame you you’re just a man making a living. “Its normal”

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