New Year’s Evolution

2017 is almost over, and for many of us it was a tough, complex year filled with political shenanigans, financial pressure and disconcerting surprises. It’s always very hard to figure out whether the year was a good one or not – because – depending on your criteria, it might have been exciting for the exact reason someone else found it daunting.

I don’t like the pressure of New Year’s resolutions or the well-intentioned to-do lists people give themselves in January. Instead, I’m taking the advice of Rich Mulholland (a frequent guest on my show and super-rational modern man) and starting a “to-don’t” list: I’m going to list a few things I intend to cut back on or completely eliminate from 2018. If you like it, maybe you’ll want to draw up your own.

The first thing to do is eliminate unsavoury people – people who drain your energy, people who are unreliable, people who take more than they give and people who aren’t fun to be around. Some people are all of those things. They will slow you down and should be let go. Don’t be surprised when you stop calling and a year later they still haven’t picked up their phone to call you.

The next thing to do is tidy up. Throw away all the clutter and claim back your space. Don’t keep stuff you don’t need, use, wear or love. Simplify your environment and everything will become clearer.

It’s worth not trying to read a hundred books, articles or publications. Cut down on the fluff and give yourself a healthy diet of the things that are important, that interest you and that improve your sense of humour. Stop reading the rest and focus on the best.

Unfollow and unfriend as many people as you can over the holidays. Clear your device of the attention-seekers, the boasters, the needy, the unkind, the trolls and the ideological. None of that stuff improves your life, don’t let it dirty your timeline.

Don’t overreact, sometimes don’t even react.

Don’t expect politicians to solve your problems.

Don’t let your happiness depend on the victory of some sports team.

Don’t give the government one single cent more than they’re legally entitled to.

Don’t worry about things you can’t control until you’ve taken control of yourself.

I’m going to try. I hope you’ll try some and add a few more. Good luck.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!


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