On the wrath of Black Twitter and being called a racist:

I grew up mostly in post-apartheid South Africa. I learnt our history both inside the school system and because I love history more than almost anything else, outside of it too. I am someone who would never claim ignorance when it comes to the sensitivities of our all-too-evident racial divisions. What I will not do is try to defend my non-racial, liberal, democratic or libertarian ideas in the face of those who didn’t like me before they had evidence of supposedly culturally insensitive remarks or become one of those brow-beaten whites who allow themselves to be bullied into submission by outrage on social media. This essay is therefore not an attempt to excuse anything I don’t believe I need an excuse for.

Senzo Meyiwa died in tragic circumstances just over a week ago. The circumstances of that death were not at issue for me: Crime does not discriminate and we lost a talented star. At the time I posted this tweet:


When I turned on the TV on Saturday morning, I saw this extraordinary (because it was not ordinary – forgive me for being very literal here) funeral, replete with marching policemen, government ministers making speeches, flags, banners, food, dancing and singing and a stadium. I have no problem with any of this – in fact I would rather see heroic members of society buried in this fashion than politicians, but in living memory it is ONLY politicians who have been buried like this. In fact some of the great stalwarts of the struggle have had much smaller ceremonies at their funerals. This was the first time I can recall when a non-politician has been accorded a funeral so large and impressive. Again, I do not take issue with it, like I do with every other kind of disgusting misappropriation of state funds. I asked this question though, and opened a Pandora’s Box of pretty horrific demons:


It’s a good question, and one which we should all ask, especially because politicians love using the grandstand a funeral provides as a soap-box from which to manipulate emotional people. Anthony did it at Caesars funeral and it thrust him into the first triumvirate. So if the politicians paid for it, that means WE paid for it. I don’t mind if we paid for Senzo’s funeral, but I mind that I am the bad guy for asking the question. I mind it a lot. I was called every kind of vulgar thing by a horde of the least eloquent, most furious, marauding lunatics I didn’t know, and who couldn’t have all known Senzo either.

Their fury betrayed that there was more anger at his death than any of us could quantify – the same anger poor Kelly Khumalo had to deal with earlier in the week – but it also showed that when a mob need a scapegoat, any excuse will do. Sadly, for a time, I became more important to these angry people than Senzo.

I did not ask the question to be controversial, or because I was looking for attention – and I don’t care that my Twitter following went up. I am furious too – furious that a great footballer is dead, another innocent man killed for no good reason. Mobs can kill people too – and Terry Pratchett said in Jingo that “the intelligence of that creature known as a crowd is the square root of the number of people in it.” At times like these I am tempted to dismiss the idea of a ‘Rainbow Nation’ but I am reminded by our history and our greatest leaders that we have much more that binds us than that which divides us.


  1. Senzo Cliff says:

    Do you even understand what is post-apartheid South Africa?

    You know nothing of black people’s ubuntu, please stick to what you know and stop asking stupid questions.

  2. Ralph says:

    It’s twitter, where quite often brainless peanuts have the biggest mouths and fastest fingers.

  3. mdu says:

    Its a fair question and of which I also myself have asked. We have and many fallen sport stars some of illness, accidents and killing but they never received such. Is this a precedent that’s being created here? Will all this be done for all the sporting icons? People need to stop using emotion and think reality.

  4. Well said Gareth! Its sad that people do not look at the whole story before hurling abuse.

  5. hennieg says:

    Senzo Cliff, you are an idiot! Let us know when you lose someone and the government pays for a big party, otherwise shut up!

  6. Ingrid Raikes says:

    As far as I am concerned, that is a perfectly normal and acceptable question!!!
    For God’s sake!
    Why does absolutely everything need to be turned into a racial issue.
    It’s exactly what I thought and I was wondering how many people would be going for the ‘opskop’, ……..on the house!!!

  7. Ndivhuwo says:

    what about Messi comparison Tweet ? you fool but not everyone.

  8. hennieg says:

    Senzo Cliff, its this apparent UBUNTU, shared between government and all their cronies that is slowly strangling this country…Rest in peace Senzo Meyiwa, you will be missed by people of ALL cultures and colour….

  9. Morapedi says:

    I find no problem in the question you asked. Its a simple question of which I also asked myself. Pay no mind to the twitter rants, its a platform for the “wise” to express themselves

  10. Ndivhuwo says:

    meant to say you can fool but not everyone. sorry for that

  11. Bransby says:

    Logical question and I didn’t even know it was something that people were upset about. I guess that people are just generally happier when they have something to be pissed off about. Human nature I guess, truly was their heaven on earth when they created their hell and all that. Though ou may not take issue with paying for someone’s elaborate funeral I actually do. If for no other reason then it just lacks dignity. Your funeral, should you be of the variety that has such, should be paid for by your family, that’s just what I think. I’d be pretty pissed if my tax rAHndz were going to random people’s funeral expenses

  12. Jacob Zuma says:

    Anyone know how to use the whois?

    check the link for Senzo Cliff


  13. Chanda Mumba says:

    I really am trying hard to find what was offensive about your tweet. It was a question/opinion. These Twitter bullies really need to give it a rest. P.s I am a black person

  14. BlackandWhite says:

    This is sadly what most people face on social media for having any sort of independent opinion. You have those people who look for any excuse to play the race, religion or gender cards simply them to be righteously indignant that you dared insult them (possibly, maybe).

    One simply has to trawl through the comments of News24 to see this in action. And often it is a fairly one-sided attack with the members of one side outright attacking the other side for an innocently made comment that is in fact completely unrelated to their ire.

    It is even something I have encountered quite openly in the workplace. Heaven forbid you call someone out on blatant non-performance. Your simple request for someone to do the job they are paid to do gets escalated to the Powers That Be and you get called out for being a racist.

    But there is also progression and people out there making the effort to bridge the racial divide. If those people crying “racism” want people to stop seeing colour, then they should put their unearned victim cards away and stop seeing racism that simply is not there to begin with.

  15. Tsepo says:

    I happen to agree with you . You asked a very question and you shouldn’t free bad about it . I also think its disgusting that people use the social media to attack others . I find it amusing that someone would call u clueless when it comes to the history of this country , question is do we as black Africans know enough about history to qualify us as judges as to how much other races know .

  16. Mutondwa says:

    Black People’s Ubuntu? I guess I never ever understood the word?!
    Asking questions is important, because without asking we remain ignorant to what is going on around us and we remain easy prey to manipulation.
    Get informed and stop being the victim of a mob mentality.

  17. Eish says:

    I would put my head on a block that Senzo Cliff and all the other morons attacking you know less than nothing about the history of SA, nor do they understand the importance of moving on, of reducing wasteful spending, of spending money on the right things like infrastructure for electricity – as evidenced by the latest, and not last, wave of load shedding. I actually do object to my taxes paying for the funeral of a soccer player when there are starving children, children who have no hope of education, no running water and will likely continue to live in poverty for the rest of their lives – or as long as the ANC rules this country. We all know the joke about Principality, Kingdom and Country – it could not be more true of SA in the 21st century. Gareth you are one of the most intelligent media personalities in this country, it is just a pity that there are far too many ignoramuses for you to even make a dent in the lack of knowledge and common sense.

  18. Mzwayi says:


  19. lesego says:

    @GarethCliff , reading is a skill most people in South Africa don’t seem to have. If they had that skill they would have realised that your post wasn’t about race but the fact that Senzo ‘ s funeral was a state one and where was the money coming from . The other thing is (not taking away from the fact that he passed away) he wasn’t somebody that could be considered such an idol for him to have received such nor did he die a heroic death (e.g a police officer on duty) he went to go visit his other woman. For me personally it even seems like the state is promoting extra marital activities. Just saying

  20. Cossy says:

    this is a fare question, even my 10 year old could ask….realy

  21. Mash says:

    I honestly do not see a problem with that question because as I was watching, I remember asking my sister who paid for the funeral because it was just so ‘fancy’. Like you said Gareth, not a bad thing. People always allow ignorance to cloud their judgement. I honestly am disappointed at the response towards a simple, valid question. I am not much of a twitter person and trust me I would have asked it anyways if I knew how twitter worked. These sort of responses make me wonder what type of youth is developing in SA and whether these are the types of leaders we should be expecting in the near future. I also saw party shirts being passed around at the funeral. But then again that’s another story. South Africa seems like a nation where the white man can speak, but must be aware of what he says because it will come back to haunt him. I am really glad we have people lie you Gareth. #Garethforpresident.

  22. Sharly says:

    Everything is turned into a racial issue these days. people are way too fast to jump to that conclusion without listening/reading and thinking what is actually being said. these days you cannot even fart without it being turned into a racial thing.

  23. sirhenry says:

    Everything is racist with us blacks. It’s our tax money and a good question was asked. Instead of answering it ourselves we choose to attack.

    Worse mob justice. The wife confessed on en if I’m correct that Senzo chose Kelly over her.
    We paid for the cost even for the investigation we are are paying.

  24. Vuyo Dweni says:

    I am a black female and I asked the same question. Leave race out of it, as a tax payer I have the right to ask such.

  25. Greg says:

    Well said Sir. What DOES qualify someone for a state funeral? All National team captains?

  26. Lauren says:

    Great. Love it.
    You ask the questions that others don’t, others that simply choose to not understand your view. It’s the lack of understanding one another in this country that prevents us from moving forward. If people simply took a moment to be logical and reasonable as opposed to jumping to nonsensical behaviour such as name calling.

    Those who fail to try to understand another person’s view are those people who lean on calling others racist, and fail to live a life that’s supposed to contribute to a democratic South Africa.

    Those who immediately fall back on excluding themselves from everyone due to their past, separating themselves and telling others “you know nothing about -my struggle-” are the ones hindering progression with their ignorance and unreasonable behaviour and grudges.

    Be logical, be respectful, be understanding. Stop holding onto old things and shutting the new things out. PROGRESS.

  27. Kelle938 says:

    It’s funny how those who sing praises for a rainbow nation cry RACISM when a man of color asks a question that many other people who weren’t “white” asked.

    In the morning most of “black twitter” was outraged at how Senzo seems to be getting a better send of than other freedom fighters, or great heroes that have left us. It even became a debate between Chiefs and Pirates (like really?) But the moment it came from a “white man” it was deemed foul. I, as a black 21 year old South African lady still don’t understand the extra mile that everyone went to for Senzo when just last year we lost Baby Jake, maybe he’s death was overshadowed by Tata Mandela’s, but I still believe he was entitled to such a send of like Senzo (Whether or not he was shot, he too represented us at a greater platform than most). There’s a “Senzo Meyiwa gun law” and statue to be built as a result of his death, and also heard rumors that they want to rename a bridge after him? why? But what about OTHER “celebrities”/ South African representatives that died the same way? Took a bullet? Lucky Dube? What about him? And what about the future? Is it only now that the government discovered how trigger crazy we South Africans are? I am scared to ask, what GREAT send of will the likes of Lucas Radebe (God fobbid) would get should he pass on or get shot or something as senseless? Will there be consistency?

    Mr Cliff you asked a valid question that was on many people’s tongues, “finger tips” to say, but was crucified for nonsense and I am disgusted by the ANC account for their “EFF-Manner” retweeting you. Glad you stood your ground and STILL sticking to it. Big ups to you

  28. Point Blank says:

    @Mzwayi – Your post could be reported to SAPS and you could be arrested for threatening Gareth but I’m sure he won’t waste his time on a moron like you.

    And by the way, we owe you nothing boet.

  29. Chelsea says:

    I also wanted to know who was footing the bill. Yes, Senzo was loved by all. I’m a Pirates fan. Let’s not forget that 3 athletes passed away last week and the other 2 didn’t receive as much Airtime as Senzo. Not fair, maybe, but I suppose how he died played a part. But let’s not forget that we pretty much paid for the funeral, and I for one, am not happy about it.

    Gareth, all I can say is that this country is full of ignorant buffoons who’re ready to climb onto the bandwagon on something they fully don’t understand. All like sheep have been led astray. It’s too much to ask that people be informed before tap, tapping away like mindless idiots. Sit back and think and not let your emotions rule. Black people, I’m saying this as an educated black woman, ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT RACE! There’s more at stake and learn to look at the bigger picture. Ignorance should not be celebrated. Let’s read more, think more before we open our mouths, or in this case, do our fingers do the talking…

  30. Juliet Malatji says:

    Great question. It saddens me that you have to be attacked like that and then they turn it back on race. Im pretty sure its the taxpayers money that covered the funeral, of which the poor could have needed. A standard funeral would have been okay according to me. South Africa isn’t where its supposed to be but yet the state spends money on things that aren’t going to benefit us in the long run. Forgive me but I think making that funeral as big as it was wasn’t necessary.

  31. Anita Tringle says:

    The QUESTION may have meant well…HOWEVER, the response this Gareth guy that I PERSONALLY DO NOT KNOW gave #VuyoYekani was offensive, why compare Senzo to Messi? How is Messie different from Benni Mccarthy? Such an exaggerated talent! This Cliff boi was RUDE!

  32. sandia says:

    I think whoever listens to u on the radio knows u an indiscriminate ass(no offence dude I like u lol).I am quite surprised at such sensitive thought coming from u really this doesn’t suit u keep being the way u are most of us like u just like that. U said what probably most ppl where thinking probably at an inappropriate time when emotions where high. Ppl are fend up of the crime in south africa and with this star dying the way he did just brings it more in your face. If u where black and made this remark would it have been a problem maybe it would or wouldn’t. Bt why blame the concept of the rainbow nations every time we are picked on and called a racist? Really didn’t expect u to be such a cry baby. But I do understand that its hurtful to be called a racist especially when u are not.

  33. zwivhu1 says:

    I think the question is relevant though i dont undestand the comparison between Messi and Senzo,are we in Argentina or are still in Mzansi.is it in every situation where before something appropriate is done we first have to compare ourselves with others.government’s reaction to his death is equivalent to society’s expectations.I personally went down to Durban for the funeral and the turn out was quite befitting for a nation pride

  34. Walter says:

    Gareth funny enough my colleague asked the same question before you even twetted, You asked the right one

    What i dnt understand is asking that question made you a RACIST…. my colleague is?

    Well continue asking those question.

  35. Sarah says:

    You know I can’t even claim that Gareth is racist for asking this because just half an hour before Gareth asked on twitter my asked me the same question. I’m actually disturbed at the amount of rage being channelled towards Gareth.

  36. James says:

    I also have problem with political grandstanding, in fact the MC of the day stop short of saying Viva ANC. There was moment when a person who was giving thanks from Meyiwa family mention ANC and continue to say Thanks to IFP they gave us T-shirts. MC was quick to correct that statement and said ‘thank you to premier for providing the family with T-shirts. This was the biggest funeral after that of Mr Mandela but non of my business.

  37. Sarah says:

    You know I can’t even claim that Gareth is racist for asking this because just half an hour before Gareth asked on twitter my mom asked me the same question. I’m actually disturbed at the amount of rage being channelled towards Gareth

  38. Zandile says:

    Gareth I asked myself the same question. I didn’t watch the funeral, but I knew what it would look like after hearing the radio announcements of 10 buses leaving from and 10 buses leaving from there….I also have my own grudges with the magnitude of the funeral. Yes it’s sad, innocent man killed etc etc but you were just publicly asking a question EVERYONE was asking. Only difference is that you’re a public figure who’s highly opinionated and we’re not…so you took the flack for all of us. Thanks for raising the valid point though

  39. bdeebie says:

    @Mzwayi it’s exactly people like you that SA can do without, violent , angry , ignorant people I mean. Don’t you dare generalize and say black people will eat you alive… I’m black n I certainly don’t want to eat Gareth or any one else, n I definitely dont feel Gareth is lucky to be alive…the likes of Senzo are no more, leaving little, poor innocent children fatherless because of violent monsters like you, so again don’t you dare think all blacks resolve to killing other people if they say something they don’t agree with…HOW DARE YOU

  40. Sharlotte Rakhajane says:

    These people should really stop going around insulting people but should instead think before they type!! Yes we are all sad and angry about what happened to Senzo Meyiwa, May his soul Rest In Peace, but that gives no being the right to insult others for what had happened (like they did with poor Kelly Khumalo) nor for voicing out their opinions or just merely asking a question which in my opinion is really a good one. and again, it’s Twitter for God Sake!!!

    I mean what happened to Freedom of Speech? Are you not allowed to exercise that Right anymore? Or are you only supposed to when it suits everyone else? But again that’s downright stupid! Some people should really sit their arses down and use their brain cells for a second before going around like sheep throwing insults like that!! *smh* people in this country though..!

  41. Harry H says:

    as a black man I didn’t find anything racial or offensive about that question; but one might argue tha timing of that question, yes we all have right to opinion even I still wanna know who paid for that funeral but I don’t think people would have attacked him f he asked that question a day after or after funeral; well that’s just me

  42. Philisile says:

    What is our country coming to. I wonder if a black person asked the very same question, what was going to be reaction or response.
    White – Racism
    Black – Jealousy

    I see no wrong in the question as well.

  43. Nicolene Holtzhausen says:

    People have so much to say about other people. Gosh. It’s about living in the here ,the NOW. Obviously you’ll understand post apartheid because it is all you “know” and as for “Ubuntu” – you’re intelligent enough to know the importance of an interlinking society etc. etc. Maybe we’ll have less crime and tragedies happen if people start thinking more positively resulting in the inevitable.
    RESPECT to you though; for not forgetting who you are and using your voice as that of a nation….

  44. Aston says:

    Good question.

  45. Kurt says:

    Perfectly normal question. If Senzo was white I bet the same people who are telling you to “shut up” and “you owe us” would be asking “why are we paying for this?”

  46. Not Rasist says:

    I too found myself asking questions about the funeral. A guilty conscious by the government for not being able to catch these people killing innocent people?
    I actually Googled who in South Africa is entitled to flags flying at Half Mast at their funerals, as i initially thought they were only kept for government officials – but apparently what the president says goes.

  47. haseena says:

    @Garreth Cliff the sad reality of this “rainbow nation” is that with democracy and all the rest a bunch of brainless cowards have emerged, the people who lack the ability to reason without dragging in race,colour,creed. the people who would prefer the rest of us join them in this “blind-deaf” approach to life and be accepting of anything and everything our government does/says simply to avoid posing any threat to the existing state of being whereby theft is ok as long as the thieves stand on podiums at every opportunity reminding us of the opportunities we now have. these opportunities would have still been ours because a nation of thinkers will only be suppressed to a point and thereafter the masses will rise. for 20 years those thinkers have aged,become senile or died.the balance of the people are split into those who think but cant speak,those who speak but cant think and those who act/speak on their thoughts. the latter will be the reason the masses will rise again against this insanity and for that to happen we must pay no heed to the mindless when we pose legitimate questions as you have done. we have paid for this ceremony like we pay for ministers birthdays,shopping trips,nkandla and every other luxury parliament officials and their relatives enjoy daily.

  48. Nsovo Shivambu says:

    I dnt c anything wrong in asking this question, I am a black young lady and I dnt find anything in his question offensive, most south Africans like to play the victim every time someone asks a questions which would shed some light to the public. Yes the funeral was over the top for a footballer, we usually see such funerals for government officials, so if this is gna b the trend for all sports men and women its just a matter of time south africa goes bankrupt. Call me all u wanna call me bt that was nt the”Ubuntu” that everyone is saying it is. Misappropriation of funds again

  49. Deegirl says:

    #Mzwayi (and all the other ppl with their race cards)… and there you go again with your western bullsh*t, just like your greedy president!! And yes, don’t want to call him my president, cos leaders should lead by example.
    Funny how you guys still play the race card every change you get… how many f’en cards to you have in your pack???

  50. Jiggah says:

    GARETH asked an appropriate question that has been lingering in our minds, However his timing was not good and also him comparing Senzo to Messi and even going further to say the argentianian govt wouldn’t do such for Messi was abit inappropriate, I Think…

  51. Tumelo Molelekoa says:

    It’s a fair question I must agree, which would have taken a different turn had it been asked by a Black Celebrity. Gareth you must understand that black people have been subjected to a lot of racism in the past years which still exist even today. Just about a week ago some stupid racist idiot said black people were the architects of apartheid. Gareth what I would like you to understand is that every time a white man says anything, anything at all, about black people or in relation thereof, eyebrows would be raised. Unfortunately that is how it is all over the world. Not to be biased or anything, I have followed you ever since I was a young boy. I have to say that I have never ever sensed that you might be racist. For all I know is that you always speak your mind every time, and for that you pay the price of hatred. You know what they say about an idiot with a pistol? well, the same applies to many illiterate South Africans with Twitter Handles.

  52. Zandile Makhosi says:

    Its very sad to see and read such ignorance,some of u don’t care who paid for it. Funny enough u don’t realise that its possible that it might have been from ur own pockets, like Garreth said,he doesn’t mind but its rather unfair beacuse we all lose loved ones. Sad truth,black people have more racial issues than any other race. We need to educate ourselves people,before going out there and passing stupid remarks on people’s posts.Smh

  53. Red says:

    But who paid for the funeral though, was the question answered?

  54. Clinton says:

    Big Ups to you Gareth for asking the question that we were all thinking of but did not ask. Like someone else said, this is setting a presidence now and I, being a tax payer, would also love to know if we payed for the funeral. RIP Senzo, we will miss you.

  55. Benny says:

    I did find anything wrong with the question. In fact i also wondered who paid for it…..

  56. Lorraine says:

    Whoever took/takes issue with this question, clearly doesn’t pay taxes and you are clueless to where government funding comes from, so go read and catch up before making stupid comments on social media.

    The race card is so old it needs to have a government funded funeral.

  57. Craig says:

    Sad to see all these comments…I would never disrespect a fallow South African black or white…The past will be my past we all got good intentions but if my future is going to look like this!!!! People still hating on each other … Everyone has freedom of speech.. Black or white…..please find it in your heart to forgive and move on…. People!!!!!

  58. kim says:

    As far as i remember we lost three great sportsmen last week, yes Senzo was lost to a violent crime and may he rest in peace, but Senzo was the only one who was given a state funeral / burial!!!! And if you want to make it a thing of race, lets contempalte this…..all three of the sportsmen who were lost last week were black South Africans!!! Can you ignorant people who are throwing their toys out the cot explain that to me!!!!!

  59. Nevashnie says:

    I have to agree with you 100%.you asked what most of us were actually thinking.I too was really surprised to find out that he was having a military funeral.In regard with sports stars, it has never been seen before. Not to say that he doesn’t deserve it, He was after all Captain of the national team.I think that where our tax money is concerned we have every right to ask a question without being called a racist
    and have all this rage thrown at you,more so than even the murderers received.It is enough to make you wonder how far S.A has actually progressed…what ever happened to freedom of speech?

  60. anonymous says:

    What about the rest of us hit by crime.. we are not famous, we don’t have money.. we don’t attract global media attention, so we will not have the best detective teams on the case, we will be lucky if they track our perpetrators, let alone a fancy funeral. its all about showing face.. our government is useless.. !!!

  61. Letswai-Nameng says:

    The outrage basically is not about racism…is about the picture of ignorace portayed in this regard…Senzo Meyiwa did not get a state funeral for any other reason beside dying as a captain of the national team..sure that answers you and your friends on your page. International Blogger

  62. smi says:

    Well if nothing you got content for your blog……….. staying relevant is hard work…

  63. Mpendulo says:

    I ddnt even watch that funeral… Senzo died, we know he died, if you feel sad about it, I am not obliged to feel sad aswell, so I am for the tweets u tweeted. You are a South African, you are free to say whatever you want to say… Im no philantropist, But 1 day, id like to see a United SA, but if that does not happen, I do not care, Ill just continue to work for my kids, love my parents, collegues and all those who do upon me. Maybe people need to understand that not everything they like everyone will like, not all of us are close-minded. Their barbaric behaviour is dragging us back instead of moving us foward..

  64. Buntle007 says:

    Yah no, people can be mean. There was no need for this long explanation Gareth. You asked a question that most were asking in their homes watching that funeral. It can be argued that Mulaudzi was more deserving of a heroes send off. The fact is, it was a 1st for a non politician. Question remains, who paid for this funeral???

  65. Jordan Lishman says:

    To be honest, our country will never be able to move forward from Apartheid if every issue that comes up becomes racial. I am a born free, I did not live through Apartheid and therefore I don’t even think in terms of race until people from the older generation bring it up. You asked a very fair question especially considering our countries current economic climate. Only the ignorant cannot see that it is necessary that such questions are asked. Freedom of speech is a crucial part of democracy and our constitution. This kind of thing makes me fear for our countries future.

  66. AngryBlackWoman says:

    “On the wrath of black twitter” the title of this trash post says.

    ” I was called every kind of vulgar thing by a horde of the least eloquent, most furious, marauding lunatics I didn’t know, and who couldn’t have all known Senzo either.” <— People on black twitter? I suppose?

    What was that about not being racist again?

  67. Sanele says:

    Of course the state paid for the funeral. Was Meyiwa not a national asset?

  68. Tazz says:

    Good question, nothing racist to it, in fact we need to question who paid for the funeral as it was totally a political “party”, it is so unfair what is happening to this country being biased & leaving the poor masses to struggle for themselves. We are still in not free!

  69. Thami says:

    so yall think everyone must be equal? How about we all become tallented, dedicated, passionate about what we do and be famous and recognized for our work then get a state funeral? This means that you dont belive people can be extrodinary…or u want the meaning of peoples lives to be inside your opinion. You engage in statements way bigger that you. Its wise to live your life in piece and quiet. You are so spoiled you see a simple posive act as a questionable..u dont need to question positive acts…heres what you can do if u feel you can shine. .help some who needs help…and heres the real issue you dont see, who were you questioning on twitter? Yes you are a total disgrace. .we dont need people like you really.

  70. Slungele says:

    In Zulu there is Something called Inhlanhla Zabantu azifani(same world but we get different treasures). Asking that question at that moment just after the funeral was to soon. Meaning in all you saw was thinking about cost rather than Senzo n even comparing o degrading him with Messi. It’s not the Question its the context n timing of it that made Black Twitter feel that way. Twas just Too Soon

  71. Ebrahim says:

    I’m with Gareth on this one, all the people giving him kak cannot even give a logical argument to justify what they are saying. Like listening to a flushing toilet, just a lot of noise and shit

  72. barbara says:

    Fair enough.The explanation makes sense bt its better to spend money on Senzo than on Nkandla. What irked me was the comparison to Messi. That’s down right uncalled for!

  73. nthabiseng says:

    I don’t understand why people always get emotional when the right questions are being asked. I asked the same question when I saw the funeral. And the truth is we did pay for it no matter how much noise some people make here.

  74. sthuli ngwenya says:

    Well said Gareth. I just wonder if every sports star will b given a provincial funeral in the future.

  75. Wachizungu says:

    Uncomfortable discussions are overdue. The sooner we start stating our anger, fear, disappointment, worry, anxiety to each other openly, the better. Political freedom does not equal “happy days, let’s all move on…” 1994 was but one step towards building a new future for us as a nation. Being able to vote was one move forward. What should follow are the uncomfortable discussions that we have all been avoiding all along. Let’s express our views and disagree if we wish to. Its okay. But let’s get it out and talking. It is time.

  76. Justine says:

    Since when do you need other people to validate your opinions Gareth… it doesn’t matter who thinks your question was fair or racist or whatever. Its yours , voice it. Every one need to lighten up and quit worrying about all this politically correct rubbish. No one makes it out alive.

  77. TWP says:

    Don’t change, Gareth. While I might not always have agreed with what you have had to say over the years, I have always respected your right to say it. And I admire you for having the strength of character to openly voice your opinions, despite the barrage of criticism you may receive. WELL DONE for saying what we were all thinking.

  78. Jase says:

    I think you were being very insensitive and should admit it. But instead, you are trying to justify that kak tweet of yours and hurting people’s feelings.
    I don’t expect you to understand how black people feel about these things (including racism) because you are not black. What I ask of you is to be sensitive to the cultures and how people feel about it because blacks are still victims of racial prejudice.
    If there was nothing wrong with your tweet, then you wouldn’t have received such massive response from your followers. You need to be more responsible Gareth.

  79. Marvey says:

    This clearly shows that most South Africans are ignorant, using the race issue as a defensive mechanism is a disgrace to this country. For all those that claim the know ‘Ubuntu’ don’t force poeple to agree with your biased opinions. Governmentr officials are still abususing funds, the money that was used there could have have been used to better the lives of our people.

  80. Marwale Phahlamohlaka says:

    I was on of those who attacked you and I humbly appologise.

    Our soccer national team assistant coach, Thomas Madigage passed away and never got a state funeral. Why? Is it that a national captain is more important than a coach? Or is it because he is a Pedi from Limpopo? Maybe it is because he was not publicly cheating and did not have 3 children with different mothers?

  81. tsholo says:

    That’s the South Africa we live in where people are hypocrites and have double standards. No matter where u are or what you are addressing they 1st look at your race, had it been Julius Malema asking it ofcos his crowd was gonna applaud him but hey it came from you and the so called “clever” people had to play the race card! stupid if u ask me

  82. News24 Commenter says:

    The first posted comment manages to personify the stupidity of the general public. The question about the funeral has nothing to do with the colour of anyones skin. FFS

  83. JstT3e says:

    In times like these society tend to direct their anger to the least relevant things, instead of looking for the killers society found a way of being angry, and directing that to selected people. The question of who paid for the funeral, i’d also like to know who paid for it? And what qualifies one to have a State funeral?
    Lets stop pointing fingers and making irrelevant assumptions and face reality, and facts which are there.

  84. @ArthurDeOne says:

    Dear Gareth, a man of your intelligence would obviously make out the fact that since the funeral is of that magnitude and the government has been involved from the start of it all, it simply means our government paid for the funeral as you have directly asked.

    I have absolutely no doubt in your non racial, liberal & democratic ways in fact if I may be so bold and say you are a true South African both at heart & in all your ways & most of us (if not all) are proud to have you as one of our own.

    However the issue here is when you asked that question you already knew the answer so it was not so much about the answer itself but the reaction from the public, its unfortunate that you had to post you q when the public’s emotions where still very raw & unsettled in dealing with the tragic sudden loss of one of our most beloved sporting heroes. So if I may conclude I know you have a tenancy of being frank it was still an insensitive question at a very sensitive time…it was an unnecessary exercise.

  85. Dylan says:

    Its the worst thing to be called a racist when you are absolutely not ! it generally happens to me when things dont go the way other people want it. I thought of the same thing when I saw the funeral, who is paying for this ???

  86. tsholo says:

    Yes say it like it is, it is the truth Senzo was no Messi as much as black people still face prejudice well so do white people, yes black people suffered and still some do cause of apartheid but gosh it’s not Gareth’s fault should he paint himself black to make other statement seem not racist oh no wait he can’t do that also for he’ll be called a racist being insensitive.

  87. Ant says:

    Love it!

  88. Keleigh says:

    i don’t find anything wrong with asking such a question, it’s a question that should be asked especially in today’s South African political society where politicians from our governing party are lining their pockets constantly and creating a hazardous society.

    I’ve grown up in post-apartheid South Africa and I understand the societal and economic flaws that apartheid had created between our people however I do believe that the ANC has not made any effort to better the lives of ALL of its citizens which is unfortunate and as a result of this, we have developed a society plagued by ️have vs have nots and this has perpetuated the violent and senseless crimes we witness everyday. It has also led to a mass exodus of educated individuals who could potentially improve our country.

    It’s terribly sad we’ve lost an amazing talent in Senzo Meyiwa. However it’s sadder that the ANC has used his tragic and senseless death as a means of political gain.

  89. howtoberelevant says:

    People ARE angry !!! VERY SOON they will come to understand who’s directly responsible for the state of our cowntry !!! Our government persons act like they are superstars ALWAYS needed to feed the citizens with K@K . . . They exploited this man’s death . . BUT . . IF there is not action – then all it means that they NOT genuine . . . HOW to make the citizens see this WILL ALWAYS be a conundrum !!!

  90. Scelo says:

    Hey broer

    Dont let this get to you…you dont even need to explain yourself, let it pass my boeta. Maybe the timing for the question was not right but i see no fault in asking such in this democratic country.

    We all know you’re not racist…or at least i know. I know racists and you’re not matching the criteria. Given you’re what we see daily of you

  91. I see not fault with Gareth’s question. The race card is an absurd attempt. I also wondered gore chelete e etswa kae ..

  92. Ryan says:

    The first comment really upsets me…

    This Ubuntu, does not exist anymore in the true sense. Plunder and share the loot is the new mentality.

    I am just sorry that it has taken the death of a football player and icon to realize that this country is sick. The only medicine is people deciding that enough is enough. The time for BS is over, WE need to sort this out. The race card is only going to be valid for so long? What happens when we cannot produce sustainable food levels because we have given land without education and skill. What happens when foreign investment and trade breaks down because of striking and cheaper labour. Africa should not be the West’s b%$#$ but we should understand that our economy works off export. The less we produce the weaker we become.

    Social grants are complete s#$% they do not help anyone. It may seem like free money but is not. Young men must take responsibility for their children not the state. How can we develop leaders that feel they are entitled to just take and provide nothing in return. It is time for both black and white(who fuc*&^% cares what race) to stand up and put in the work. The ANC is merely a shell, they were not the only party of the struggle; they have become to big for their own good and it is time WE make them sweat.

    SOUTH AFRICANS take responsibility, stop blaming other people for your problems. If you let your life happen around you, you have no right to blame others for your problems!

  93. Lady B says:

    Dear Senzo Cliff,

    Your comment has left me with this near headache frown!

    I do not understand why you need to attack Gareth…. His question was rather fair…. The fact that he actually studied history probably means he knows a bit about the history of this country or he would not have made the comment! We are all entitled to our opinion but yours is just so angry and lacks direction. I don’t listen to Gareth Cliff much however I have come to realise that the man is not a bullsh@tter.

    Entirely off topic…

    I am a 29 year old “coloured” woman (looking at me you would never be able to tell) I am whiter than most “white” people with long blond hair!!! And in 1993 I was called the K word by some “white” kid who didn’t know better, I said leave me alone white boy. He cried and refused to sit next to me because I am racist. In 2014…. On a daily basis I get called mlungu (white person) by strangers. A few days ago I responded to a “black” guy “yes black person I am late for work”. With a very dirty look he also called me racist. I smiled and told him to have a good day. Confused times we live in and people can’t eat what they dish out…. Practise what you preach…

    Senzo Cliff and all the other racist detectors out there… sometimes you should just hold your tongue a little and not speak out of anger, frustration, ignorance and do eat a meal before you start commenting on the liberal opinions of the media. I promise a full tummy will make you feel more relaxed!

  94. Stag Andani says:

    Senzo Meyiwa was a national asset and deserves a state funeral

  95. Sindy Ngcobo says:

    Your question had malicious intentions written all over it. We the native South Africans tax payers have no issue with that. The nature of the funeral was related to the man’s career and he just happened to be back and that excites you. The way white South Africans are carrying on really tests ones patience and incites intolerance. The error of Madiba and team has passed. The current generation will be not be so forgiving. We see right through your conceited racist tendencies and white supremecy crap.

  96. Jenny Peers says:

    I believe Gareth would have asked the question whether even if the person was white!

  97. Kuhle says:

    You will never get the answer to your question. Only those in the circles know and they do not think they owe you any explanation.

  98. Vusani says:

    Just apologize and stop mumbling.. it was too soon bra and Senzo was no broke dude he was the country’s number 1 he deserved that send off. Just apologize gareth

  99. Nish says:

    Why is it that everything spoken by whites are racist now but if blacks say the same thing then it is acceptable. From what I have seen, a lot of blacks are also racist but that is acceptable. This country is not a rainbow nation, that is very clear. I have friends of different races and I love them all, equally. Gareth asked a simple question, was not a racist question, it was a logical question asked by a tax payer. I would also like to know the answer

  100. Benny says:

    Why take offence in comparing? Surely one may compare South African wine with Argentinian wine? South African rugby players with Argentinian rugby players? South African politicians with Argentinian politicians? We take offence so quickly, it is getting out of hand!

  101. Mbulelo says:

    Maybe Gareth the best place for you to make commentary is at the idols and your Talkshows on Radio….you first started by insulting the people of Limpopo sometime last year on the Idols…and because very few people followed that stupidity of yours otherwise people would have made serious comparisons on your ranting against the people and government….Have you ever questioned any state funeral organised for the previous apartheid rulers….the answer is NO….because they happen to be of the same colour as your are….

  102. Pollie says:

    It’s a free country and anyone (including celebrities) should be allowed to ask such questions, without the fear of being called a racist. There is nothing racist about the question raised, if one thinks it is, then it is high time we examined ourselves.

    And the comment about ubuntu, does it really make sense to spend so much money on a dead person when there are millions of struggling South Africans?

    Before we pull the race card and all the ubuntu crap, let us look at the situation from all angles. Yes, maybe Gareth shouldn’t have asked the question on that day (too soon kinda thing) but it is still a relevant question.

  103. Thoo says:

    Urgh maan, I am disgusted by Mzwayi’s comment threatening Gareth. When you say black people will eat Gareth alive are you referring to you and your peanut-brained friend next door. Surely it is just a few blacks who think like you, idiot.

  104. This whole Senzo Meyiwa ‘situation’ for lack of a better word, has been given too much attention. When I heard about him I honestly have to say I was like “Who is that”. Then I heard someone say they are going to change some bridge in KZN and name it after him, then days after people were like “then lets get a statue of him”. At that moment I am still in that “Who is he” Zone. He was a great player, a huge loss to our national team. But as someone said “Any bloodline of Zuma always seems to get the best of everything”. I agree on some level about what he said, but not the bloodline part, maybe connection. Yes Senzo died in the most brutal way and it is sad. But I never see politicians rise up when issues of Poverty, Education and Unemployment are brought up. A lot of people are suffering out there. I do not see government booking a stadium to get the homeless together and give them opportunities that will shape their lives, or get graduates and matriculants together and offer them job opportunities. It is just wrong. And for people to say that you are racist for bringing up the question “who is paying for this” then they must clearly be blind. ANC government is just dragging us back.

  105. Yolanda says:

    Vele who paid for this funeral? That time 20.2% of South Africans slept with NO FOOD that night and 45.5% are still trying to figure out if they are extremly poor or can atleast eat pap with water for the night. I can never understand the misuse of funds by our government. This has nothing to do with Race, Gareth Cliff asked a question we all wanted to ask, unfortunatley he is “white”. Its just a reverse of the past hey. Im annoyed actually.

    People should just stop burying their heads in the sand. We are being robbed right, left and centre by the very government. All that we have to do is tell them the truth instead of hiding behind racism every time the right questions are posed.

  106. Taker79 says:

    I find it upsetting that so much attention (government interaction) has been given to the death of Senzo. Yes it is sad that he passed away for something so small as a cellphone/personal belongings and I have a lot of sympathy with his family. My question however is, how many normal (non sports individuals/celebrities) people/citizens die every day in this country because of crimes like these? Why must a “celebrity” die first before action is taken by government? Crime does not discriminate…Unfortunately it happens to everyone. Let’s not wait for more innocent people to die before something is done about the problem. What are YOU going to do about it?

  107. Tshepo says:

    I dont think Gareth is the best thing to ever happen to SA either… BUT GUYS C’MON..

    What must he say or is there a way of putting that question that you guys will approve..

    A lot of people also want to know the same thing.. this is a very bad excuse to show Gareth how much you dont like him.

    That was an honest question.. maybe you lot are so angry because even you are wondering the same thing… it was definitely not a funeral cover because Kelly still has his ID.

  108. Nthaby says:

    I still don’t understand why people get angry when the right questions are being asked….we understand Senzo’s death happened unexpectledy while people were still raving about his work at the time. Growing up in South Africa I have noticed that only politicians and government official are buried like Senzo Meyiwa and yes it was the first time seeing a sportmen buried in such a way …..Mlaudzi was buried the very same day as Senzo was but it wasn’t as big as senzo’s Funeral big question is why???? …….everybody is entitled to their opinion and so is Gareth and calling him names and labelling him as a racist is so low that man asked a very good question that all of us should ask ourselves …….people should stop jugding and concluding other peoples toughts and start looking at things the way the should be seen

  109. smooth says:

    @GarethCliff like I said on Saturday empty tins make a lot of noise and you can’t expect them to answer good questions. I bet they don’t even see anything wrong with the millions spent on Zumas upgrades because his a black man,I’m a Pirates fan loved Senzo but I also asked my self if this lavish funeral was necessary. We don’t have enough power stations hence the load shedding but we spend tax payers money for a funeral?

  110. Ant says:

    I just don’t get it, Mandela fought for so much in his life. He fought for freedom and equality. He work for freedom not just for himself but for all, Black, White, Indian etc etc. Why are people so disrespectful toward freedom that they still have to try and play a racial card at every opportunity. Its pathetic and ignorant. Why is it that most South Africans who have so much to work for and be grateful for are just never satisfied? Nothing is ever good enough and everything is always some form of attack. When Gareth asked the question all I could think of was, “Well done”. Senzo was an icon of entertainment, but when a police officer who defends us and tried to keep us safe is shot, what does he get? How do you justify spending so much money on someone who could afford his own funeral when we drive past starving and homeless people everyday. I’m just so sick of the government acting concerned only when it is a opportunity to give some elaborate, sales pitch to keep themselves in the spotlight. If it was anyone else who would not give them the publicity that Senzo did, would they have done it for them?

  111. Colleen says:

    An absolutely valid question! people are so quick to pull the race card in this country! As mentioned, it wasn’t as though he died a heroic death. He was visiting his girlfriend. What about Corrie Sanders? He was a world champion boxer. He was also shot – he was shot while protecting his daughter from a bullet. Now that is a HEROIC DEATH! He never had any lavish state funeral like Senzo. Why not? Because he is white?

  112. Terrence says:

    @ Gareth, People are too quick to speak their mind without reasoning. we allow Race to cloud our judgment or is it a case of resigning from reasoning. Senzo’s death was very painful and left everyone across the globe shocked but there was everything wrong with Senzo’s funeral, what has Senzo done to get such accolades apart from saving the two penalties against TP Mazembe, his a star for Orlando Pirates just as Khune or Shabba is a star for chiefs or Pat lambie is to the sharks. He has only 7 caps to his name, we have not qualified yet, yes he has only conceded 1 goal BUT who were we playing against in those games. a very unwanted precedent is being set here and its gonna come back to bite the PSL,Safa and Government. he was a talented Goalkeeper who died untimely with so much to live and play for but he was no national hero. Tomorrow what happens when Brian Baloyi, Arendse, Doc khumalo, Lucas radebe, Neil Tovey or the very ill joost Van der wysteizen were to leave this earth, These guys were our sporting icons who flew the flag very high. @Cliff that’s a very good question u asked, it only required people to be honest with themselves and be realistic.

  113. umesh mahadeo says:

    I agree with you Gareth. Uneducated, crooked and corupt people keep using the race card to discredit constructive criticism and honesty. From reading all the negative comments regarding your twitter account I know that we now live in a more racist society than previously. Intelligence is a threat, crime does not discriminate. Most of your haters will assume I’m white but I’m just an intelligent African. Every racist comment on your profile comes from a racist person and its scary.

  114. Layne says:

    Yes, Apartheid happened and yes it left huge scars BUT people need to get rid of the chips on their shoulders and stop twisting around every single word or comment that non blacks and mainly white people say.
    If you get rid of the ignorance, you will realise that not every white person is racist and out to doom black people. We are all Africans and have equal rights and freedom of speech so when you jump down someone’s throat because they asked a simple question (which i’m sure he would have asked regardless of whether he was black or white). The point is someone died in this inhumane way and was given a heroes funeral, regardless if he was a hero or not. The youth in this country need to work together to prevent any type of racism which looks like it may be quickly travelling back to racism, just in the opposite way. I am coloured and do not take the ‘blacks side’or ‘white side’, it simply is a matter of right and wrong so stop with the bullshit of black and white.

  115. Chris says:

    Us black sometimes we think and believe democracy only apply to us. When it comes to other races using their democratic right; its racism.

  116. Ayanda says:

    My only problem was that the question was asked too soon. In our culture we respect the dead and siyazila. Maybe if you had waited a bit longer. That’s where my problem was

  117. vumile says:

    Clever ppl will ask themselves that question. The rest oh hoh I don’t even want to type any further

  118. Ms Jay katts says:

    Hey I am black and a proud yet annoyed tax payer! Why should our hard earned money be used to build houses for presidents and bury soccer players! I can understand at the very least if someone came up with a system of how to “vet” who would get a state funeral and who would get a provincial funeral and so forth… If for example they decided that or soccer players or any sportsperson representing the country needs to do so for a certain number of years or beat a world record to get a state funeral!!!

    I mean really, we were all touched by senzos death but he was but a human being with his failings like the rest if us… Why all the pomp for his burial?

    Garett asked asked a very pertinent question that no matter what your race of soccer team affiliation you should think about toooo….

  119. LeandiW says:

    What angers me about this stupid twitter rage is that no one seems to care where the money comes from – APART from Gareth!!! People need to start asking these questions, our money gets spent on ridiculous cars and salaries, when it is not being spent at Nkandla. Thanks G for asking the important questions, I hope that one day we will ask more questions and demand the answers from government, that we will get past slinging racist comments around. Until such time, we need the ONE person that needs to set the example. RIP Senzo, this star’s death is senseless and I trust that justice will be done.

  120. marvin says:

    Why go far, because the same week senzo died, mbulaeni mulaudzi has won the country an olympic medal,he represented SA at a world stage and break records, but he didn’t get what senzo got back to the topic. It was legit question

  121. Fair game says:

    You’re 100% correct Gareth. This is all just window dressing by our government. In my opinion (whether the deceased is a local politician or a big star just like Senzo) – is it really necessary to have a flamboyant funeral that sets back rate-payers a few millions? Are funerals not meant to be simple, unpretentious and intimate ceremonies where a family, relatives and close friends lay their beloved to rest? (And this is not to be confused with mourning — we all mourn our heroes.)

  122. Batsatfu says:

    I also thought it was a genuine question, SAFA, Orlando Pirates, eThekwini Municipality or any other organisation could have paid for the funeral. It for interest sake. RIP our captain. I really don’t understand how it got to be a race issue.

  123. Thando T says:

    I know kutsi asikhuliswanga ngekufana. But it must be said, his timing though, couldn’t he nje atleast waited until maybe a few days after the funneral. And let Senzo’s last ‘send off’ just be.
    And Gareth you a public figure man, there are other senseless you can show your followers you a smart twitter.

  124. Shumi Hlatshwayo says:

    Problem is South African politicians are so far gone in their quest to prove that they are invincible that they have become completely and dileberately oblivious to to public opinion and well being.You are a “bad” person for asking a question that i’m pretty sure was on many people’s mind,a question that people didn’t have the balls to ask.What i don’t get though is why you’re being attacked for asking a simple and fair question….South Africa has got a long w
    ay to go.

  125. Ndumoh says:

    Hahaha Gareth the question I asked at a party I was at this Saturday was, is it the national government or Ethekwini municipality that is paying for this?Followed by are there any sponsors coz as a ratepayer of Ethekwini municipality I was also concerned. I was also attacked by my black sisters I was with but I was not bothered by it also. I am just curious and I will continue to ask such questions.

  126. Pieter says:

    I am a 36 year old white male and as gareth i also frew up in the pist apartheid era. I am not a racist. I am a realist. I will not apologise for apartheid i was not part of it and i dont owe anyone anything. To all the black people out there ( yes i said it BLACK) stop hiding behind the past.
    20 years and you still go on about apartheid ffs grow a pair. Nobody owes you a damn thing. Go to a library and read up on the history of South Africa and once u have done that, only then are you allowed to speak and i bet the words coming out of your mouth would be totally different to now. It is not racist for asking a valid question. It is not racist calling black black and white white. Never was and never will be. I am however saddened by the death of out national soccer team leaders death.
    Instead of insulting the white person for asking a question, rather ask yourself whay was he killed and by who.

  127. Davina says:

    After reading this blog…it made me also question alot of the contrivirtual statements made. Yes…he was an important soccer player but not that important to make a provincial funeral for. As for the racism card…please…when ever an individual of a different race decides to voice out their oppinion, those in disagreement will degrade them to the point of taking out the racial card. its revolting. I just seem to agree with @GarethCliff on this one.

  128. Griffen says:

    Shut up and sit down pork idiot!!!!!. Your days of being racial are over, u lucky it’s online not in person. Fuck off

  129. garrick says:

    @Gareth I think it was a question that needed to be asked, although the Messi comparison rubbed people the wrong way it was an appropriate device to explain to the general public what exactly was being done. It’s shocking to think people really don’t care how our tax money is spent. We are the one’s that empowered this government and it is our responsibility as voter’s to hold them accountable for the actions they take. I must be honest as much as I respect Madiba for all that he did, I am certain that he would not have been pleased to know how much was spent on his funeral. He was a man of the people and I’d like to believe he would have preferred a small reception on his homestead so those funds could have rather been spent on the people that he loved and cared for. May all our heroes rest in blissful piece.

  130. samantha says:

    I didn’t mind Gareth’s question untill he said “he was no Messi” that sounded to me like he meant a funeral like this will befit Messi but not a local footballer.

  131. Gee says:

    That is an exceptional question, given that I had no idea who Senzo was before his unfortunate death.I was just as shocked at the state funeral he received because I had never heard of him.

  132. esther says:

    I just think it is insensitive of politicians to use funerals as political arenas. At funerals the family’s privacy should be respected and family should be left to mourn and be supported by people who really care – not people using it for sensationalism or political gain.

  133. Denzil says:

    The responses to your question sum up perfectly, why education should be the number 1 priority of this country.

  134. Harty says:

    The race card AGAIN?? Sounding like a stuck record now. Uneducated and moronic. Get over it now. Get. over. it.

  135. Jo Anne Toua says:

    I also want to know who will be paying. The amount of policemen at thst guneral made me think that it was a police officer being laid to rest. Tax payers yet again footing this bill?

  136. Richard says:

    I am a “colour blind” South African and I do not see anything wrong with this question. It is a very valid question to ask with such a massive funeral. There is absolutely no reason at all for this to be turned into a racial thing. I cannot wait for the whole of South Africa to become “colour blind” so that people no longer have to be afraid, to say what they want to say without the fear of being labelled a racist. I think those who shout racist first and the real racists.

  137. Lesley says:

    Well I don’t see problem with that question, I think our black society have a problem because it has been asked by a white person. We need more people like Gareth in our country. That money couldv been used for something better Meyiwa had his own policies n a club that was working @ they couldv covered that by themselves not using state money. He wasn’t a hero to some of us…he ddnt fight 4us. How many stars who have passed away got this special treatment? #its my sentiment though

  138. bob says:

    A very non racist and intelligent question. Only a unintelligent racist would find it insulting.

  139. Philani says:

    lf you were to be told it comes from your pockets would you mind?

  140. SAMUEL says:

    im a Orlando pirates surporter and I totally agree with u on this one.jy praat maar ner die waarheid

  141. Uzzi says:

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with the question posed by Gareth cliff… but it has to be racial b
    ecause a white man asked? Im a 23 year old black woman who would, amongst many other things, also like to query whom exactly will be paying for the lumposum reward of the football star’s death should anyone bring forth information about the killers or shooting.? when it comes to TAX and state funds, every employee has the right to question where their monies go. secondly, who gets to have this kind of treatment where deathss are investigated with the utmost attentiveness and accurateness.? who gets to decide which death is more important than others? we deserve to be informed about these things. really… cause there are bigger problems that deserve as much attention that actually affect us directly as the general populous.

  142. Aladin Pen says:

    Who’s Gareth Clitt? who cares about his questions? irrelevant,has-beens, he is the new Cliff Saunders?

  143. Neo Potwana says:

    I spoke to Sam, A retired Colored policeman , currently teaching SAPS in shooting (Kzn) . Sam is of the view that South Africa is worst off than it was during apartheid. I think so too, we are all smiling angered people tolerating each other. its sad i was raised by white Catholics,so can”t really tell when one is being racist. but i think favoritism exist as an euphemism for racism. most politicians are black, the politicians who decided this become a state funeral, probably Dont know Malan also died three days before Senzo, Who is Albie Malan? who watches or cares about rugby ?, and what does this have to do with Cliffs question ? everything to do with it,




    People angered by this lad’s question were thinking Cliff felt either of the two statements above

    that is the South Africa i know my dear friend.

  144. TVR says:

    Ubuntu…? What? Did a white man kill him?

  145. David Langley says:

    We don’t have money to protect our water and keep it clean, but we have money for expensive funerals.

    What don’t have money to keep police on the streets and stop crime, but we have money for expensive funerals(Senzo killed by crime).

    We don’t have money to keep nurses and doctors in clinics, but we have money for expensive funerals.

    We don’t have money to keep eskom maintained and the lights on, but we have money for expensive funerals.

    We don’t have money to keep the post office open, but we have money for expensive funerals.

    We don’t have money to keep our wildlife safe to earn tourism money, but we have money for expensive funerals.

    We don’t have money to give SAA and SABC any more bailouts, but we have money for expensive funerals.


  146. Mich says:

    I have no problem with Gareth’s question but Why compare Senzo to Mess I though? where does the two link

  147. Nelly says:

    We don’t care who paid for Senzo’s funeral, why would you even care? PSL could have paid for his funeral. Instead of sympathizing with his fans and family you go and ask stupid questions, would you have asked who paid for DEKLEKS funeral if he were to die/ so Gareth please futsek we are mourning our star here.

  148. Mich says:

    I meant why compare Senzo to Messi?

  149. Liz says:

    There is a trend in South Africa, if you ask the right question you should definitely be racist. Yes a great athlete passed on but will our economy survive paying for every sports star’s funeral?

    We are all on our high horses that we want Jacob to pay the Nkandla money but we still spend a lot of money on a funeral. Honestly somebody had to ask that question and thank you Gareth for asking.

    South Africans need to stop seeing every statement they disagree with as being racist. I think there is a need for a 101 racism course, we are really loosing the plot of what is considered racist and just purely raising valid facts.
    There are so many strikes in S.A with people seeking government intervention but none is happening but they are quick to plan a funeral.

    Did they stop for moment to consider the kind of send off the family might have wanted for Senzo?

    How is a nation going to move away from the colour borderlines if every statement is racism?

  150. Tee says:

    The problem with race/racism in SA is that whites seem to think its their part to critise or attack black ppl, naturally blacks become defensive. If u claim to know the history of this country like u say u do, u could may b tweet about it too. How abt u tweet abt the inequalities and legacy of apartheid? Senzo was the captain of the national team Gareth, secondly football is huge in SA, thirdly its in the Gov’s prerogative who gets a state funeral.

    When will u talk about Rugby and Cricket that fail to transform?

    The answer to yo question is, the state paid for the funeral with yo tax, which is totally legal, u like it, u don’t. U might also wanna make peace with the fact that, u won’t get one.

  151. Thando says:

    I still say, it’s your timing Gareth. There are truly die hard fans out there and your questions I figure was ask I guess at a wrong time while a national were setting themself to final goodbyes. Hence many many feell a sense of betrayal from your questions, which many ofcause will bring the ‘race’ card.
    Anyway part of sponsorship from what I remember as mentioned from the speeches were; Spar, Donations form individuals (Mandisa’s family), SAFA, eThekwini Municipality, KwaZulu- Natal provincial government, Orlando Pirates FC. And B3 (as part of his burial benefit *).

    I hope this answers it.

  152. Kedibone says:

    Hi there, i fully agree and i do not think you are a racist, sometimes insensitive but not a racist. A sad thing this day and age when certain races cannot voice an opinion based on colour. I do not believe that he deserved a funeral of that magnitude

  153. Jenny says:

    Yup. When the woman who did my ironing died (nobody knew of what) I was asked to contribute R3000 to her funeral. I did it – ubuntu etc. The funeral was held in the EC – they took the body there. They transported thousands of people there to enjoy the ubuntu and give a proper send off to Sylvia. I innocently remarked that it was a total waste of money in my view – to me it would have been a lot more sensible to cremate her body, scatter her ashes in her EC home and have a small ceremony marking the occasion. My domestic worker said, that was disrespectful in the black culture and the white culture are tightfisted and disrespectful to our ancestors. Fair enough. I personally know that Sylvia would far rather the money was given to her layabout son to finish matric than wasted on her funeral. Perhaps that is where a will comes in. I don’t understand black culture as I am white, I may not agree with it but I know it’s not my place to change it. I don’t like being accused of being racist because I don’t understand it. Call me racist if I try to change it. I don’t. What this whole debacle has without a doubt shown me once again – white people are no longer welcome in our very own country. I will say one thing – until i am forced to leave, I will keep questioning our politicians because they are corrupt and that is my money and I want accountability for it until I stop paying tax.

  154. peter womersley says:

    We have been schooled by the ANC to look for the catch.They are stealing public coffers blind .The death is tragic, as is every other death caused by violence. It is not a black v white thing. 30 Billion misspent annually and no signs of it letting up. No accountability. Yes he was a fabulous football player and every death caused by violence, the victim was fabulous. How many every day , every month, every year . Spin , spin , spin . You have to separate the two issues for them to become clear. He was shot . The state paid for the funeral. They milked it

  155. Refilwe says:

    So, what’s wrong with the question again? Mbulaeni did more for our country than Senzo ever did. He was ranked number 1 in the world and brought home an Olympic silver medal. His only problem was that he was not controversial.

  156. Elizabeth says:

    I think people are too quick to jump on their high horse and become insulted by small things, they say small things amuse small minds. With the education supposedly had by the individuals today, stop analyzing everything everyone says and take a step back and think why they say it, it is not to be malicious or damaging to anyone. As far as I am concerned Gareth say it the way it is. We all have different cultures and upbringings and this is a free society with free speech, so buck up people and stop being disgruntled by what everyone says

  157. phako says:

    Why are 2 whities always attack black people? If its not Steve its Gareth. Garreth its not racially motivated but he always says bad things to black people and you will never hear him say anything negative about white people. Strange indeed.

  158. zeeman says:

    Whether or not the guy had the money. It’s just an unnecessary spending in my books

  159. Nomsa says:

    I myself wud say its such a stupid question 2 even ask! Gareth just admit u ddnt expect 2 get so much fury frm da ppl u thot ppl will go ur way n diss da government n complain about money being wasted bt unfortunately 4u it went da ada way, I must say 2u young man u hv grown so much wings over the years shame! Y dd u not ask wen Eddie Zondi died or even tata cos its still da same thing.u must not underestimate darkies. We do hv brains!

  160. Njomane says:

    Nothing wrong with the question.

  161. phako says:

    You’re a pure racist why you never say anything to your white race? You look like and you smell like one the chances are you are one.

  162. Reality says:

    People like finding fault and malice where there isnt any. You CANNOT align racial bigotry with this question, only politics and logic. One does have to wonder where the money came from, especially in a corrupt country like this one. Now im not complaining about how Senzo was sent off, but it makes one wonder what ulterior motives the politicians who paid for this funeral had in mind when they planned it. Having said that, dont let anyone stifle your opinion Gareth, as long as it comes from a reasonable and harmless place. Some people really need to start using their brains(by the way Im Black, let the ignorant ‘judges’ call me a snitch)

  163. phako says:

    They always go this far when they start to lose attention, they start asking stupid questions like this looool. Its obvious you are a white south african and your comments always have something to do with a race either you’re critical or saying stupid thing about blacks.

  164. kizito Gugah says:

    I feel like laughing and crying at the same time. Gareth asked a question that is on the lips of anyone with some brains. If these politicians used their own money for Senzo’s funeral then we would have praised them, BUT its taxi payers’ money and if every victim of crime i treated in this way then its okay. But this has shown how unequal our society is, this has nothing to do with black or white or green or red or colo
    ured pple. its just using one’s brain. Thank you Gareth for riasing it without fear. Those who have attacked you must go to school of life.

  165. jon says:

    I think Gareth is 100 percent correct. How much more tax money must be wasted on frivolous costs.

  166. Nichole Murray says:

    When are black people going to realize whites don’t hate blacks they just hate the overwhelming mass of them, too many useless people having more and more children. Most whites aren’t racist, they’re ethnic realists trying to live a civilized existence. Sorry for the reality check, someone has to say it.

  167. Nabz says:

    I asked myself the very same question. Why thou must everything always turn into a racial thing? There was nothing racist about the question. RIP Senzo

  168. Mfundisi says:

    The answer is simple, he was given a provincial funeral which means the the KZN province footed the bill. The money off course came from us as tax payers. Finish n klaar.

  169. Teekay says:

    Its a sensible question to ask. There were two other sport stars that were burried the same weekend and did we see such a huge fuss about them!!!!! noooo. Only bits and pieces of recognition here and there!!!if my memory serves me right, a cofin is ony carried by law enforcement personnel if the deceased is one of them. They even robbed the poor pirates players an opportunity to carry the cofin of one of their own as it would be more fitting.

    What impression does it give to the South African citezens and the families of the our heroes because they all played a role in the sport fraternity and we expected the same treatment for all of them, worse with Mulaudzi being the first black athlete in the world and such recognition was not awarded to him.

    We must ask such!!!!

  170. blommie says:

    I just love how everything always goes to racism.. Are we seriously not even allowed to give out opinion anymore?

  171. Mendisa says:

    Its good to want to know but I think the timing was wrong. It came across as though you were being insensitive. & with all due respect I don’t think it matters where the money for the funeral came from. What matters is that Senzo was given a funeral fit for a person of his calibre. As young as he was he was an icon in the eyes of many. I also understand that this had nothing to do with racism and anyone who thinks that still has a long way to go.

  172. Santana says:

    Dear Gareth Cliff i don’t mind the question but as you know soccer is one of the sports that unifies the nation. Senzo Meyiwa had a horrible death therefore it is normal this kind of comments and/or disagreement with the question you asked. The government probably also paid in other terms (transport/for, etc) but the day Senzo was shot Sepp Blatter issued a statement feeling sorry about what happened and declaring that FIFA would pay for Senzo Meyiwa funeral cerimony.

  173. Tey Leroy says:

    It is quite clear that government has taken advantage of this tragedy in the most subtle way. Rand for rand it was a greater investment than food parcels. Gareths question is a drop in the ocean compared to the governments sudden hypocritical outrage at murder. My question is simple. Is murder by gunshot any less of a crime than feeding dying South Africans vegetables and garlic instead of ARVs. No thats not ancient history. I lost loved ones because of Mbekis policy while Jacob was his deputy. And Thabo walks around like a wise statesman. I have no doubt he will be given a state funeral paid for in blood. It is clear that if one President can literally get away with murder, then what do we expect when another loots the taxpayer and gets away with it. Desperate men do desperate things when they sense that they might be caught out or lose power. Using the funeral to gain sympathy as a caring government is hypocritical in the extreme when ordinary south africans are also slaughtered due to an ailing police and justice system,and children are still dying in this country of hunger while a once proud liberation movement justifies spending 250 million rand on security for one emperor. Every life lost is a tragedy and the athletes who died too young should indeed be honoured. But not used by those whose words are as hollow as their actions and hearts. RIP Senzo. Rest in peace democracy.

  174. Colleen says:

    Nomsa how can you say this is the same thing as when Tata died???? How does Senzo compare to Tata??? What a moron! Quite honestly I had never heard of Senzo before this…..

  175. Pea says:

    I don’t see why everything have to be turned into a racial issue…i mean really now, will this ever end???

  176. Mbuso says:

    Absolutely NOTHING WRONG with the question.

    But your timing was horrendous. So horrendous that it seemed callous and cold in light of what was happening. Not racist but I do believe it was definitely attention seeking.

  177. Ant says:

    @Phakko – just shut up, obviously your a tiny little person who is too lazy to do anything with his life other than throw the racist card to get attention. Apartheid stopped 20 years ago, you claim Gareth says nothing about white people, perhaps you should try and switch off your selective hearing and wake up, he is known for the fact that he has an opinion on everyone and everything. Why would he want attention if he has the larges twitter followers in South Africa? Please at least try and stop feeling sorry for yourself. We are all equal, we are all people, NO-ONE is better than the other. Free and fare is not selective like you obviously think.

  178. Marcus says:

    Would Gareth Cliff’s question regarding the late Mr Meyiwa’s funeral cost be regarded as racist by some South Africans when asked again the day our government spends a similar amount of money on Neil Tovey’s funeral?

  179. Ronsco says:

    Gareth, I am sure you have heard about ” time and place”, your comments were mistimed and mischievous and so do not try to seek sympathy from intellectuals and technocrats by quoting Caesar and using flowery language. In fact, your tweet was very inflammatory and aimed at seeking your personal agenda against the ruling government at the wrong time, my advice brethren is, those who leaves in house of glasses should not throw stones, be very careful of what you say, when you say it and how you say it, this is not a threat but rather an advice from a very concerned reader and scholar of public opinion.

  180. Sjula says:

    God help us all and hope our people can forgive and move on maybe that could change the way we treat eachother and focus in more productive things and just love one another black or white. Why can’t we all be human beings rather than discriminating ourselves to black and white cause at the end of the day we all need one another somehow somewhere rather than judging one another.

  181. Santana says:

    why exactly no one asked all the efforts that was made when it was Oscar Pistorious??????

  182. Santana says:

    I agree with you Mr. Ronsco.(what/when and How)

  183. buhle says:

    I’m not sure what Gareth’s intention was when he posted this but I did not think it was meant to be racist. In a free, democratic world, people should be able to ask questions on open platforms and not fear retribution from the masses.

  184. hari says:

    Gareth i am black and the question you asked is very in interesting indeed and the sad part is there were a lot of fallen heroes who where not buried with the same honor and respect and that is the sad truth 🙁

  185. Deeksdaz says:

    Eish…how this simple question most tax-paying South Africans should have asked has become a racial issue…sadly our nations perceived progression over the past 20 years has been backward. I suppose all who have labelled Gareth racist also have a problem with the honourable Thuli Madonsela investigating the various corrupt leaders of this nation.

  186. kagiso says:


    I think you are making things worse by trying act smart here. You have said what you said to the reason known to you so you do not have to came here and claim you know anything about the diversity of our rainbow ntion only when it suit you and protect your reputation and popularity which happens to put bread and butter before you every evining. However as racist as you arei happened to share some sentiments with your initial interntions of the question, we also have Tomas Madigage who died a sudden death and he was the national assistant coach by that time , a higher ranking than a mere goalkeeper, he did not get what Senzo got so my question is where is the consistancy here?.

  187. Snoop says:

    I hope one white athlete dies and will see if you will ask yourself the same thing.

  188. Ant says:

    @ Deeksdaz – VERY WELL SAID!! – “I suppose all who have labelled Gareth racist also have a problem with the honourable Thuli Madonsela investigating the various corrupt leaders of this nation.”

  189. Ant says:

    @ Deeksdaz – VERY WELL SAID!!

  190. simphiwe manu chiya says:

    What did he do to deserve such a grand funeral? These questions have to be asked. It’s tax money that was used to pay for that funeral. We pay taxed, therefore we paid for that funeral. It is within our rights to question when we do not understand. Mr. Cliff shouldn’t even have replied to those insults. Those people refuse to use reason and look at the topic on the table, not the person.

  191. Thabo says:

    gareth cliff im with u my man, who really paid for that funeral of senzo u know its sad when ppl start judging over a simple Question, my take is gareth u paid for it an i paid for it so is any tax payer country wide imaging paying for someone who does not even know u. if i die and i dnt have any life insurance my so called government will not bother unless ppl start donating or filling thousands of documents so i can be buried in a tomato box. but i still pay tax mxm. our government. go on judge me an say it im racist mxm….

  192. Zoe says:

    I had no idea who Senzo was. Then I found out he was a normal black person, doing what a normal black person does. F***ing around and breeding.

  193. @makhozl says:

    People we need to be very careful what we say and when should we decide to take to the social media and we must also remember that there are people waiting for the opportunity to express their own personal agendas so all I’m saying is Gareth may have been asking an honest question and now we find ourselves here. I for one have been following him for a long time now on Twitter but when I read this comment I was a little taken aback and raised my eyebrows as to what kind of person he really is. I still have faith though that Gareth is no racist and I hope you Gareth also still have faith in this our rainbow nation.

  194. Mendisa says:

    @ Zoe…. REALLY???? Wow!!! Its people like you that still have a loooong way to go. There really is no need to insult the man. he is gone and the least you can do is show respect. U epitomise what we all have been trying to rule out with the question Gareth asked. PURE RASCIM. I’d like to know what you do for a living….

  195. Stan says:

    Well said, Gareth. Just want to add small correction. Mark Anthony was not part of first triumvirate. He was in second triumvirate with Octavian and Marcus Lepidus.

  196. JD says:

    I think it was an innocent question, but some of the comments Ive seen here are offensive and idiotic, ppl must not comment on things they don’t know, some of the people here are busy indirectly talking ill of our ministers and making comments about ubuntu, if u dont know wat ubuntu is then shut up!!!!!

  197. Graham Olifant says:

    Sometimes it helps to be just quit. You started something and didn’t expect this response now you trying to fixed it. Pirates, Safa, Premier office, insurance, players all had a contribution thats how its done in a normal black society. 2 senzo is our hero I went to the funeral with my own expenses so did the many that was there. He got what he deserves a heroic send off how it was done doesn’t matter.

  198. Lungile says:

    “Why go far, because the same week senzo died, mbulaeni mulaudzi has won the country an olympic medal,he represented SA at a world stage and break records, but he didn’t get what senzo got back to the topic. It was legit question

    Comment by marvin — November 3, 2014 @ 10:20 am”

    @ marvin, please do your homework before commenting on the two funerals because they were both Provincial Official Funerals! Why they were not covered as such, check with the Media Houses not with Government as it does not own any.

  199. Thembi says:

    We Don’t question other cultures Funerals, weddings etc. Why in SA whenever there’s something happening Is “Questioned” ?. There is nothing wrong wt the question fine. Bt why is it even Questioned? Not dat as Black w Ignorant “No” if The Guy derseved it let it be, unless it wl make us Proud to us it’s doesn’t matter. And I hate it When ppl says “Blacks” r Racist, w in a Free country if w want yo SpeakOut, if w don’t like anything w hv to say, not sit back and watch.

    My point is w don’t question some things are better not questioned, not jc bcoz w lazy or w stupid. Coz other cultures treat us like stupid and I jst hate it and a Hate comes wen someone treat someone like a stupid.

    w don’t stay in luxurious houses,we don’t drive fancu cars bt other cultures do. If who ever Blacks do fancy things w happy bcoz most of us can’t afford dat. W don’t Question yr Fancy houses and all. Bt in Blacks u question everything. ..

    I also wonder who told who dat w don’t know anything abt history. bcoz Blacks r called lazy the most irritating thing is that u guys Bind us all in This…

    Stop questioning us wt wat ever w doing bcoz w don’t question yr duingz.

    Here is Oscar w didn’t put our feet down wt anything, nd I haven’t heard questions on the other cultures.

    u guyz want 2 end up saying w Black putting the country back by Racism. While y duing dat…

    Stop thinking w lazy, bcoz not all of us…
    And respect our “Say /Opinion” Don’t think its bcoz our mind sets r remotely controlled

  200. mike says:

    @phako and @nomsa, it is not a stupid question, you the reason why this country education is poor.Go read and interpret before you type and comment. Gareth has the right to ask questions ! no matter when, what and why. thumbs up gareth !!

  201. Whitey says:

    Most whites are racist. The comment above about black people breeding shows their insentivity. Finnish and Klaar

  202. JD says:

    @Zoe tred lightly and watch what you say.

  203. CJ MALEMA says:


  204. Sbu says:

    Gareth, good response to a logical and fair twitter post. Social media and growth of people’s access to the internet scares me. It reveals how many stupid incompetent fucks roam this world. Excuse the language, but it really pisses me off. Indifference is just that. RIP Senzo.

  205. Saddened says:

    My concern is that this great soccer player lost his life over a cellphone, as unfortunately many other in our country have done. Is as much being done and as speedily for those deaths as was done in this case? Life has value, no matter what colour, religion or anything else you may be. The senseless death is what makes this so sad.

  206. Nondumiso says:

    don’t u think the race card has run it’s cause .. in point mr cliff!

  207. Gobzilla says:

    We are forgetting that Senzo Meyiwa was captain of Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana. Pirates is owned by a man who happens to be Jacob Zuma’s in-law (Zuma has a child with Irvin Khoza’s daughter) so they obviously spoke about this kind of funeral of high caliber.

    But then again, nop use crying over spilt milk, it’s done and dusted! I don’t have a problem in the manner in which he was burried, hell even if I used up all my bank balance I still wouldn’t mind. Meyiwa is resting in peace and we all we need to do is to accept that our tax money was “misused” and move the F on.

  208. Joe says:

    R.I.P. Senzo. Just another day in the New South Africa!

  209. nthako says:

    well , it is a question isnt it? Gareth said nothing wrong or asked nothing that was not relevant to what was happening during the funeral.SA is fully supplied with people who are very sensitive to matters that do not really need any strand of attention.

    The more we ask is there more we get clarity,so i too will ask as a person who is quite interested,as a person who saw and loved Senzo while he saved goals like a true goalie of top quality that he was but let us not divert the matter here by lashing out at ppl just because we are angry …it is not healthy,infact it’s dissapointing.

  210. JD says:

    Im starting to see why Julius Malema and Robert Mugabe view things the way they do

  211. Sandzi says:

    Good question, Gareth – no reason for the tide of anger against you! It’s a legitimate concern in a society with so many ills that need remedy, and therefore funds…

  212. KL says:

    Good question. Heroes have died and have never been afforded this type of a funeral. Who is paying for this?

  213. Nombuso says:

    Its a simple question, this is one of the reasons why education is important. Reading is a skill. The question was to enlighten us. Im a black person and I want to know who is paid for the funeral? Is it the government or Orlando Pirates, if its the government, since they have all that cash to throw a ball. Can PAYE TAX be decrease to 2%

  214. Melisande Peculiar says:

    Gareth you asked a sensible question,without prejudice and that is according to me,this reminds me of what Dr Sono said in his book about racism:post aparthdeid South Africa,that people will cry racism at the first sight or criticism from the opposite race without analysing the core matter of the topic…you had the right to ask this question!!!!!

  215. CJB says:

    If it was mere general interest then there is nothing wrong with your question but wena uyaspita plus uyadelela… Your tone bhutiza… your lack of respect… poor timing… you don’t have a sense of occasion… to say its a “big show” is a clear demonstration of arrogant insensitivity coupled with thinly veiled attention seeking… we are not stupid njadini…! There mere fact that you felt the need to continue addressing this issue demonstrates that its chowing you knowing full well that what you did was wrong… unfortunately like most poorly raised caucasian you lack the decency of a mere apology always feeling that you have to justify shit…! Voetsek mman…!

  216. LJ says:

    It’s a really good question. Honestly Gareth, do not be offended by those comments. Everyone has something to say in this country and usually people don’t think about what they say when they say it. I asked myself the very same question when I saw what was going on. A lot of people who have a problem with the “Who paid for it question”, whether the question is in relation to multi-million Rand home upgrades or the unwanted eToll system or even it being the funeral of a tragically murdered hero, the “Who paid for it question” really offends those who don’t pay tax. We deserve to know and that’s it.

  217. PaddyBush says:

    Gareth Cliff, if it’s any consolation I understand what you are raising and fully agree with your rationale. I can see there are a few others as well. Pity some are so blind they will not see…

  218. Zee says:

    If I were Gareth I wouldn’t entertain mentally handicapped individuals who make everything about race

  219. Dries says:

    All they are saying is….Fu@k the poor!!

  220. Kea says:


  221. Kea says:

    #WhoPaid?!? Sifun’ukwazi!

  222. Manager says:

    That Gareth is called being stupid. There is no cure for it. Learn to shut your mouth.

  223. Manager says:

    This has nothing to do with race. It’s about a stupid man called Gareth Cliff who is has his head so stuck up in his anus that he does not know when to shut his big mouth. You cannot fix stupidity, and no amount of counselling can help him. He just needs a big clap.

  224. Ishe says:

    I don’t think this guy was being racist, he is asking a relevant question unfortunately during the mourning and loss of one of the nation’s beloved.

  225. Manager says:

    This has nothing to do with race. It’s about a stupid man called Gareth Cliff who has his head so stuck up in his anus that he does not know when to shut his big mouth. You cannot fix stupidity, and no amount of counselling can help him. He just needs a big clap.

  226. flick says:

    Well said Gareth……..nothing wrong its true

  227. Mel says:

    I think it is a valid question… Black as I am!

  228. Marvin says:

    He was the Orlando Pirates Captain also the Soccer National Team Captain.
    The club (Orlando Pirates) might have paid or the National Soccer Board (SAFA) did. Your Question Mr. Cliff is very Dumb.
    R.I.P great legend

  229. totspur SA says:

    Twitter is really becoming the cyber bullies playground.

  230. Splash says:

    I was at a lecture at Wits University one evening. The guest lecturer was then recently deposed ex president of Haiti, Jean Betrand Aristide. After the lecture, a certain white buffoon had the nerve to walk up to Mrs Aristide to ask him who was footing the bill for Aristide’s stay in South Africa. It was there and then that I learnt that certain races are so socially handicapped, perhaps due to having to live with the guilt of ill begotten wealth – Apartheid. Garath belongs to this tribe of idiot, who at a time of national mourning asks this asinine question.

  231. phako says:

    Lol this pink pig soon to be pork as the summer is here was just promoting this stupid website loooool. What a stupid thing to say though just to promote this website and non of these idiots noticed that eccept for the most intelligent on one of course the one and only Phako.

  232. Nathi says:

    In order for one to respond to your question, one has to ask himself one thing. Why Senzo?

    The late Meyiwa was recently annouced as a captain of the national team. This means that he went to every game as a captain of the nation. Does this qualifies himto receive a PROVINCIAL( NOT NATIONAL)?


    Who paid for the funeral?
    The KZN province have paid for it taking from their budget so does the other two deseased.

    Do I think Gareth Cliff is an idiot who seek attention.
    Yes, no and maybe.

  233. Sincedile says:

    Since we are in the season of asking questions, why doesn’t Mr Cliff tell us how his parents managed to raise him and send him to school while the rest of his black peers were denied that opportunity? That’s a very valid question as well.

  234. Rex says:

    @Snoop – firstly, you genius, said white athlete has to be given a State funeral. Now, we all know that won’t happen, but IF it did, I am pretty damn sure after listening to Gareth for years that he WILL ask the very same question, as would I.
    I honestly don’t know if it is funny or sad – the opinions shared here are staggering in their diversity. But none bother me as much as Sindy Ngcobo at 9:47am! This is a woman with ISSUES! And I am betting she tapped that all in on her new iPad while sitting in her Audi Q5 about to head into Virgin Active. You speak of whites like they are a petulant child – “the way white South Africans are carrying on…”! And how is that? I pay tax – a shitload of it. Despite what you think, I started my business myself WITHOUT help from my government who I pay a shitload of tax to. The people I employ are grateful to have work and we work well together, laugh together and bitch about this bottomless pit of corruption ANC government we have together. So stick your racist rhetoric up your arse where it belongs. The ERA of tolerance is upon us and if you don’t have any, get the F*** out.

  235. Slamdance says:

    What I find really strange is how the word Racist is flung around and used when ever a white person even mentions the colour black. Firstly the word Racist in Wikipedia explains nicely the word Racist one race feels superior over another. If a Dark shaded person feels his nationality is far more superior to another dark shaded person of a different nationality he would be a racist, did you notice I did not use the word black, in fear of been labeled a Racist even when it is used out of context. Please people learn the words you use.

  236. estelle says:

    Lol Gareth very good question and yes ppl in SA don’t read thats y they always make everything a race issue and they become so aggressive as if they knew the guy personally. SA needs to chill and move on jarre ek is sommer in die m###

  237. nkosi says:

    nothing wrong with the question here, don’t know why all the fuss is about

  238. Felicia says:

    Honestly I didn’t know who Senzo was until last week so I really don’t get why he got a huge send of like that I bet the majority of the negative comments on this page are by people that don’t even pay taxes

  239. Julz MrCool says:

    Good question, bad timing.

    You made it look like all you cared about was the costs/money, than the loss SA has suffered.

  240. Felicia says:

    Anyway I’d love to know how much the funeral costed

  241. Mitch says:

    You love history more than anything? Well make an effort to actually learn the true history of the world and not the mish-mash propaganda that you think you know. There is a world that has been hidden from 99.9% of us, and a person as intelligent as yourself should be using your medium to spread the truth, not the f-ing nonsense the top 0.1% feed us through their controlled channels. Wake up man. What you love is a lie.

  242. Ant says:

    what does steve hofmeyer have to say….

  243. Ant says:

    this is the simple reason why we should all be a little fearful of what the future holds…. senzo is probably disgusted at some of these comments

    and by the way the comment above is tongue in cheek (thought i better explain it before some of you threaten me)

  244. dquin says:

    I don get why someone would ask a simple question as that should be attacked.its a simple question that deserves a simple.is it the tax payers money that’s paying for all that?where the other sportmen given the same grand gesture?people should stop running from the truth, hiding behind rage/anger/race.like seriously.whats with all the aggression.only when people have soemething to hide react with anger all the time when asked simple questions.be real people.

  245. gamu says:

    i feel he did deserve a great send off, he was doing this country so much pride, and for that the least we could do is send him off in a great way.

  246. before his death i didn’t even know him, so yes this was tragic and utterly fucking crazy for this guy to have lost his live, for what a cell phone and some money….but yes who paid for this funeral, will we have a similar funeral for all sports stars…he could have been buried respectively in a small funeral…so mr cliff well said, and you people who speak about racism…are a bunch of idiots…and you are probably the same people who voted for this government – you just don’t get it do you!

  247. wandile says:

    for f….. goodnes sake.when will we stop using the racecard when we are suppose to use our brains? I am a black south African who is nauseated by those who instead of facing reality and debating issues, continue to use the race card. can someone please teach my African brothers and sisters who are still fixated with race, that it is not only racism when it comes from whites. shut up if you don’t know the definition thereof.

  248. Hein says:

    As long as a black person says something racist it is never racist. While we pay taxes we have a right to know who pays for what with our money. There is hospitals and schools etc that needs money more than spending millions on party’s and lavish funerals.
    Spend my tax money on children in hospitals and on their education and I will not complain once!
    Well done Gareth for asking what no one dared to ask!

  249. Nosipho says:

    Three sports men died in the past week in South Africa….olympic silver medalist Mbulaeni Mulaudzi, popular national soccer team captain and goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa and professional boxer Phindile Mwelase. Yet only one funeral turned out to be a great spectacle… of course Gareth has the rate to ask who paid for it…as a tax payer he has every right. These lavish events that the South African government puts emphasis on…more than the important service delivery in townships etc. says a lot about the people in power. Twisted priorities if you ask me.

  250. Ronsco says:

    Ronsco said “forgive them for they don’t know what they say, when they say, how they say and why say, Gareth, its taboo to do and say certain things before one’s is buried, its not a superstition therefore, for all the tweets and praises you have accumulated as a result of your courage to “say things”, know for sure that everything comes with a price, it might not be today, or tomorrow but the guy up there has a certain way of accelerating gravity to those things/elements that are in the air

  251. Rory says:

    I hope people do report death threats and threats of violence. It’s become a common thing in South African social media comments threads for people to threaten others with murder or grievous bodily harm and it’s NOT OKAY. This sort of thing is what lead up to the Rwandan genocide and it’s not okay that people are allowed to foster this kind of hatred and thinking. How do you go about reporting someone like Mzwayi? Are there channels to prosecute someone like this?

  252. vanessa says:

    mara..they declare the funeral state funeral..and u got to ask that question..

  253. RueBen says:

    I agree Gareth on this. Why is our money going to the expenditure of a dead football player? Ignorant fool are the only wouldn’t see a problem wwith this but when petrol or food prices go up they will be the same useless fools to complaint and go on strikes breaking Shit that once again our money will have to pay to repaire.

    I don’t always see eye to eye wit G.Cliff but home boy is spot on wit this one.
    Dude was a well paid athlete and his family should have cavered the bill, like all other families do.

    This is our fucken problem. This is how corruption is pulled over peoples eyes and this is why Africa is in the state she is today.
    Too many fucken UnEducated people outweighing the Educated.

  254. taxPayer says:

    One thing we as South Africans don’t have is being able to ask for accountability. When you don’t show interest in accountability then the politicians will take you for a spin. Zuma spent 200 millions on an upgrade, no body cared till it happened. My point is as a tax payer you have to ask yourself who is funding the funeral. When you look at your payslip and see the tax deduction and you call Gareth Cliff racist for asking you is paying for the funeral then I’m sorry to say this but we black south Africans are dumb. Where is your priority? I’m not a South African, but I pay taxes and just like Gareth Cliff I would like to know who funded the funeral and what grounds did he recieve a state funeral? I think it’s about time people wake up in this country and start demanding some level of accountability. Flip the pages and this happened to be a White footballer who passed away, Lord knows there will be protests if the state had funded the funeral. So sickening to find people don’t see the valid question Cliff had asked. I hope he doesn’t apologise. This is just stupidity at its very best drop Black South Africans.

  255. Jill says:

    Anybody who is sincerely concerned about the money spent on the funeral should go and ask the KZN government. There they will get all the details. Asking this question in public, while the nation and the family is still mourning, is not a sign of genuine concern over the money. It’s just attention seeking, insensitivity and stupidity.

  256. Don says:

    Gareth, you have done nothing wrong. I am shocked and embittered that even NEWS24 uses a racially provocative term like BLACK TWITTER!Even that idea is highly seperatist and uber racially motivated!It almost sounds like all blacks in SA is part of one body with no individual thniking at all!As a ‘coloured’ Saffa I feel even more threated that there is a BLACK TWITTER! What utter racists they all are!

  257. John says:

    wow…sad for days…i have never seen such utter, blithering and retarded racist comments in my life. if senzo is such a national hero, why did he not captain south africa to a world cup? i just want to know, those who talk about apartheid, were you at an age to protest against the white government in the ’70s? do you guys speak about the hads of the sabc who do not even have the proper qualifications for those jobs? i guess most of you would say no. anyway mulaudzi was a world champion, he deserved a state funeral. and gareth is correct when he says senzo is no messi, because, messi captained his team to a world cup final. you make me sick! Mzwayi, my man, i am a coloured you say all the s#it you want to about my race, we don’t stoop down to that level of idiocy. no white person owes anything, unless i’ve loaned them some money, and i’m dating a white girl, so i’m not racist. again you make me sick to my guts with you retard racist comments. and yes i am a racist, because i take my car to the track and i race. so take the finger and stick it up your @$$

  258. Anel van der Walt says:

    The question is not just who paid for all of this, the question also hanging in the air, WHAT ABOUT ALL THE SAPS MEMBERS DYING ON DUTY TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY? And no I am not talking about the corrupt and criminals amongst them but the true unsung protectors of this lands citizens…. He was just a football player… No Protector of the innocent

  259. Just Curious says:

    Well, was an interesting read. And I agree, its a fair question. Amongst all the slur’s and slanders, emotional opinions and outright venting, the question still stands though; who paid for it?

  260. Anita says:

    Totally agree with Gareth. Thought the same. Extraordinary funeral compared to any other sport star. Why?

  261. Sick of Black and White says:

    Good question, Gareth! Don’t let the uneducated, ignorant, racist commentators get to you. Thanks for having the balls for asking a question that should have been asked by every taxpaying citizen. Will we ever get an answer? Probably not as the uneducated racists are very happy to see their comrades waste millions while their children are still starving. It’s fine, as long as it is a black that is wasting our money ?

  262. Rory says:

    The funny thing about racists is that they are the only ones who categorize racists into race groups, while the rest of us know that there is only one kind of racist- a racist pig. The rest of us hate all racists equally, without prejudice. Well, actually this is not entirely true…as a white guy I hate white racists more because they make me look bad. But only fractionally more. If there is anyone who doesn’t have a place in this country it is not whites, or blacks, or coloureds, Chinese, Indians, speckled people… it is racists. If we’re going to “chase anyone into the sea” it should be them. Not only because we don’t want them here, but because they probably don’t have the intelligence to swim and this would purge the World of their stupidity with great swiftness and finality. They just can’t imagine that there are those of us who celebrate the diversity of our country and who wouldn’t get rid of the other races for anything in the world! Gareth made a comment that is relevant for all of us, but more importantly relevant for people who can’t afford to put food in their children’s mouths…It is them who should be outraged for misappropriation of funds, and standing up for them is commendable. If you don’t understand this then grow up… or go for a swim and don’t come back.

  263. RH says:

    I didn’t even know who Senzo was until I saw a link to this on Facebook. Haha.I think all soccer players are graduates from the Royal Academy of over-dramatised drama 😉 Damn, everyone must be super bored. If the Springbok skipper died would he have a state funded funeral? Guess not.

  264. naf says:

    I wonder what would happen if all the educated people (who do not agree with the current SA government), moved out of the country for say 2-5 years and took all their skills and expertise with them.

    Thereby, not contributing to taxes (as they don’t work in SA anymore).

    It’s already happening and you can see the effect it’s having. (lack of education, housing, service delivery, etc.).

    Perhaps it’s gonna get worse cause it’s always a racist thing in South Africa.

    I know many “black” educated woman working in large industries in Europe and I always ask “why did you leave? You have golden ticket in RSA … not to sound odd, but you are black and a woman.”

    Reply:”I wanted to get away from that culture and make a name for myself, not because of my skin colour or gender.”

    WOW!!! What an eye opener education really is!!!

  265. Renrew says:

    When will the government be holding a funeral for Tinus Linee.
    I would like to attend.

  266. Monica Tshabalala says:

    When I 1st heard of Senzo’s passing, I was extremely sad and hoped they catch these evil people involved. I went on to read about the incident and the 1st thing that flagged to me was the urgency and only the best police services personnels that this was given. I loved Senzo and want nothing more than his killers brought to book, however I asked myself at what cost to the next person in SA deserving of the same attention must this be? I totally agree with Gareth. This one is not a racial issue. Wise up people. Learn to judge what falls within a racial issue and that which painfully (to those that love that escapegoat) doesn’t and must be addressed. When will emotions stop to preceed logic and the right thing to do (which I hope know to always be the hardest thing to do) where our leaders are concerned?

  267. Peacebethejourney says:

    Perception drives reality, now ask the question, what motivates these harsh critics to see what they see in anything they read? Why should one feel threatened by asking what one wonders about, I often feel suppressed in this regard. Please explain freedom of expression too me, keeping all of this in mind???

  268. Mr T says:

    This doesn’t seem to be attention-seeking on Gareth’s part. It actually seems more like a sleazy marketing drive to get some traffic for his website. Issuing this statement on his site increases the traffic quite significantly. Being controversial is fine, but being controversial in order to market a website is in poor taste. But hey, Gareth, you achieved what you set out to. I’m sure you will get to sell some awesome banner ads. As for us morons who even bother to engage you, you can just laugh all the way to the bank knowing that we made it possible for your website to get significantly more numbers of visitors.

  269. Debbie says:

    What a bunch of foolish people!!! Its always termed racist if its a black person. What do 90 percent of any of you know about apartheid. You wouldn’t feel the same if it was one of your own family members being killed ruthlessly and it just becoming an unsolved forgotten crime!!!

  270. tanya says:

    Ignorant people would say its racist, they hide behind apartheid and blame everything on the oppression we are far past that, they are just so dumb to understand that the government misuses our funds that’s why we dam have load shedding Gareth cliff is the only 1 with the balltanyas to say it out aloud. To the manager person you are a real idiot!!!

  271. Karabo says:

    I sat there wondering, who’s paying for this Funeral, had a black folk asked 1st, would you have called them racist, No. The racist individual is that same 1 that felt that @GarethCliff is racist by asking a simple question as a tax payer. I bet if Thuli Madonsela was white she would be called a racist, any relevant issues that are pointed out by our fellow tax payers to the government, especially if we know wrong has be done, there tends to be some kind of retaliation, and people end up being labeled racists. Lets grow up and grow some balls, if something doesn’t seem right to you as a tax payer, you have every right to enquire. That makes no one a racist. If you think a white man is racist by asking such, then maybe you should go and evaluate yourself look in the mirror that finger will be pointing at you.

  272. Kate Ballenden says:

    I commend your courage to speak your truth, and so eloquently Gareth. The bottom line is our country needs people to question, especially people of influence, because the reality is we have a majority of emotionally driven followers who need a spanner in the works ( and that means media hype!!) to question.
    It takes guts to stand up and question out loud!
    I guess at some point you cant take any of this personally because it isn’t personal you are simply holding a torch up for the nation …
    – keep going you doing us all justice Gareth we need more of you

  273. WBLUFF says:

    The government knew that there would be a furor like this and it intentionally threw this spanner in the works so attention is driven away from the real issue – CRIME!!!

  274. Nokwethu says:

    Good on you mate!

    People like making something huge out of nothing. Crime is a huge issue in this country, and Senzo’s death opened the very core of that with slummy treats to Kelly (for what?? having a public affair with a soccer star?? Really????). Strangers were threatening to harm her, and people were very OK with that. Well one can say they were not serious, I’m not so sure.

    The funeral was a way to shut us up. Pull the we are behind our fellow successful South Africans yadi yadi. Lots of money was spent, and if it is government then it is us.

    Why are we still facing so many serious issues, crime, high cost of living, load shedding and the list is endless, if we have money for extravagant funerals.

    But asking an honest question of this kind with answers that reside with avoided / sugar coated topics such as the realness of crime is in SA, can be ugly in this not so rainbow nation.

    So good on you mate for asking.

  275. Zee says:

    The question Gareth asks is a very good one and has nothing to do with race. I have a problem with him using Eurocentric standards to rate our players though. Why “Senzo is no Messi”? Is he implying if Senzo was Messi then a state funeral would have been befitting? #ThereWasNoNeedToCompare

  276. Juls says:

    You asked a valid question but maybe the timing was all wrong. It was too soon. ..as Trevor Noah would say.

  277. Frank Cornelissen says:

    Well, looking at the recent developments at Nkandla, the taxpayers footed the bill for sure, as in our Lalaland he was probably regarded as a security upgrade, being the new goaly in the Bafana net and all…..

  278. Any criticism, question or remark is quickly dodged by pulling the racism card, typical of the ANC and their followers

  279. Patricia says:

    Well said. But why was Burry Stander not afforded the same kind of funeral

  280. sankeys says:

    I was hoping to read more about the comment you made about Senzo not being Messi. Where was that coming from and why do you have to compare Argentina with SA.

  281. Siphokazi says:

    I love you Cliff,good question there.

    I respect you

    Proud black woman.

  282. Laura says:

    I’ve read a lot of the comments here and on other social media (obviously not all so I don’t know if this has been asked). I have no issue with Gareth’s question, all I want to ask him is “couldn’t your timing have been a little bit better? Especially with your being a public figure?
    Anyone could’ve asked this question, in fact I’m quite sure a lot of people did, but really now. I feel a little bit of sensitivity would’ve gone a long way regarding the circumstances because you’re a public figure. Shame man.”
    That’s all I’m gonna say.

  283. gugu buthelezi says:

    im sixteen now and its hard for me to watch society go on and on about the past.. i get that it was hard ,i really do i cant even imagine what it must have felt like for black people at that time ,but i do ,however, have a problem with our inability to move forward…. we can never see where we are going if we walk backwards lets all turn around and see the bright future ahead of us ,we are no longer victims of the struggle and as our parents you should be showing us a better way a way for us to move forward… 21st century kids cant be the only ones embracing the meaning of “rainbow nation” after all we wont always be PDI’s (previously disadvantaged individuals) and redress programmes will eventully come to a halt….. #FoodForThought #TeenViews

  284. DG says:

    What an absolute waste of taxpayers money. Considering that this Senzo was having an adulterous affair he should have been stoned.

  285. Deon says:

    An excellent question, Gareth. Have we received a proper answer yet from whoever organised the funeral?

  286. DG says:

    The truth can do one of two things;
    It will offend or set you free.

  287. Ntebo says:

    I actually asked the same question on my social circles, but answers have been different and others personal. All I can say is your question is straight forward. Thank you for using that platform to ask such questions.

  288. Bevan Cumming-Smith says:

    Hi Gareth a question I am also not afraid to ask, I like yourself recognise the greats. I do however question a vapid government riding on the back of this fallen hero.It is my humble opinion that our politicians are only clutching at desperate straws to remain in the spotlight and thus assuring their term in office once again.

  289. colour blind says:

    People,wake up!I believe much has already been covered regarding this topic and both sides have been well represented so I won’t reinvent the wheel. I just want to warn you about a trend I have been noticing in these comment sections – there are some sick people who seem to enjoy watching black and white South Africans have a go at each other, they camouflage themselves in fake names and post hateful comments to add fuel to the flame, these people hate to see us live in harmony.. we need to be discerning folks, do not entertain unwarranted hate speech on these blogs, rather focus on substantial comments – that way we can find solid solutions and grow.

  290. Sipho says:

    Relevant question Gareth. Let’s leave racial excuses and answer the question. I wonder how many benefited financially on this. May Senzo rest in peace.

  291. mike says:

    Interesting read of your statement, particularly quote “like I do with every other disgusting misappropriation of state funds” end quote. I don’t think the question was unfair though. Maybe how it was posed, personally I would ask why the late Senzo was afforded state funeral? This since we know who pays for the state funerals? What is your take?

  292. Président Koos says:

    You, as in “you people” will protect your government even to your own demise… I can’t understand it… Hahahahaha. Open your eyes, come to Sweden, here we don’t have that crap!

  293. Janine says:

    Good question!Pity its still not answered…

  294. letsrockza says:

    we all want answers, who is indeed paying for all these Black Funerals, including television coverage?
    what next, public holidays?

    is a white person not allowed to have an opinion – that makes a white person racist – or the asshole calling him a racist, is the racist – leave this crap, learn to talk to one another, peace must reign amongst us

  295. Rodrigo says:

    I agree, who is paying…!???? If it is indeed the tax payer I would be very concerned . Have a small, special funeral and then RAHTER spend the MONEY on paying salaries to statesman that is WORTH IT BY ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING!!!!! LOOK AT WESTERN CAPE MANAGEMENT and learn. 🙂

  296. LondonsCalling says:

    It seems to me like every every every time a question is asked that the government can’t answer they immediately throw the “racist” card. Very smart and truly an effective scapegoat. Brilliant.

  297. Dennis Mdutywa Dalu says:

    for real. who covered the costs of the funeral? Mbulaeni Mulaudzi did much for the nation but Senzo Meyiwa had a bigger funeral. Gareth Cliff you’re being attacked i think cause you’re white but the question was right. it was a publicity stunt by the ANC

  298. horrified says:

    I’m honestly horrified at many of these comments. Firstly, we sat at work today and discussed this issue (black and white), and we are all disgusted with the racial comments. Have we really not moved on?? For crying out loud!!!! Secondly, we all felt differently about one thing – timing. Some felt the question was asked too soon and some felt there was nothing wrong. One thing we all agreed upon was the question! We have starving children, people without housing or water but instead we hold a funeral that was more for politicians than for Senzo. He died tragically and a great man and talent was lost. A country mourns! But was it wasn’t about him.. It was a political showcase! I suggest we stop throwing the racial card around and start looking at where our hard earned taxes are going… I would be happier if the funeral was undoubtedly all about Senzo. It wasn’t though

  299. Lansburg says:

    Your question wasn’t wrong at all but where you made it wrong was comparing Senzo Meyiwa to Leonel Messi. That’s where you sparked the spark of the angry mourning South Africans,you should have asked that question after a week or month or you should have kept quite coz I don’t think that you were going to die if you didn’t ask that question of yours. Sometimes you should just #MIND_YOUR_OWN_BUSINESS

  300. jack m says:

    Cliff my boi, you shud have know better, funerals means big dick for black people, you are social clueless . who cares abt Messi, we in SA, senzo and oscar are big deals,you just jealous you not that famous. the stadium was full and shud be a good enuf reason, sit down mlungu …focus on idols..you might just get state funeral wen die..

  301. jack m says:

    Cliff my boi, you shud have known better, funerals means big dick for black people, you are social clueless . who cares abt Messi, we in SA, senzo and oscar are big deals,you just jealous you not that famous. the stadium was full and shud be a good enuf reason, sit down mlungu …focus on idols..you might just get state funeral wen die..

  302. Vutivi says:

    maybe we must just come up with some sort of arrangements where white people have their own government and blacks have their own (with blacks, each tribe will have their own too because we so confused that we hate everything and everyone)… this black and white thing does not seem to be working and it got to a point where it went beyond irritation! to me it looks like no matter how hard we try, we just don’t like each other!! if we do like each other then why all the sensitivity? why undermine each other?

    all this negativity is just is just depressing man! please note that I’m not playing the blaming game here. I don’t wish to live long in this world of such hate flying all over the sky busy polluting the air that I breath. I might be a bit out of topic but ey! I had to type this somewhere!

  303. lucky says:

    It was a tragic way for this young man to die like this. I’m a truck driver and I’m not famous. Say that I get shot and I and I die, would the state offer R250 000 for the capture of my killer? Would the state send their top detectives to work on my case? Talk about the imbalance in our system, just because you on TV week in and week out you should be a fuss. Hey shit happens. People die day in and day out. What’s the fuss about this boy. If you don’t understand then wait until someone gets killed in your family and how the state work when you are nobody.

  304. Ndumi says:

    The issue is not so much about the question itself. I find issue in the timing of the question. When Africans mourn, everything comes to a standstill and we respect that period of mourning prior to the deceased being layed to rest. Whatever drama we want to bring about lies dormant until after the funeral at the very least. It is just respecting that period. Period. I, however, understand Gareth’s ignorance as he is not of that culture. Instead of chewing the man alive, all he needed was a bit of schooling on a culture that is foreign to his own. I also would like to know why Meyiwa was deserving of a state funeral. What is the criteria to qualify for such? #AsForSenzosDadsInaproposGesture I literally die. Now that is not part of African culture.

  305. Luyanda Gqamani says:

    There is nothing wrong with your question broh ! but i’ll tell you one thing , you knew exactly what type of response that you would get , i hate it when people go and do things knowing exactly what will happem after and they start acting like fools ! playing dom and playing victims ! as for our politicians ! if you’re SA citizen you know these brothers ,nothimg’s new there, i mean let’s not kid ourselves here we all know that that type of funeral would never be given to anyone nomatter how herowic you were , you need to be connected to these combrades , i always say ! if you don’t like how are things done in this country ! try to come up with a solution , or just leave ! go somewhere you won’t have a combrade ! stop blaming people and do something about the country you say you love , STOP moaning !

  306. Masterpiece says:

    @Gareth you have posed a sensible and rightly appropriate. My friends and I we arguing over the question/topic. Most of us Africans(White and Darkies alike) take pride in senseless things and forget the real life issues. Senzo’s funeral was WAY over the top…I wanna see the next political activist or soccer player or rugby player or cricket player who passes on to have the same dignified funeral just as senzo. Because to be brutally honest, there’s nothing that great he did deserving of such send-off.
    We are busy wasting money on total BULLSHIT! And to those loose-heads who keep saying “he also paid his taxes” I also pay my F****N taxes(so is every citizen of RSA) give me the same send-off. Nxa!

  307. Ntokozo says:

    Senzo was a footballer, an average one. He was far from being an icon, let alone a legend. I doubt if the funeral was even about him and yes public funds were utilized.

    South Africans particularly black people like to use emotions more instead of facing or dealing with reality. Reality is, Senzo did not deserve state funeral. Our police man and women die every now and again in the line of duty but not state funds are used in their honour.

    How much state money was used there?
    Public Protector, please do your job.

  308. Joseph Ndauvako says:

    Sorry I am Namibian but have to admit when I saw the pictures on Daily Mail Football, was like these South Africans are rich huh, in our country its only War Heroes get such sent off, asked myself but who paid for it and why such sent to a young lad,not that am saying he doesn’t deserve it but those questions popped up automatically,but later was like but yeah he was a taxpayer though,hmmmm….SADC

  309. Leehle says:

    To everyone especially the black people who are finding offence or are being insulted because of this question I have one thing to say to you… GROW THE HECK UP!! White people owe us nothing and there is nothing more worse than apartheid than people who still sit in jail when freedom has been granted to them. It’s 20 years of freedom and you still making it about race. Gareth you asked an excellent question which needs to be asked cause the last person who received such a funeral was uTata. @Mzwayi please write in full proper English, the Mxit era is gone.

    Proud Black Woman…

  310. Phumu says:

    I asked myself the same question, who was footing the bill ?

    However I think the frustration of the masses was due to the comparison you made of Senzo to Messi, it may have come across as belittling his achievements and his contribution to soccer in the country.

  311. Naomi says:

    As am African I must say that it’s narrow and shallow minded black South Africans that give us all a bad name. Their primitive way of thinking Is really backward and rather annoying. Thank goodness not all of them are like that, but those who are should really take a seat. #sad

  312. Charles says:

    If I asked that Question it was not gona be an Issure at all….. Trevor said “its not the story but what happens around it that makes us heal and Laugh” we as black people like to use race even when its not needed

  313. Xoliswa says:

    Seriously couldnt you have googled instead of asking a rhetorical question…?

  314. Tshepo says:


    Just know…not all black people support unnecessary racial attacks against white people who demand accountability from our government…

    It’s not even about race…it’s about accountability…

    You might be surprised your Tweet provoked investigation by the Fearless Public Protector…watch this space…

    And I’m glad you did not back down and also you did not shy away from asking the question…

    Perhaps…the question could have been asked a bit later as the Captain’s death was still at high sensitivity levels…

  315. black hawk says:

    Guess it was just a little target practice..
    I fail to understand why people can be so angry over someone’s expression.

    In the meantime,Senzo’s father enjoyed every second.

  316. Reading many of the comments above have made me so angry! So bloody sick of everything being a racial issue. Gareth as one of the 12% of the population who pays income tax , has every right to ask this question. Just so sick of the fact that our government must never be asked to be held accountable for anything, if you do its a race issue. No people its not. Its a valid economic issue.

  317. dinny says:

    dude dd u want to fund the funeral yoself?
    or maybe u feel tht Senzo was not good enough for the state funeral?
    or maybe u r tryn to discredit our government, the same government that accomodated yo white asses after all the horrible treatment u gave blacks be4 94?
    wht r u tryn to achieve?
    will we ever be n do anything good enough?
    or maybe we must always get yo approval n please u people.

    Gareth i like u n respect u bt um disappointed in u

  318. sphesihle says:

    I love what I am and what I am is a human being with no regards towards the dark color of my skin, but why do I feel as if the only way to approach such issues is to clarify my individuality and identity by mentioning that those people that attack you Mr. Cliff, only speak for themselves. The sad thing though is that it is those racially passionate people that spread nonsense in the minds of the majority of our South African youth. If things are still this tense then my wish is to find an opportunity to go live somewhere else where it truelly is a rainbow nation, because my understanding of a rainbow is colors that blend into each other from one end to the other, not contrasting. But then you start to think… Why is this about color? I have no idea. Maybe we should ask those people who managed to change an innocent mans tragic death into some race thing. I’d rather Senzos funeral coverage issue be some stupid conspiracy theory than for Gareth’s words to be twisted like that.

  319. Michael says:

    Nicely said Gareth, loved the quote from Terry Pratchett, lol so true!!

  320. unknown says:

    I personally think it’s a relevant question ,sometimes the problem is who asks the question , if the EFF had to ask such a question most of us “blacks” would be behind it

  321. kennedy says:

    Fuck u Gareth, stop seeking 4 attention, u are sooo fucken grown, stop acting like a child, u FOOL. “He was no Messi” wat ar u trying 2 say. We hv tolerated u enough now, now we are FED UP as in FED UP with you.

  322. OBED MOATSHE says:

    Senzo was no Messi? How did you come to that conclusion?
    Is it even possible to compare a centre forward to a goalkeeper?

  323. Andrew says:

    The State splurged because it had to appease the masses. They realized it had failed in one of it’s core mandates and that a black hero was now a victim of crime. The only way to offset public anger? Treat the victim like a hero and have a state funeral.

  324. Phumla Maake says:

    This is a true reflection of what black and white South Africans are feeling. This has nothing to do with the fact that Senzo (& every athlete for that matter) did not deserve the send off at our expense. We as a country are failing to have an open & honest discussion about the impact of our past on racial divide & what ought to be done about it. Up until such time we’ll always have these kind of debates.

  325. Modiegi says:

    I see nothing wrong with your question. People are very ignorant and will turn anything into a racial issue. When they start using their brains and thinking logically, only then will your question make sense. For now unfortunately, the peanut gallery will remain the peanut gallery.

  326. Skado says:

    It was a crucial time for many South Africans,and you asking that question brought back the anger and heartbreak that they have lost a hero as how us football supporters would address Meyiwa. But even if you know who paid for the funeral,what would you have benefited?
    And comparing Meyiwa with Messi was totally out of the question because Messi is in Argentina and this is S.A and we do things completely different.

  327. Selimathunzi says:

    Dont worry GC, it was a question we all thought yet only you had the courage to bring up.. South Africa will never change as long as there are people like this living here. Once people’s mindset changes then maybe we’d have hope for a better future.

  328. Bob says:

    I agree, why spend millions on a funeral why there are starving people in our country that need it more. Why do people even bring up the race issue, what does colour even matter, its the principal of the matter.

  329. Sthe says:

    if you had it your way Garreth where would you have had the funeral , considering the number of Pirate supporters in KZN and people who generally knew this guy…another thing its not about race it was about your timing bhuti. it shows that deep inside you you were furious that they were spending YOUR money on a black guy. if it was that, you could have waited people were in pain. the number of people in that stadium shows how much this guy was loved. and you had to on and say he was no Messi…that’s where you confirmed what most of us suspected that you still have that hate that all whits try to hide. asking about costs is not wrong you just had poor timing… and yes i do pay my taxes bhuti, diligently. just admit, you were wrong!!

  330. John says:



  331. Thembi says:

    its so sad that everything has to be a racial thing, im black and I would love to know who paid for the funeral and why is the state involved, a lot of heroes died and never got the this kind of funeral, Tax money misused yet again. Those cops should have been out there sorting out unsolved murder cases.

  332. zanele says:

    i still stay you have done nothing wrong, i also asked myself the same question pity i did not tweet, or even if i did tweet it wouldnt have caused a stir cause i’m not famous. People must just go an take anger management course because they get very angry over petty things.

  333. Peter says:

    Correct John , maybe you did not have to say it in that manner but a lot of what you said was right. Fresh said he was a hero to young kids yet he cheated on his wife! what hero to the nation does that???? fresh was inappropriate yet he did not think but wanted to gun Gareth for that remark…and then sol made it a race issue by saying if it were the bok captain it was a different story that is uncalled for. This country will never change.

  334. Kerry-Lee says:

    My initial reaction to such things is… why is it that only WHITE people can be racist? It is the most bizarre “life rule” in my eyes.
    When my taxes are used to fund events, homes or parties of a minority few cronies, then yes, I get upset. The fact that it is now 20 years on, the lessons and legacy of Madiba have been long forgotten, and here we are, spiralling into a freefall. The fact that crime is so incredibly ruthless and a well-known South African star lost his life over a cellphone is dispicable. But how is it that this has somehow become a historical event in KZN where there are innocents of all races murdered, raped or beaten daily?? Where is their memorial? Where are the tears to be shed for those souls?
    The fact that people still demonstrate such violence in their threatening comments on this page speaks volumes of the type of culture (or the lack thereof) that is alive and well in this country.

    Gareth, you keep on asking the pertinent questions. You have the platform from which to do it. Thank God there is a man with an analytical brain with the reach to be heard asking the right questions.

  335. MnM says:

    Like Slim Shady says : only difference is that Gareth had the balls to say. If Fresh said it , no minister would comment etc…that same minister said bafana is a bunch of losers now he criticizes Gareth.

  336. Kerry-Lee says:

    PS: Since you and the team left 5fm, I will not listen to that station.
    I have tried but it has become the most brainless, idiotic load of rubbish.
    You know it is a sad day when you can feel your IQ dropping with every comment that is made or topic that is discussed.

  337. son says:

    There are thousands, millions of black people (pirates , football lovers alike) asking the very same question , is it stil Verwoerd hangover? I would like to think it becomes Chris Hani hangover! If the people we have put at the helm do not look out for the interests of the people, we do as he said. We loved the man, RIP. Bridge, statue, nex to Nat Nakasa, this make s no sense. Black South Africans need answers jus like the white man that had the Balls to ask the question and be called racist?

  338. sibusiso says:

    Its not like Senzo is Lionel Messi hey boet oh u realy did it there bt hey Freedom of Speech ryt and then u come here your for Comfort to your yesmen and to no surprise they dont cal u on your Comparison

  339. regarth fflic says:

    Well, well well gareth, you might just be relevant yet. By your own admission it did get your twitter following up didn’t it? I bet cliff radio ain’t doin too bad today either since that faux pas……yanked you right of the precipice of oblivion. You needed that pal, well done. Can’t wait for your next hair-raising gaffe!

  340. siya says:

    I work for the saps and yet even my commander couldn’t understand. Infact he thought Senzo was a politician of sort and not the soccer star. As I say… A slow march portrayed there is manly for generals and leaders. I have no doubt that this was a plan portrayed by the ‘chiefs’ to recover from the Oscar saga. Apologies to Cliff for being the scapegoat for asking a concious relevent question that everyone was thinking about.

  341. norma Dayeli says:

    I don’t c anything bad about the question that was possed, I don’t think all that has happened was necessary but a wastep of my tax money that’s all

  342. Sue says:

    Very fair question and should be asked by all concerned. No one is disputing the fact that Senzo was a talented star that made us proud. Gareth a big up to you in this instance for raising this question, I am sure Senzo would have preferred to have had more houses built instead of this extravagance.

  343. mguluguthu says:

    gareth wa phapha maan yerr the family is still mourning u busy askin stupid question why did ur forefathers torture own fellow ppl can u answer that

  344. Khanyiso says:

    Mr Cliff, Good question but i think to get you closer to the answers only these clues will give you,

    1. Ivan Khoza
    2. Mr Zuma and his ANC
    3. Kaizer Mutaung
    4. KZN

  345. Gilda Mavromatis says:

    I’ll tell you what upsets me. The resources that the state has thrown a investigating the crime, the unbelievable rewards offered, the funeral, etc. Please explain what resources are afforded the other 41 South African citizens that are murdered everyday? When it is parlayed that justice is only for the rich – it’s sad to say that this applies to the state services as well. Oscar Pistorius’ trial fast tracked and the best advocate made available, the immediate capture of the attackers of Jackson Mthembu (govt spokesperson), the circus that is Senzo. We have a little girl in Nelspruit who waited over three and a half years for the trial of her rapist (she was 8 years old at the time and had her throat slit with a pair of scissors – she survived). No cosmetic surgery was allowed (until the issue was forced in a court case) and no counselling allowed until the case comes to trial – reasons for the delay – name them, no judge available, no prosecutor available, case handed to new prosecutor …….. this is by far not the only such case pending in Nelspruit alone. Excuse me for feeling a little cynical regarding the Senzo circus 🙁

  346. Kat says:

    Gareth Cliff it’s none of your business who paid for the funeral, the same goes out to everyone who felt entitled to ask the question. Whether its the state which paid for the funeral or not, truly there’s nothing any of you can do about it, the government can and will do as they please. Your talks will sadly amount to nothing except raised blood pressures…and big up to you Senzo Cliff my man…Ciao

  347. Justice says:

    Tax money spent… On what exactly?

    Hit the government where it hurts!

    They are there for the the MONEY only, nothing else.

    Calls for an Independent Tax Trust (ITT) are already doing the rounds… If all or majority of tax payers including companies and VAT is payed to the ITT, the government will be bankrupt and won’t be able to pay the prosecutors, judges or even the inefficient police for that matter.

    The government will be starved of money and soon it will collapse and you’ll see the officials running with their stolen millions.

    Think about it… WE the Tax Payers of this country have the power and could replace this corrupt government in a matter of months, yes you read correctly… months!

  348. TP says:

    Actually when it was announced and it was reported that trains to Moses Mabhida would be free, i also asked myself who will be paying.
    The attacks are unjustified. I guess its a case of Gareth saying that while he is white.Nothing more, nothing less.

  349. kennedy says:

    Some of da black people are so ignorant nd Stupid yoooooo ayyyy shame u r an embarassment in this world shit, they busy supporting this IDIOT, my problem is why is he comparing Messie nd Meyiwa.

  350. Millo says:

    Fair Question, I am a sports fan and I am coloured if it was another race the same Q: would be asked and the same idiots telling you to shut up would be asking the same Q: and every time a question is being ask it always play out to be racist, when are these people gonna learn to move on and stop living in the past, but is them that is shouting out that we are living in a democratic country, free of speech and opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with your question, that was your opinion and as Tax payers does not know about these things, a police officer or soldier dies in the line of duty, you won’t see it on the news headlines or see the minister of police at his house.

  351. Didi says:

    Well said I don’t see a problem in that people are very fast to judge and pointing fingers… There is somethings that really has to be looked into and I don’t know where does this come from of calling ppl racist we are one nation we should be united

  352. Njabulo says:

    Garreth this is one of the things that make you different from the rest, what you actually asking it straight on point my brother.”senzos death great loss indeed” but let be realistic about this this is not “Ubuntu”you don’t somebody’s loss to campaign so called politians “if they paid for the funeral it a shame using our money for their own motives as a pirate fan it a great loss people should stop being arrogant and open our eyes. If we were to go deep in this matter people would really shocked we talking about the crime stat in the country cases that need to be solved and we decide to have special team to deal with certain “special cases” what about what about our everyday “deaths” which take place in the country and what about the job creation we keep talking about,porvety get over yourself people!!Garreth is not racist just one good fair comment you people take it to racial#sosad#

  353. Rory says:

    Went to bed so depressed last night after reading this…after the hateful racist comments. And then I was pleasantly surprised and filled with hope again this morning when I returned to the comments feed! :)Seeing black guys who refuse to be associated with black racist nonsense and white guys who don’t accept old-school white racist rhetoric that assumes other whites think like they do with their narrow uninformed views. Go brothers and sisters! That makes me flippin proud!

  354. Pieter Joubert says:

    Gareth, I was disgusted and shocked by idiots saying you are racist. You must be one of the least racist whitey celebs in SA.

  355. Wilson says:

    I think that, given the circumstances, the tweet was insensitive and inappropriately timed. It was also quite cheeky/sarcastic – I think we can all rightly assume who paid for it. It’s been long-known that South Africa frivolously spends money, while leaving more important things under-resourced. Exemplifying this as a situation of ‘corruption at play’ is just impersonal. The sad part is, in an effort to try to further ‘expose’ the corruption and bring more attention to it, Gareth just exposed the elephant in the room – that of the racial divide and prejudice still present in this country.

  356. Trevor Maseleme says:

    I don’t think Gareth was being racist, when I saw the funeral I also wondered who was paying for it. I am not opposed to a hero’s farewell being big but I am opposed to the misuse of state funds. Gareth was not being insensitive he was just a question that was probably on all rational minds

  357. Penny says:

    Get over yourselves people!! People are allowed to ask questions …..this is a democracy.If more people asked uncomfortable questions it might make our leaders more accountable. I too would like to know how much of my tax money was spent on the funeral of one person (a very nice man, but lots of nice people are killed daily) when we have people living in squatter camps???

  358. Tbits says:

    Truth be told, I thought the same thing as my family sat there and watched for the whole day. I asked the same question and guess what? No one freaked out on me.

    I am black and not racist.

    I think all those that attacked you have pent up anger and your comment just gave them the excuse to lash out at you. Ignore them and continue on your journey. Your friends and family and work associates know who you really are, the rest can go fly a kite. These are the same people that never say anything against the fat cats that grossly spend our money while people are homeless!!!! They should all focus on things that will improve SA.

  359. ChildofSA says:

    I do think your question was very much fair Gareth and ignore those lunatics who use vulgar and think they have made sense when all we can view from their useless views is their stupidity, ya vele who paid for that huge ceremony…? , it’s sad to see how people can really take something so truthful and honest and turn it into a racist vendetta yet again. We Black people are too self-pity sometimes we shy away from the truth we hide with the word racists even when it is not necessary, come on people there is nothing racist about that question. As a tax payer I really asked myself that same question 2 and only because I am black there was no problem for me to even ask on Facebook my followers and friends responded and some were even also concerned about the misuse of money in SA we are not a rich country. Let’s concentrate more on the crime rate in SA which is robbing us of loved ones and including amaqhawe wesizwe senselessly these people keep killing and getting away with it I do hope the police find the culprits and burry the keys, I say bring back the death row our country is falling apart. This is not a race thing but fact is we the Tax payers paid for it and why was it also not done for the other sports man who also passed on in the same week as Senzo my other concern so what qualifies one to buried like that, those people also became our heroes and they also represented SA in different manners. Come on SA people we are too much 2faced. Stop painting racism where none exist finish and klaar.

  360. binjo says:

    I personally agree with Garreth however that was not the right time to have asked the question, especially with the nation mourning that is why you even saw how our minister responded and later removed his response, this was because he responded at the time of grieve. For the record lets not hide crucial question behind racism.

  361. Sthembiso says:

    @Selimathunzi, I agree 100%. Peoples mindsets needs to change otherwise we will never move forward.

  362. Nonhlanhla Makhubu says:

    I love my country, I love and appreciate how far we have come.in contrast to that we still have a long way to go. Firstly, this notion of a ‘rainbow nation’ is a fictitious entity, race will always be a problem in this country, or at least for another 50 years!Secondly I am embarrassed at our politicians,I can’t believe we continue to be led by (there’s no respectful way of saying this) stupid, money growling,self interested bunch of hooligans.this country is going to the dogs I tell you. This Senzo guy honestly he is not a Messi, many people started paying attention to him when he started being on tabloid magazines with his mistress, not for what he did on the goal posts. Its sad that he died,but people die every day such is called life.thats why people were sending condolences to the wrong Senzo(generations) because he wasn’t that great an icon really! Mandela’s funeral just started a trend nje unnecessarily so.but ofcourse we are led by a buffoon, everyone will get a provincial/national funeral just because we see them on tv

  363. Angel says:

    It is sad to realize that no amount of reasoning, explanation or name calling will EVER change the minds of those who prefer to hate and judge. Nothing will change their mindsets. All were freed. Some did not realize at the time that they were not free. This country is beautiful but unfortunately some are more equal than others. Some are more important than others. Some deaths/murders are more important than others. Some murderers are more important than others. I have never experienced this hate in any of the other African countries above the equator. It’s not a skin color thing. It’s a mindset that is passed on to the next generation by the present haters and grabbers.

  364. Yoli says:

    It was just too soon for fans and people who loved Senzo, had you tweeted it the next day or week maybe everyone would have been like actually “what the hell” but you tweeted it on the day when everyone was just emotional and sad and so it came across insensitive to some people, they might have actually been thinking the same thing but wouldn’t have said it on the day when the poor guy was being burried(Just my opinion)it didnt really affect me personally.

  365. Ziana Nkilankila says:

    Please leave Gareth alone…bathong…a state funeral for a 27yr old.footballer…n y’all are crucifying Gareth…priorities!

  366. Ian MacFarlane says:

    Every is too scared to say anything that’s perceived to be anti ANC or establishment. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany – Martin Niemoller wrote:

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me”

    This is a democracry (not just a black one – but for everyone). Its Gareth’s Cliff’s right to disagree – thank God that someone is speaking out!

  367. abasalom says:


    There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you tweeted but you’re a fool for asking a question which you already know the answer. If that is not idiocy on your part, I don’t what is.


  368. kwazi says:

    your mother paid for the funeral.racist punk

  369. Aziz says:

    The more we ask questions about what WE (Tax paying South Africans) ask, the more we are told we do not understand the methods and in this case madness of the apartheid scorn African majority of our country. I believe we are all one and the same and we should be treated that way. Why do we pay for these things when the utilities such as electricity, water are always in crisis mode. I work on the road infrastructure and I see where and how money is put into the back pockets of those who do nothing but sit and smile as they become richer. I feel we need to speak out as South Africans about how this country is heading for a flat spin because of the corruption which we do not see and that which we do. Its time we stop shunning the right questions and we start getting our answers. If all people in this country could open their eyes and realise that apartheid is 20 years behind us and its time we actually stand together, if this realisation could become a reality we will be a stronger nation in the near future. Without this we cannot survive, the war ridden poor countries of the world we see in the movies and in the news everyday will become a reality, not only the apartheid suffered majority of our country will have to endure but all of US. In this case I feel African people should realise that they are not making their people stronger, they are assisting in their own destruction slowly but surely and one day they will be standing next to those whom they so hated for something they did not have a hand in. REALEYES REALISE REALIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  370. mbali says:

    Gareth is correct. I think Senzo himself would have been able to pay for his own funeral thats why there’s thousends of funeral polisies out there. Surely he could have afforded a good premium for his own funeral and his family could have sent him off with a dignified funeral. I dont know why so much attention on him specifically. He was just like any other soccer player.
    what about the other sports people who died in the same week. dont they deserve some recognition too.

  371. butterphly says:

    i see Gareth still looking for attention…………yawn…..can we move on already. you got your answer, the state paid for the funeral, what exactly is your point?? l thought you knew the meaning of state funeral.

  372. Thuba says:

    Mr Gareth I respect people in general regardless of race or ethnicity and I have friends of different races too. But you’ll only be foolish to think we are equally qualified to make comments about other races other than our own because this is not true. There’s a reason why people overreacted (according to you) and yes maybe a lot of them jumped into conclusions without really reflecting on the intention behind your tweet but with the same token Mr Gareth you HAVE to acknowledge where the frustration comes from, and what motivated them to lash on you like this. I don’t think there’s anyone that needs your apology but as humans we are not perfect, we learn as we go along. Hopefully you’ll draw positive lessons from your tweets and not repeat it again for the sake of your career.

  373. edwin says:

    you are all a bunch of idiots i really dont SEE WHAT THE BIG DEAL IS ABOUT THE QUESTION,

  374. Kallak says:

    Someone said something about whites no understanding Ubuntu – I think it was the first comment. Let me break it to you, Ubuntu does not exist – it’s a false ideology. Why would a ‘communal’ culture kill its own mothers and fathers, rape its own children and beat its own wives on a grand scale? Is it apartheid’s fault again? Morons. The whole idea a fucking lie because it is just that, an idea. If Ubuntu isn about splashing millions for a funeral of a dead ‘hero’, then it’s high time to revisit the definition of the term.

  375. Nsikayezwe says:

    Well,if I stole someones money and they ask me about it I’ll also have a problem. I’m also very confused with the magnitude of this cheating boy named Senzo Meyiwa,was so annoyed I didn’t even watch it. Why was it so big? And WHO paid for it? We are led by a group of ex-convicts,murderers and liers called politicians,followed by a nation of brainwashed idiots. If there’s a questions,you just need to answer!

  376. Nelly Nkosi says:

    I agree with what you are saying…..equality is key for a successful rainbow nation and that is a perfectly innocent question that needs an answer….we are very sad about Senzo’s death, he was a hero however we need clearance about who is paying for the funeral especially if we are working citizens of South Africa….

  377. Thulasizwe Berthwell Mthethwa says:

    I also don’t see anything wrong with that question, actually I was also wondering. I think people should have ask Gareth reasons for asking such not giving him names…sorry my brother !!!

  378. groendakkies says:

    I wonder how some of these people manage to breath…???….and that super idiot uptop that states we owe black…fuck right off monkey we owe you nothing…Garreth-well done ask questions that most people dont ask….love your work

  379. MasterMan says:

    Even though I don’t support Gareth Cliff’s usual commentary, I agree 100% with him this time round, State almost bankrupt due to poor spending practises of the ANC, this guy not only lost games for South Africa representing Bafana Bafana, he also cheated on his wife (Great role model), had a love child and the State supports him (Oh wait didn’t the president do this aswell!), how far off the track has South Africa gone.

  380. Phuti says:

    does it matter if the state paid for his funeral? HELL NO just because they did not pay for Terreblanche’s funeral then its wrong.Senzo deserved it way much than your uncle Botha you idiot

  381. Thandi says:

    I personally feel that if Gareth had not made he comparison with messi, #BlackTwitter would’ve been less angry at him. And we also have to look who is supporting Cliff and who is against him. The wit okes are not seeing any wrong In what he said whilst the my fellow brothers and sisters are furious with him. Clearly it has a lot to do with racial segregation and how apartheid will always be made relevant even when its not. It takes just one person to say something that could potentially cause a racial uproar and with social media, it is blown out of proportion in seconds. Im not saying who is right or wrong.. All im saying is that 20 years into democracy we still play the ‘Because we are black’ card at every opportunity. Sometimes its relevant and sometimes it isn’t, everyone is just sensitive especially with the racism thing. Well, that’s my 2 cents

  382. letsrockza says:

    again, well done Gareth, i support your concern, its your right as well as mine, but this a far from the tip of the iceberg?, Why is Tutu asking for a black springbok rugby team? a racist remark from a hypocrite? its just the way we ALL are – sad and sick

  383. levis says:

    There is nothing wrong when u ask a question wht happened to freedom of speech,cmom south africans white black blaaaaa blaaaaah its nt gonna change the price of bread

  384. MolokoN says:

    Hi Cliff, i fully agree and i do not think you are a racist, but sometimes insensitive but not a racist. The problem i see is that you compared The late Senzo with Messi and that was very insensitive towards the Meyiwa family And fans. And the stage you took might get you hurt by ignorant people who attack rather lets choose the way we use our words in things like these.

  385. Bonegp says:

    Based on the story of “22 year old B-Comm student Shrivaar Panday was stabbed during a smash and grab incident yesterday. He managed to get himself to a local petrol station to get help but unfortunately died at the scene”. There is no racial divide just a tragedy – show me where the average South African has rights to a full blown public honorary ceremony. Where’s the equality


  386. Stavu says:

    @Cliff i have always respected you as one of our idols but after your tweets its very sad to note how insensitive you are. Well to those who keep saying we lost 3 people and Senzo got a special treatment. First you have to compare their fan base. No-one rented that crowd in Durban. Such questions are asked after the events not when the nation is still mourning. We know most white people dont follow soccer hence to them its nothing.

  387. Boitumelo says:

    Yes…who paid for the funeral. We also need to know!!!Arabang hle

  388. Nomnqwamzo says:

    Whites should not talk about Blacks and the Blacks are not talking about the whites. So all you pink people keep quiet

  389. daveell says:

    A few months ago Senzo, along with his team mates were labelled a bunch of losers by this minister of sport….now this “loser” is afforded a funeral, of state proportions, and this minister who made the comment now has the gall to question a legitimate comment by Gareth. Minister of Sport you are an embarrassment to yourself and your people…….

  390. Flojo says:

    Fair question Gareth for instance Mulaudzi didn’t receive such attention but he was also a sports man for this country what is wrong with this picture

  391. Jakie says:

    black people who actually agree with Gareth i pitty you all senzo’s death upset the nation adn if the state wanted to send him off as an national hero then be it like fikile said no one raised questions abwt those useless white verwoed and botha but then again you wanna call it independance…..i love the name of the blog “the wrath of black” i guess its still not racisthe is just including colour to it.

  392. Bosso says:

    Its none of ur business Gareth, if u think u paid for the funeral, so am i…SO WHAT?

  393. Not a fan says:

    I have never heard of Senzo before his death and funeral, I know of Messi though… I don’t care much for soccer or other sports… But I do care about wasteful expenditures when it comes to the State coffer, crime , the destabilization of the country and the loss of life. Rest in peace Senzo. Pray for us who is left with this messi

  394. Ida says:

    Wow these people with their racist attitudes. Gareth asked a question I also would like to know the answer. I agree that this money could have been used for starving children and the elderly, no matter what skin color they are. This government is spending tax money left and right and not for the right reasons or where its really needed. By the way racism is not about skin color. Its between rich and poor (no matter what color you are). The rich will always walk over the poor and hate them and the poor will always starve, cause in this country they will not get a better life. The rich look after themselves and the Government do the same. So wake up people and smell the roses.

  395. Lebo says:

    Chief,Allow people to grieve. When someone is widely loved let the state cater. Football is a universal language. Your tweet although admittedly was dragged out of context was inappropriate. Death brings unity, we need unity, one of the fundamentals of media is to not perpetuate a divide. You are doing just that.

    You are a public figure, understand the responsibility it comes with.

  396. JohnT says:

    Gareth – good question and one I was thinking but wise up to the power/stupidity of the internet buddy. If you’re happy to put opinions on a global platform expect that you’re going to cause offence with someone. Twitter bites and it’s mostly nasty.

    as for the comparison between Messi and Senzo, really people. it’s not about a striker or goalkeeper. Messi has won the Ballon d’or four times. Loosing a life in this way is tragic but if we’re mourning the loss of footballing talent and idolizing people it’s crazy to think how big Messi’s funeral would be…

  397. Gu2 H2O says:

    I was a huge fan of Senzo and Orlando Pirates. but i must admit, Cliff has a point here, SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT HAS NO RESPECT FOR TAX PAYERS MONEY!! finish!!…There was absolutely no need for such a big funeral. i mean are we gonna do the same for all our soccer stars if they pass on? i think not. And i dont see why the guy is called a racist? he merely asked a question, Whose paying? how is that racist? black people must stop pulling the racist card, its getting old now.

  398. JR says:

    I am an Orlad Pirates fan and I admired our tragically fallen Keeper. I do not know if he was a politician or if he was into politics. I doubt it though. I do not think his death has anything to do with politics – perhaps it has to do with socio-economic milieu that SA find itself in today. A socio-economic situation created by apartheid.

    Now we are in a democracy. Our Constitution created space for people to talk and the drafters of it built in the limitation clause. So, it is health to speak out. If the public does not ask questions, you end up with the hard earned democracy in South Africa being tarnished by, among other things, corruption, bullying and intimidation by those in power and those who access to the means of using power like Gareth cde-Mbaks. If the public keep quite it erodes the same constitutionalism that is entrenched in our Constitution. All corruption that has been uncovered in this country came to light because someone somewhere became inquisitive.

    Personally I do not have an issue with Gareth asking questions, though at times he makes himself obsolete. But I think someone must ask and simple answer/s to important questions like ‘how the state funds (politicians say resources) are being used should be provided in an honest and dignified way and not in a bully and intimidating kind of tone and/or approach. Otherwise constitutionalism – the fact that we and the courts – can ask questions is disappearing into the horizon. Sizoyikhomba one day.

  399. @mlwazer_ says:

    Gareth I’m black and an ANC member, don’t mind these ignorant people. The question you asked most people also asked, they just didn’t have the balls to come out with it.

  400. Simesihle says:

    For me, what upset me and I found very distasteful was NOT the fact that you asked who’s paying for the funeral. One thing that you are NOT mentioning on this blog is that YOU said Argentina would not do this for Messi and Senzo was no Messi. Those are very high levels of disrespect and undermining to the Meyiwa family and this country. And you REALLY think you have nothing to be sorry for huh?

  401. christopher says:

    i agree with Gareth Cliff 100% I love rugby but expect that De Jong should get a state funaral…it doesnt make sense. I am a black guy(if that makes any difference) and not a fan of Garath Cliff by anymeans, but have to take off my hat for a very reasonable question asked

  402. Thiza says:

    I truly pray for a day when the skin pigmentation( or lack off) would become a non issue in this country. Senzo’s death thrust a few issues to the fore:
    1- Crime in SA. Shakes said “a hungry stomach has no respect/fear”-the fact is these morons have no fear to even enter your home, the crime has become even more violent. But because we are party loyals, we allow the ANC to get scot-free and we fact about crime being worse its now a race thing. The fact is if crime was eliminated, and the violence that comes with it, Senzo would be alive. Least we forget that Senzo was killed by a black man.

  403. Julian says:

    Nicely written Gareth. I’m going to be honest here. I don’t know you personally. Damn, I don’t even like your public persona. But in all fairness, you asked a valid question. PW Botha, Nelson Mandela and yes even that old fool H. Verwoerd were statesmen. This type of funeral makes perfect sense. We, the taxpayers, pay them their salaries. They might as well be buried with full honours by us as well. But when an already fairly well off CITIZEN dies, then yes. A valid question should be asked. Do we, the public, foot the bill. Then we might as well put in state claims for each and every one of us. Not so? Just askin’ o.O

  404. Thiza says:

    2:-I have heard people say Gareth doesn’t know about our culture, so how come I have not heard the culture experts speak about what the Zulu culture say about Senzo fathering a culture without another woman ( especially since his own parents rejected the girl) and having an adulterous relationship( openly). I expect you to come out say he lost covering by being a delinquent and going against amadlozi. ya, now you are quite….eat this you fucken morons, you are probably the same people who protect immoral leaders.

  405. Thiza says:

    3:- My cousin was a low life, fathered and never raised his four kids and when he died I heard a fairly educated individual say he left a legacy. What a fucked up statement, so Senzo plays a few games for Banyana (lol) now he is a legend. Upcoming talent, prime but come on SA. Doc Khumalo can pass as one but we premature throw theses words around. If he was a legend the cost issue wouldn’t be an issue but because Kaizer & Irvin are connected then these things happen. If the government paid for this I will take this one step further, there is no way on hell Senzo deserved this. He ran no foundation , gave nothing back socially, achieved nothing at national level, who is Senzo. Come SA. Playing soccer, running behind a rugged skin doesn’t qualify Senzo as a national hero. “The nation has lost an icon ” my foot…Thabang Lebese ( I can hear the whites say Thabang who) achieved more than him, so what makes Senzo better. Nice guy indeed but no national hero, this was way over the top

  406. Thiza says:

    Let me come out say it. If Senzo fought for his wife the same way he fought the gun man (seeing he was some sort of here) he would be alive…..He was a role model, fuck off to anyone who says. SA never confuse fame for a role model. was he teraching youngsters to father kids from different mothers.He was immoral if anything. I know you want to ask, what does that have to do with football, my point exactly ..he was a fantastic soccer players but lousy role model. All you immoral cheating man, just mark my words you day with destiny is awaiting you, you will be at a corner/park/house with some skank……you know what would happen….

  407. Mover says:

    @Garith you have a right to ask isn’t this is a democratic country? Mbalula once called them “bunch of loosers” showing no respect at all as a minister. hope if they can do the same to all soccer players….

  408. balise says:

    I don’t get you Gareth not this time. Knowing you a smart, talented individual very vocal abt his opinion and. That’s no crime, but why did you pose such a question what was your intent, what response did you expect, I personally think you did for attention, it bored you to hell that, when Senzo was alive, nobody really talked abt him except when Kelly was around BT still then, but as any man born with greatness with his his greatness came to life, and it’s a pity Even I ddnt know at the age of 25 Senzo had accomplished so much for his career, and gave back so much to his community, it saddens me, he didn’t get to see how much he meant to the ppl that loved him, his country, I think you were jealous coz you thought, even me the famous Gareth will never get such a send off, but there’s nothing we can do abt that Gareth, this was the man’s work speaking of his work even when he had left us. This is how he touched the nation’s as he lived his life, his dream, he was a remarkable man Gareth, he believed in himself in his abilities more than anybody did that gave him his success and he was a humbled soul, and for you to compare him with Messi shows me, you dnt even believe in African talent, to me, to every black child kicking the ball in the dusty street of our township Senzo Meyiwa is a Hero an inspirations evidence Dreams comes true.

  409. Liesl james says:

    I completely agree with you Gareth! What ever happened to freedom of speech. In a country where there are lack of schools (second last in the world for education) and hospitals not having enough equipment. Let a lone how many innocent people die from savage attacks like Senzo did.. Why not give everyone a funeral like he had.. Begs a questions are we really truly putting tax payers money into the right places..

  410. Upstairs says:

    Keep on asking those questions Gareth. Ignore the idiots. Their level of education is displayed in public.

  411. phakama says:

    I’m so disappointed in you Gareth.
    And I’m a fan of some of your work.

    This was frankly, not the time. A young man has passed on. A family is greaving. A nation feels an acute loss.

    You did not have to insert yourself in that situation/dialogue, especially in a way that took away from honouring the young man in the last rites that will ever be done for him.

    You should have known better. I like to think you do know better.

    An apology would have done better than this angry justification of a very insensitive act – the apology is not for the question, which is necessary and true – but for the timing, that distracted from the last few moments Senzo had in the spotlight.

  412. Angel says:

    I also still fail to understand what is it that Gareth has said that offended so many angry people, you are called a racist but I sense that many are racist towards you not only what they think you wrote but you!,the main thing here is you are asking a *Question*so people really need to calm down and have look at the facts Gareth has lost his job for questioning he wasn’t rude we must learn to understand before reacting, Are you all happy now?

  413. LondonsCalling says:

    From the moment Gareth left 5FM it is a crazy useless station.

  414. Portia Vilakazi says:

    I seriously dont see why people are attacking Gareth on this question. I actually asked myself the same question and wondered if this will be done for all sports stars when they pass on. Ukuthi iracism ingenaphi la angazi. People are always ready to be all defensive and forever play victima for racism. There’s nothing racist about this question. It’s disturbing how pur fellow blacks can be so so shallow. #ripSenzoMtCaptain

  415. Sim says:

    Mr clever man, you must stop acting stupid. You work in the radio station, which is part of the media through which it was announced that the provincial governments will handle the funerals, as requested by the President of SA. You asked that question because you wanted people to make negative comments about government and the funeral. Such evil intentions were motivated by your whiteness. You want to question everything done by our government. Why would you ask such a stupid question?

    You say you have no problem with Senzo’s funeral but you refer to it as a disgusting misappropriation of state funds. Go to hell with you history that you learnt at school. We lived and still live the worst of what you read in books. We don’t care whether you pretend to believe in the Rainbow Nation.

    You deserve all the insults that were thrown at you. If they didn’t tell you that uyinja, you must know that from now on. You are the biggest demon!

  416. Keneilwe Kobo says:

    I am really offended by your comment sir Cliff as most of the time commets such as these will emerge when “white” people want to ridicule “blacks people” .freedom of speech doesnt not mean to be insensitive and rude .i dnt know much about senzo and i dnt follow soccer, but i was very touched by his death so your comments are really cold. if u want to be that funny try to avoid funerals its realy ugly. Messi versus Sebzo???? Wow i am dissapointed . For people who are saying we are too sensetive YES “white people were not asked who was paying for what during the apartheid as the platform was not there for blacks. see how many “white people staying in huge houses having more than 3 cars and blacks are rushing to bree and noord if we want questions we should ask how did that happen???? You have qualification and “your white friend with srandard 8 is promoted to boss ?????? see question YES i am very sensetive please apologise. if you want to know who paid for the funeral ask the family like you said he was not a polotician so ask family and please its too early for these type of questions.

  417. Bongx says:

    To be honest mr. Cliff I am as black as a black person can be and I am a soccer fan but state funeral for Senzo was just too much or over doing it. We must remember the guy has less than 10 games and he was standing in for Khune and already he is a national hero because of 4 clean-sheets? We have guys like Sizwe Motaung who won AFCON with the 96 squad but he never received such. So to label this a racist issue it’s just stupidity simple as that Senzo didn’t deserve a state funeral plain and simple.

  418. Keenan Hendrickse says:

    1. Crime does discriminate. Please go through crime stats and see the statistics according to different socio-economic areas. Socio-economics and race have a very strong correlation.

    2. You need to realise that as a white person must understand your own privilege. You need to understand that you do not understand Gareth Cliff. So many of the comments you make generally have the smell of white privilege.

    I do however think that in this instance people are blowing your response to the Senzo funeral issue out of proportion and do not understand that this is an issue about state funding.

    It does however lead me to question if people would have had such responses were it a white celebrity, perhaps Charlize Theron or Leon Schuster. I am inclined to think that the government’s actions would have been excused. Such is the nature of white privilege. We do not understand how much racism is entrenched into the way we think, feel and act.

  419. Pirate fan says:

    GARETH CLIFF you are racist Oscar,s trail had its own TV channel and nobody said anything about it now cause a black person who was valuable to the country had a massive memorial service you had to talk alot of rubbish thats what most non- valuable assets do. Radio host and idols fagot to make matters worse you mean nothing to the country cock sucker

  420. gareth mcdonald says:

    If you analyze it yes it’s a political question, no wonder politics stepped in!

  421. gareth mcdonald says:

    If you analyze it yes it has political undertones, no wonder politics stepped in!

  422. Azoeh11 says:

    Another coward hiding behind the keyboard just a position oposition of choosing stupidity over intelligence Cliff ushishiliza ngendunu phantsi nd you hoping to get a provincial funeral mhm I bet you qualified yourself as well hater…….#Your timing Sucks I don’t have an issue with your question anyway but a person at your own calibor Wouldn’t cast their aspessions at someone else’s expenses regardless of how you looked at Meyiwa or his family

  423. zama says:

    This Cliff clown is a clown, white people will never change, he only ask that question because it was a black person who had a decent funeral, Ivin Khosa has enough money to cover the entire cost, so Gareth stop stressing

  424. sgidi vil says:

    but the fact is why should we as tax payers have to pay for the funeral of a soccer player who’s on the payroll of a multimillion rand enterprise? im not a soccer fan but I pay tax, so @ Gareth your a very brave man to ask what some of us are afraid of asking, its not about black or white its about wrong or right…

  425. Hermann says:

    Gareth, don’t worry about the comments by the brainless peanuts,as someone has named these idiots.

  426. Linda Mangwani says:

    Dear Gareth,

    This is like the time when Fikile Mbalula said about Bafana “You bunch of Losers” and people stripped themselves bare about his comment. A comment which was not unique to Fikile. I am angry that WE paid for his funeral. Angry that at the sametime as Senzo died, talented or not, someone else was dying senselessly and not much was and is being done about it. Police tell grief stricken families all the time that there are no leads therefore there is nothing they can do. Which means move on, your family member has died and not much effort is being done to catch the murderer. Phiyega says no special treatment. Well, the fact fact that you’ve to say it means Senzo’s death is a special treatment. Are we going to do the same for a slain cricket player, mulaudzi, etc. Senzo was not a Gold Medalist. A gold medalist died about the same time and no TV coverage was done for him.

    And our people attack you for asking a question many have in their minds. Senzo was never part of a squad that won us any worthwhile cup for this country. So what is different about him compared to the other 2 sports talent died? He is SOCCER Star, most loved, stereotypical game in the COUNTRY.

    Well done, Gareth!

  427. Warren says:

    Seriously hope you arent becoming the next Steve Hofmeyer. We dont need more self righteous @ssholes like him.

  428. Moima says:

    People should ask themselves this question, What is Democracy…??People have the right to know,to question and to understand some of the things that are happening around them.I support your question Gareth..Our money should be used wisely to empower, educated and uplift the countries economy. We need more people like u (Gareth) who will question and reason the future of our country. If there is NO who, why or where…?? we are going NO where.. People think, move ON and learn the right way…

  429. theo says:

    There’s no racism in the question posed by Gareth Cliff. I’m also asking the same question myself. There is many south african sporting heroes who have passed in similar circumstances and never had funded provincial or state televised funerals. Two similar cases, Mzukisi Sikali, a former 2 or 3 times world boxing champ, stabbed to death for a cellphone on his way home, he had R26 rand at the time in his bank acc. Didn’t he deserve a provincial/ state funded Funeral?
    Second case is of Solly Tyibilika who represented the Sharks and Springboks on numerous times, he was shot at a tavern when gunmen randomly opened fire at patrons.
    Did our beloved Baby Jake Matlala get a state/provincial funeral service?
    By posisng this question doesn’t make us non-caring or racists. All we are asking for is consistency here.. And pls let’s stop using vulgar, crude and anger when directing text to another adult or anyperson for that matter.

  430. Boni says:

    It is a fairly good question. I agree. SA could have used the money in developing/improving/upgrading any of the many lacking areas in the country. Gareth just asked what a lot of people were scared to ask or did ask, just that they are not in the public eye/celebrities.

  431. C says:

    I also would like to know who paid for this massive funeral!!! Better not had been my tax money

  432. Mark Braham says:

    So will Tinus Lanee get a state funeral…or does the sports minister even know who he is.

  433. Anon says:

    Gareth I would like to applaud you for your honesty and integrity. I think that what seperates us from the animals is our ability to ask questions and the controversy brought on by your question is a good indication that the questions you asked was the correct one. Keep it up!

  434. Vuyo says:

    Minister of sport must answer, this is a great question and we all need to know as “responsible South African citizens”

    There is nothing racists about this question, South africans must stop playing this racist card pls.

    I am ANC member, Parite fun, Black South African and a tax payer of this country.
    Therefore this is a fair question.

  435. Gobsmacked says:

    I cannot believe that it’s turned into such a big fuss. It’s a valid question asked. It’s got nothing to do with race, it’s got nothing to do with whether he was a soccer or a rugby player, it’s got to do with the fact that once again, we as citizen’s are footing the bill for something that government wanted. Just like the whole Nkandla saga. What about the boxer, why didn’t she get a provincial funeral? What about Thinus Linee? Everyone should get their heads out of their a*** and stop using racism as an excuse. A valid question was asked, that’s the end of that!

  436. Poppy Mokoena says:

    I am about sick and tired of my people always acting all victimized over black comments…It was just a question…which i still feel deserves a full answer…and appropriately so. Fikile Mbalula must just learn to think outside the box….Gareth had a question and he tweeted it…Fikile never had to answer it…but because oya phapha…he felt the need to respond. Fikile is the racist one here. His response is based on the past politicians…does he know them or he just heard about them… The money he is getting is getting to his head…he is like Julius Malema but the older version STUPID!!!

  437. vuyo says:

    South African asset my foot!

  438. John says:

    Gareth… The answer to your question is: We the Tax payers paid for it. Tax money is wasted by people voted into power by people who (the majority of) don’t pay tax.

    Strictly speaking, only tax payers should be allowed to vote as they are the ones financing this circus we called the government.

    If we, the tax payers, would embark on a “tax strike” we would get rid of these clowns in no time as they are ONLY THERE FOR THE STEALING OF TAX MONEY.

  439. Ngoziyerombe says:

    Gareth! I have followed you for years, and have come to respect you as an intelligent, well-informed citizen. Before Senzo’s funeral, it was announced in the media that Senzo was going to get a State funeral. I am sure you were aware of this development. When you then ask: Who is paying for this funeral? – your question can not be taken literally becoz it was clear that the State (thus the taxpayer)was footing the bill. So your question was not WHO was paying; rather it was WHY. By asking WHY (though indirectly) you were expressing disapproval, and that made you fair game. Maybe you should answer this question: Why not?

  440. Drexlar says:

    I don’t understand what is the fuss about, and for my black brethren here, YES I AM BLACK and I am black and actually very orientated in BCM. But that Question have nothing to do with Race, it’s an honest question that I also wondered about. #WHOPAIDFORTHEFUNERAL?

  441. Zolani says:

    “We are forced with the danger of mounting rage to which we must respond seriously . We should be haunted by the nightmare of a seething majority that would boil over in a rebellion because its dream of liberation had been deferred rather than redeemed”. Thabo Mbeki to Mark Gevisser author of a Dream Deferred – Thabo Mbeki.

    This question is relevant. Why did not SAFA , Pirates pick up the cost. What about his funeral plan or his fans? The country is faced by socio economic challenges and I cannot be responsibility of certain spheres of government to bury people or stage concerts when the country especially KZN faced by high levels of poverty and unemployment. How can one explain for example a Department charged with facilitating Economic Development be at the for front at staging the X factor, Concerts for international performers. How is this related to development.

  442. Susan says:

    Well said Gareth… it was a question most of us asked.

  443. Mugu Yaro says:

    As usual, Gareth Cliff in his holier than thou latent racist garb rears his ugly head. You have a real issue when you start off by having to define yourself as non-racist. How many funerals has this boy been to in a township? Just another remorseless, privileged beneficiary of apartheid. Sies on you for seeking to be provocative with your veiled racism.

  444. Rush says:

    if one remembers carefully, during the funeral proceedings many speakers thanked many contributors to the success of this dignified and befitting farewell for our fallen hero Senzo Meyiwa. Was there a need to question financial transactions while he was being laid to rest? to what end? should they have put his body on ice and wait for parliament to debate the transactions? this was truly insensitive especially considering the pain that the death of Senzo has brought to the nation. we are a free and democratic country but at best lets try to remain human.

  445. Mugu Yaro says:

    …and then he has the discourtesy to describe those who wrote to chastise him as “a horde of the least eloquent, most furious, marauding lunatics”. SMFH!!! Could he eloquently put that statement in any African language? I can guarantee you not. His arrogance has not allowed him to learn any African language in all his life in this country yet he has the nerve to refer to the victims of Bantu education who have made some effort to write in his language as ineloquent. GOD will richly punish him for not being apologetic for the sins of his forefathers on this continent. Feel free to contact me at: mugu.yaro@yahoo.com.

  446. Mugu Yaro says:

    …in fact Gareth Cliff’s not knowing that he should not ask such stupid questions of the dead in times of mourning shows how little these Africans of convenience know about being African. I don’t blame him…a man who has never made music being made a judge on a music show, no wonder he thinks his pale skin is a qualification. Idiot!

  447. Mugu Yaro says:

    …a non racist who even segregates his Twitter. Black twitter: used by “a horde of the least eloquent, most furious, marauding lunatics” and white twitter:used by eloquent (English first language speakers) peaceful (privileged beneficiaries of apartheid with little to worry about but “swaart gevaar”) sane people. This fool has got me really vexed this afternoon. Fikile Mbalula is going to get him.

  448. Thulani says:

    Gareth as much as you try to cover your true intention(s), Its evident in your wording that you & some of your Verwoerd hung over “followers”, are trying to cover up your racial issues with common sense. Not doing a very good job by the way. I want to tell you that I know not all whites are content with the being governed by black people. Your grand parents did a good job in that they were outright racists whereas you are trying to be a non racist, when you actually are a true 1. To me, your comments are not scientific, you are not a professor of anything I know of. So not anything you say should to be taken seriously. #my opinion2

  449. Not Surprised says:

    Nothing surprises me when it comes to government officials abusing the public purse … that is precisely what we have come to expect from our elected officials. What is surprising is that so many are willing to defend any situation surrounding the mis-use of public funds. I can only attribute this to a value system that is at odds with best practice, a system that tolerates corruption from top to bottom. It’s the mentality of a losing nation. The question was valid … the noise being made around timing is merely a distraction by those who are unwilling to face up to the real issue here !! That money would have been better spent on education so that people might better understand the principles involved.

  450. Falling Cliff says:

    I thought you were brighter than this Gareth. Fact is it is a stupid question. You already know the answer so why ask it and at such a insensitive time. What kind of response were you expecting from South African? You even had the audacity to compare him to Messi and you want sympathy out of this situation. I’m glad the minister put you in your place.

  451. Rico says:

    Beloved Gareth honestly before you posting you did not forseen this respond ??????????????As intelligent as you are ????????????????

  452. PENELOPE says:

    LOL where u expecting to be praised kwaaa u got the response u were hoping for

  453. Doris says:

    Methinks that too many people protesteth too much regarding a valid, relevant question ~ our country is rated one of the worst in the world for misappropriation of funds as well as a rapidly deteriorating infrastructure.

    If the funeral was not government funded, then surely someone In a responsible position would have confirmed that there was no government backing?

    So is the deafening silence confirmation that taxpayers’ money was used for some purpose than genuine welfare or infrastructural support?

    Just asking ……

  454. pieter du plooy says:

    The white dude asked a simple question, the minister of sport replied with a racist comment which he withdrew of course and then the white dude is immediately acused of racism? The South African whites have to realise they are victems of racism and should stop feeling guilty when accused of it.

  455. miss T says:

    I honestly do not see anything wrong with the question,in any case Molaudzi(SA runner) and Mwelase(boxer) died but did not get the same treatment why?

  456. Nkululeko says:

    nah calling people racist because they do not share a common sentiment as yours is really messed up, personally
    I myself think senzo did not deserve that ,there’s a lot
    of things that could’ve been done with that kind of money, and a lot of people know this ,it has nothing to do with being black or white. come on somethings are really stupid 80% of South Africa’s did not even know who he is before he died.

  457. SILVERFOX says:


  458. maseko s says:

    President Zuma declared that it was going to be a state funded funeral inluding for two other two sportsman Why did u ask such a sill y question

  459. Phumi says:

    I personally agree with Gareth. I honestly do not see any racism in that question nor controversy. Vele who paid? I didn’t even know Senzo

  460. Solo says:

    The guy asked a simple question; please leave your silly (racist) comments to yourself, it’s really starting to sound monotonous, it’s not rocket science differentiate a question from being sarcastic.

  461. SACitizen says:

    okay , Government together with Orlando Pirates paid for the it so what ? why does it matter guys can we focus on real issues and stop messing around Crime , unemployment , poverty and corruption . put your money where your mouth is an contribute positively while you are still alive .

  462. Mbali says:

    You’re doing a great job, well done on your courage to take the brunt in the name of common sense. We don’t have to agree with you on everything, but do us all a favour and never stop expressing yourself…

  463. mooketsa says:

    I am not South African and i dont live in South Africa but 1 honest thing that most people who are outraged by Gareth’s question ignore is this ..Gareth is a tax payer and he has every right to ask about the payment of that funeral…*simple!
    Most leaders in South Africa resort to racism as an excuse everytime they cannot answer qiestions.its a shame..

  464. Jesus says:

    Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.

  465. Amanda says:

    Mxm you people are so emotional. So what?
    I am still waiting for the answer… WHO PAID FOR MEYIWA’s FUNERAL? I hope I get an answer form the Mininster… no wait, the president.

  466. Sthe says:

    Gareth you know the answer. Should ask why the state money was used used for Senzo’s funeral. Let me tell you Senzo Meyiwa was a captain of the national team. I don’t think that would be have asked the same question if it was your Ruby Captain

  467. gregory says:

    fikile mbalula is a fool and stupid ….u r racist mbalula

  468. Arthur Nutty says:

    Gareth is a bloody racist who is so used to things happening his way get with the program you white filth this is a black country that’s ran by black people.Your white government used to do as it pleased did you bloody question them? Infact you guys still need to ask for forgiveness.It’s not our fault that Hansie Cronje died a disgraced man had it been your rugby or cricket captain would you have questioned it? Deal with it Senzo got a funeral he so deserved and yes you paid for it.Go hang.

  469. Phindy says:

    Gareth no matter how much you try to deny it, you are racist, you know nothing about post apartheid south Africa. as long as you have never suffered the injustices that black people have suffered & are still suffering in the hands of whites, you should not comment on what black people do and how they handle their business,as black people we are very sensitive when white people involve themselves in such things and in such an insensitive manner as you did…and couldn’t you wait till after the funeral to ask such a question, and who exactly where you asking on tweeter?

  470. Mario says:

    lets face the facts! which, is who will be fitted the bill for the funeral…obviously we as a “NATION” [tax payers] had to pay for it even you Senzo Cliff..thats if you pay your tax??

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  475. […] stations discuss the country’s failings on a regular basis. Celebrities like Gareth Cliff write blog posts that circumnavigate the globe a few times generating passionate comments from the South African […]

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  479. Hello says:

    Who was Senzo Meyiwa anyway?

  480. […] wrote a response to the backlash on his blog. “Their fury betrayed that there was more anger at his death than any of us could quantify – […]

  481. Lourens says:

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