Man to Man - Craig and Khalil

Fatherlessness is a bigger problem than politics!

That might sound like a controversial statement, but it’s true. In South Africa, among children born last year, 66% of registered births were made without a father. Toxic masculinity, #MeToo, the horrific statistics of woman abuse, and depression among young men should be some of the reasons this difficult topic deserves much more attention.

Women talk about men, they talk about their relationships and they talk about what we need to change – but men aren’t having those conversations and they might not feel free or safe enough to broach difficult topics that bring up uncomfortable realisations about male role models and their own insecurities.

Craig Wilkinson and Khalil Osiris have decided to change that.

Khalil Osiris grew up in America, was recruited into the Black Panther movement and spent 20 years in prison during which he obtained a masters degree and wrote the manuscript for his first book, The Psychology of Incarceration. He went on to become a professor at Wright State University and write a second book called A Freedom that Comes from Within. Khalil is a speaker, TV presenter and patron of the arts, and runs programmes in schools and prisons throughout South Africa and the USA.

Craig Wilkinson is the author of two books on fatherhood, DAD – How to be the Father your Children Need andIt’s a DAD! He has extensive experience in people development in both the corporate and NGO sectors and has pioneered socio-economic development programmes in communities throughout South Africa. Craig founded and runs the NPO, Father A Nation, and has recently written a manual on gender-based violence. He is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and consultant.

In this compelling podcast series called Man-to-Man Talks (in conjunction with Carling Black Label), Craig and Khalil explore what it means to be a man, a husband, and a dad. This is a conversation about masculinity everyone needs to hear.

Listen here or download the podcasts on the CliffCentral App, iTunes, or wherever you listen… at your convenience.

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