Podcasting for Powerful Partnerships

How do you break through the clutter in an avalanche of information? Podcasting is a great way to communicate ideas and introduce conversations – even within organisations.

Tell the truth… when last did you read your company newsletter? Did you really have the time to digest the Chairman’s report? I bet you didn’t. Nobody has the time, and especially when end-of-year deadlines approach, nobody prioritises corporate communications.

Perhaps there’s a better way to do it though?

Just recently, we partnered with Fluxmans Attorneys to create a series of unique interviews with their senior partners in what will become a kind of audio prospectus for the firm. In this first-of-its-kind series, we get to meet the lawyers behind the desks of one of South Africa’s best law firms. It’s a pioneering step for Fluxmans – most law firms tend to stick to the old ways – but it’s very 21st Century, and makes a lot of sense. Lawyers can seem, especially to those of us on the outside, a scary and intimidating lot, and this gives us a way of getting to know these brilliant people, picking their brains about their area of specialisation, and also giving them room to show their personalities and interests with us in an authentic way. It’s a new way to do internal communications, external marketing and positioning that utilises the power of podcasting.

From pop-up internal ‘radio stations’, to creating shareable podcasts, you could revolutionise the way you communicate with your staff, partners, suppliers and stakeholders in a way that engages their ears and brains in a world where time-efficiency is at a premium.

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