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They used to say that all roads led to Rome, but in the ancient world, you only knew how far you’d gone down the Appian Way out of Rome by checking the milestones – and venturing very far into hostile, uncivilised or unexplored territory was for madmen and exiles only.

These days we reserve our praise and surprise only for the madmen – people like Elon Musk who want to venture into space. They go where there are no milestones and they discover things we didn’t know we wanted along the way.

In some small way, that’s what I feel audiences are discovering about podcasting and content in general. When we launched and brought podcasting into the mainstream in South Africa five years ago, we were placing a big bet on the future. People were used to and loved radio. A few of us had started listening to podcasts right in the beginning, but we were in the tiniest of minorities. In 2019, I’m proud to say that The Gareth Cliff Show has consistently been in the Top 10 podcasts in South Africa and regularly finds itself in the Top 3 with Oprah Winfrey and Joe Rogan. If you haven’t joined the party yet, it’s time.

We have a few really good series available too – from Smart Money and Smart Driving to Blind History andUnderstanding Cancer. This year we will be adding some of the freshest, most interesting and relevant audio we’ve ever made to the mix… and we’d love you to sample it and tell us what you think.

The age of on-demand content is burgeoning and all roads can take you home.

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