Into the future

GC TEAMToday, 31st March 2014, I did my last show on 5FM after a decade at the SABC.   It’s time for a change. My team and my audience are like my dysfunctional radio family and we want to offer something new and exciting. After two suspensions and several close-shaves, dozens of BCCSA complaints and almost as many management changes at the SABC, it’s time to get unhinged!

What about the team?

Leigh-Ann Mol, News Anchor alongside Gareth since he hosted the Afternoon Drive in 2003 and moved with him to the Breakfast Show in 2006, has also left 5FM.   Leigh-Ann confirmed that this was not an April Fool’s stunt and that she, in fact, would be joining Gareth – “I could always stay at 5FM, drink more and continue farming cats or I could do something really brave.  I’ve chosen the latter. I must be drunk!”

Executive Producer Thabo Modisane and Thabo’s Assistant Damon Kalvari crossed the floor from 702 in 2003 to join Gareth on Afternoon Drive and also moved with him to 5FM Mornings in 2006.   Both Thabo and Damon will be crossing the floor once again to join Gareth.  “The timing is now perfect to embark on a new journey with Gareth” says Damon Kalvari , “As 5fm also prepare for their own voyage into the future, we part ways, like an amicable divorce. In this case, of course, Gareth gets custody of the children.  I only hope the catering will be good wherever we’re going”.  Thabo Modisane added “It’s been nightmare keeping Gareth within the rules. Hopefully I won’t have to do that where we’re going”.

Mabale Moloi, the “baby” of the team, joined Gareth with the launch of his breakfast show when he introduced traffic reports for the first time on 5FM.  Mabale, then an honours student at KZN University, called into the show one afternoon and before she knew it, she became what Gareth called “the listener in the studio”.  Mabale commented,  “My family thought I was crazy to defy convention and ditch microbiology for this crazy white boy.  It was the best move I’ve ever made and I’m again excited about following Gareth into the future”.

The Ginger Ninja Sports Coach Sias du Plessis was the last member to join to the team and that comes with a penalty!   Sias still has time to serve.

5FM Mornings comes to end but we’re just getting started.   April is the month of Idols Theatre week at Sun City and holidays.   1st May will usher is a whole new era and I look forward to you joining me. Stay tuned!



  1. Jo-Ann says:

    Oh no, what will we do and listen to in the morning team!!!!!! You can’t do this to us. Will SOOOOO miss you all.

  2. Sue Crear says:

    I am devastated, who am I going to laugh with while driving to work in the morning. You and your team are my morning wake up and caffeine fix for the day.
    **SOB**, I am going to miss you all.

  3. Sean Williams says:

    Oh no. Where are you going to? Typical of you to keep us in the dark.
    Going to miss the crazy in the mornings.

  4. Mona K says:

    Hmmm… I think it’s an April Fools joke and the only one actually leaving is Sias, who’ll be joining a certain tv sportscaster full time. Then again, I am an intensely distrustful person, so not the best one to have an opinion.

  5. Wiaan Malherbe says:

    Change is sometimes scary but also necessary. I will miss you on the breakfast show.
    Actually, Gareth you are a bastard! After all the years I finally fixed my car radio to listen to you guys in the morning and now you are leaving! Thanks for nothing brother!
    Where are you going now?

  6. Giselle says:

    WTF and OMG Gareth, who are we going to listen to in the mornings!! I’m so going to miss your outspoken comments, and your dry humour ;;)

  7. Mariza Adams says:

    This is such a sad start to my day. I literally had to hold my mouth shut. I wish you all the best. I’ll be keeping a watch because where you go I’ll surly follow.

  8. Berenice says:

    Awesome…. looking forward to 1st May!

  9. Calli says:

    The only reason I listened to five is leaving. You will all be missed!! Keep us informed!!

  10. Sacha says:

    No no no i heard this morning why do this to us we will miss you soo much we are are very very sad to know that you are all leaving and hopes are you guys get together and start your own radio show you guys will be awesum!!! love you guys forever!!!

  11. Frankie sandes says:

    Oh Gareth ….you are such a knob but without you there is no radio five !!! I will be following you….I have been since I first heard you on 702 ….you were completely annoying then and you still are but you have something special you fugly little man ….go forthe ! You can do and be whatever you want to be….. Xxx

  12. Claire says:

    Wishing you all the very best Gareth… You and Leigh-Ann are my absolutely favourite people on Radio 5 – we are really going to miss you. Please take care and don’t be a stranger. Lots of love – yes, really! xxx

  13. Leigh says:

    “Peace and Love” to the team!

  14. maggie says:

    All the best but really?! Really?! SERIOUSLY?! There goes the only reason I listen to radio. If you guys aren’t gonna be on radio, radio dies for me today. What an incresible team, Thank you for being good at what you do and the years of entertainment. Morning drive to work will never be the same 🙁

  15. Vash says:

    Going to miss you guys in the morning, Big shoes to fill but unfortunately without you guys there isn’t a 5fm morning. . . On the flip side, you guys are together, so we will stay tuned 🙂

  16. James says:

    Sounds like you are joining a new radio station. You are taking most of your team with you and what are they best qualified for… Radio…

  17. Merusha says:

    So incredibly sad, definitely going to miss someone who is interesting, smart and who has the guts to say something when others enjoy their time on the fence!!!! I wish you the best of luck, and I’m sure that your next adventure is going to be just as entertaining as anything we have seen so far!!!!

  18. Carol Harnwell says:

    Thank you for the cray cray mornings. I hope we can get to hear you and your disfunctional family again soon!! Love you!

  19. Mahlatse says:


  20. Tanya says:

    Gareth you will be missed!!! You take away the pain of the traffic in the morning. Wishing you all the best for the future and looking forward to hearing from you soon…..

  21. Michelle says:

    Oh no Gareth! Really!! You guys keep me sane. I wish you all tons of luck with your new venture, whatever that is. Don’t keep us in the dark too long. Going to miss you SO SO much!!!!

  22. Tasneem says:

    Gareth, i love you and your team. always making me laugh in the morning!!Mwah

  23. Alex says:

    All the best to you and the Team.

    I will miss you my friend – I never called or emailed because I knew that you would be there the next day.

    Hamba kahle


  24. Caron says:

    It’s hard to believe you are leaving, my mornings will not be the same. I hope to hear your voice and your team on the radio on 1 May. Thanks for all the laughs. I’ll always be a great fan. Hamba kahle.

  25. Anthony says:

    Damn! GC, I’m gonna miss you and the team on 5fm Mornings 🙁

    Please keep us informed as to where the future takes you and the team!!!

  26. Mahlatse says:

    Man I have been listening to your show from 2004 whilst doing grade 10 . Wow throughout varsity till my 3rd year as an employee . I remeber Lee Ann buying a new car , complaining about the paint smell , Mabale getting people to go to some coca cola concert . That behind these hazel eyes cover you did . My goodness you guys have been like the family Ive nerver met . The Jesus interview got me glued . I knew you and me would work . I love you guys . You guys rock . I wonder if you are going to Highveld or 702 . But would be great to meet the team that made my afternoons as a scholar and mornings as a varsity student and employee

  27. Suzanne says:

    I will have to quit my job, as you were my companion for most of the 8 years I’ve been driving from Somerset West to Paarl. Eager to hear about your next challenge. Good luck – you will make a success of it, you’re a great team.

  28. Well done friend its been an awesome ride, can’t wait to hear what the next leave

  29. Thoniel says:

    Are you doing the balls radio? Come on people they are not dying they are moving on.

  30. Lorraine says:

    Well at first I thought this was a April fools joke and my daughter said she’d love to tell Gareth that her mother was in denial. Now I know it’s true, it was with sadness at first listening to you and the Team this morning, but soon I realised that I will be able to tune into you new show, “I’ll keep my ears to the ground” and then just enjoyed the Morning show for the last time.

    Thank you Gareth Cliff and your Team for making my drive to work more pleasurable and entertaining it was a blast, you guys are loved.

  31. Mads says:

    So sad to hear you and your team are moving on. I have no idea who I am going to listen to in the mornings now! Radio won’t be the same ever again with you and your team gone.

  32. Saki says:

    Where you go…. we will follow. Love you Gareth and all the BEST!!

  33. Lolly says:

    Here’s me sitting in a lecture trying to pretend like all is well… Been the best 7 years listening to The Morning Show on 5FM. Now there’s no containing the grumpersorus that I am to become… Farewell team, wishing you all the best. I will follow you wherever you go!!

  34. Noxy Mavundla says:

    If I were to guess, I’d say you’re starting your own radio station or are going to have a TV show with your team. Either way, it sounds like you will be calling the shots. Good for you. Change is the only guarantee we have in life, so enjoy it and good luck. Ta!

  35. Haarsha says:

    What about Damon? Can’t I join you? I’m in between jobs and need to do something exciting!

  36. Colleen says:

    Holy Cow! Devastated……. none of the other radio stations have a decent morning show….. what to do now….. Hopefully, after a few sessions of therapy, I will recover….. Going to miss the 5fm morning show and the banter…… so sad…. Good Luck and here’s hoping to hearing/seeing you all in another media focus :-)Peace and Love, Peace and love…..

  37. Adam says:

    It appears 5fm will be losing some listeners

  38. Phathu says:

    I am going to miss you guys, so incredibly sad.

  39. Stacey says:

    Not only have I had a shitty weekend, this year and last year, this particular weekend was an extremely bad one, filled with loss but at least last year I still had the comfort of listening to my favourite morning show. I am going to miss the breakfast show but I am happy to hear that the team has stayed together……. I actually cried with you this morning. XOXO

  40. liesl says:

    I’m going to miss you so much in the mornings!!! You really made my day when you were on air. Similarly my day would start off wrong when you were not! It’s cool that you are all sticking together, but for us to wait a month to hear/see you again is heartbreaking!!!!

    All the best dude!!! Now I’ll have to watch Idols to get my Gareth fix!! 🙁

  41. Flapjacq says:

    Change is good as long as you take us with you and we don’t have to listen to “the other” morning show.

  42. Newton says:

    When is the podcast starting

  43. Elia Hawken says:

    I am so excited for the 1st of May. Love looking forward “to things and happenings”. It will also add zest to April, especially when holidays can be a little depressing if you are home based. Wish I could be a fly on the wall, but will happily wait for the new adventure. You guys are the inspiration to wholesome, whacky, witt, and serious when needed. See you soon

  44. Nazli says:

    Loved your show and the team. I will miss you on radio, but look forward to seeing the team on tv ;). Congratulations and all the best!

  45. Karin says:

    For the past 7 years I’ve woken up to the same man every morning… Now he says he’s leaving! I’m totally bereft! Can’t even imagine how bleak and boring my mornings will be from tomorrow when you are no longer on the radio!

    Absolutely gutted by this news Gareth.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for every laugh, smile, giggle, thought-provoking comment and for making mornings bearable! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  46. Lizelle says:

    I hope you are going to Highveld Stereo to get those morning presenters who think they are journalists off the air! Mornings won’t be the same. You pissed me off numerous times but you guys rocked and I will miss that!!! I still think here’s a catch though…:)

  47. Lindsay says:

    Ballz radio seems the only place that would have your risque’ commentary without suspending you! I personally wont miss your ‘fencesitting’ emotional – button pushing show, but I wish you all the best as you mature.

  48. Kele says:

    You will be missed on 5fm. My mornings will never be the same.

  49. munzhelele mashudu says:

    it is normal if life for people to make changes goodluck to you new career,keep up the goodwork and be a good citzen

  50. grace says:

    Wishing all the best Gareth and Team. God bless you in what ever you’re going to do.

  51. Stacey-leigh says:

    You cant leave the ginger 🙁 Leigh- Ann can hide him under her boobs!

  52. Noxy Mavundla says:

    When asked why he was retiring when he was at the peak of his career, my favourite fashion designer Valentino answered…”It’s best to exit the stage when the room is still full.” So well done on your decision Pappi and good luck. xN

  53. Tammy Young says:

    I am sadden by our loss but i wish the team everything of the best , gonna miss you guys stax it wont be the same in the morning , big tears

  54. Penny says:

    Gareth, you arrogant son of a b*tch. Going to be awful sitting in traffic now without you and the team. Good luck in your new venture.

  55. celia says:

    This is disastrous! For a non-morning person you helped me wake up – yeah – sometimes – laughing. Not a mean feat!!

  56. Tassies says:

    We will go wherever you go Gareth

  57. Tashie says:

    Well done guys… we will follow where every you may go! Just be back! Have a great April and we hear from you in May then! xxx looking forward to the new adventure

  58. Sharika says:

    Gareth our mornings are going to be so dull!! I looked forward to traffic jams because of you. It’s now back to Boney M!!
    Can’t wait to hear about your new venture!

  59. Junaid Kathrada says:

    Best of luck GC and team. You made my wife cry this morning – we listened to you guys every morning on our ways to work.

  60. Genevieve White says:

    Oh hell, can you only imagine what it will be like now in Jhb morning traffic without the ‘Breakfast’ team 🙁 I am certain SABC will employ a hatful of arseholes to replace them. I am losing my will to live over here! GARETH! Please let us know ASAP your ‘new address’….do not leave us poes-klappend for long!


  61. […] “My team and my audience are like my dysfunctional radio family and we want to offer something new… “After two suspensions and several close-shaves, dozens of BCCSA complaints and almost as many management changes at the SABC, it’s time to get unhinged!” […]

  62. GarethRules!! says:

    Gareth, I feel sick to my stomach. You can’t leave 5fm. :'(

    Please let us know where you are going FFS!!!!!!

  63. Jacques says:

    It’s sad to see you guys go it has been my wake up show for many years and at a stage the morning and afternoon shows are the only reason to listen to 5FM.

  64. JP says:

    G, the morning team have been my corn flakes, my OJ (the good kind), my reason for getting it all in the morning…now what am I going to do.

  65. feroza khan says:

    have an inkling u r going to ballz radio. good luck and all the best.

  66. deliwe says:

    waiting with anticipation for the 1st of may, you guys have made a huge impact in my life. Thank you Mr GC, you truly are the endangered species.

  67. Rachel says:

    The only reason I listened to 5fm was because of Gareth and The Team. So wherever you guys go, I guess I will follow! Hopefully it’s not a regional station like Highveld though of Jacaranda, as I’m based in KZN.

  68. quinton says:

    what am I goner do without the team, il be lost and confused ..please dnt leave us

  69. i never listened to you because I don’t listen to SABC (just now i have to “do the right thing” see)

    if you join another radio station and don’t do blasphemy i will listen to you on your new show (but you may say epos, slightly bended)

  70. quinton says:

    omg I just realised il have to listn to ecr ….im leaving work

  71. Jennifer says:

    I wish Gareth and the team well and all the best into the future and what they have planned. Will definitely miss them, my mornings won’t be the same without them. ♡Peace and Love♡

  72. Tammy says:

    Oh my word Gareth… my mornings are never going to be the same again. It has been an amazing 10 years – I am holding thumbs that this is all a joke… If not, cannot wait to see what you bring us next!

    Peace and love

  73. Joseph says:

    Congrats and all of the best

  74. Dimpie says:

    NOOIT.! 🙁

  75. Wynand says:

    NOOOOOO! Will keep following you! Best of luck!

  76. Lynda says:

    Devastated at the loss of my favourite team.
    You guys got me to work every morning with a smile on my face. I LOVE YOU ALL.
    There are no words boooo hoooooo

  77. Cecile says:

    Aaaah Gareth all the best. If you are starting your own radio station we will be listening all day every day. You rock.
    I could do with a job. I could be the tea girl 🙂
    Looking forward to 1 May.

  78. Adrian says:

    Good riddance!!!! Funny I used to find you annoying and the more I listened to your show, the more I liked you. It was hilarious listening to your show. All the best

  79. Christine says:

    Noooooooo!! What a sad day, I’m hoping it’s an April Fools joke.

  80. Victoria Young says:

    Good Luck guys! Hopefully we will be listening you again soon? Morning traffic won’t be the same though. Bummed Sias isn’t joining you guys, love what he brings to the team. Hope he gets to join you one day. Good Luck and all the best!

  81. dermaine jasson says:

    The sadest day of my life now I don’t know wat 2 listen 2 in the morning plz just tel us what radio station your joining so we could lysten 2 it I put it to you I won’t survive your most loyal listner never mised a day accept when your not presenting

  82. Justine says:

    All the best Gareth & team and thank you for ALL the crazy laughs, you’ve made my daily PTA-JNB commute more manageable 🙂

  83. Lucy smith says:

    My mornings are going to be soooo dull from now on. I really do hope you’re going to Ballz radio or somewhere where we can still listen to your antics! 🙂

  84. drikus says:

    Now i have to listen to other kak stations ! damm

  85. Saldri says:

    Gonna miss laughing with you so early in the mornings! All the best for your new beginnings – may you always rock!

  86. Veneta says:

    If there’s a rise in road rage in the mornings then I blame you and your team!!! WHat will JMPD do without you guys…you helped us laugh out loud at ourselves. Heartbroken…

  87. Ulandi says:

    You guys suck! There are no other good radio stations to listen to… now what! But good luck team! You will be missed… terribly

  88. tumelo says:

    Im tempted to call u a lunatic tou fool but again my mornings won’t be the same my wife is mad at u bro if I were u I would find a whole to hide I have marks to prove that

  89. Danie says:

    Guess my drive to work will be in silence from now on. Good luck to the team, hope to hear from you guys soon.

  90. Charene says:

    Dude … when i heard u this morning, when u said “this is our last show at 5FM” i was hoping were saying that it was your last show “AS” 5FM meaning that there is a name change. With Leigh Ann following it with “This is it”, I immediately thought … Aah, tomorrow’s the 1st of April but before I could call, u took Lindi’s call & to my great despair proceeded to deny that this news is related to April Fool’s.
    & despite all the news feeds, tomorrow, I shall switch on the radio in the hopes to hear the voices of the your team …
    I so hope that it is an April Fool’s joke or I, along with many people, I’m sure, will be striking against 5FM, until we hear from you in May !!

  91. Kerri De Sousa says:

    Mornings will never be the same without all of you!!! However if I have ever learnt anything from listening to you all, I have no doubt that whatever new adventure you are cooking up, its going to be kick ass and I cannot wait until the 1st of May to find out what you are up to! Best of luck, waiting with great anticipation!!!

  92. Charene says:

    Aah, elections coming up on May 7th … cutting it a little close, don’t u think … will your campaign team manage??

  93. melissa says:

    OK! so we wait again……. #myshatterednerves

  94. Tascha Haskins says:

    Change is magnificent….choices and chances equally so. What’s next?….anticip…ation!!!

  95. Chantal Dos Santos says:

    Mornings will suck without you guys 🙁

  96. Manuel says:

    I literally held my Girlfriends hand as we were driving to work this morning, listening to the sad news, i turned to here and said “we will get through this babe” 🙂

  97. Cris says:

    Please please wherever you are going I hope it gets broadcast in KZN. There are no radio stations catering for whities in this province !

  98. Wendy says:

    Thanks for a great honest show. Please make sure we can hear your new show in KZN. I am so glad the team is going eith you.

  99. Kacy says:

    I switched on my car radio this morning, as I usually do on my drive to work & heard the most frightful news. No more Gareth Cliff & team from tomorrow! Super sad!! I have no reason to listen to the radio anymore :(((((

  100. Ditaba says:

    It’s only starting to sink in now that the breakfast is no more. You guys made my mornings in traffic worth it, now you just ruined my birth month LOL. I will not be listening to the radio in the mornings from now on.

    I wish you the best for the future..

  101. Bronwyn says:

    So sad to hear you and your team are moving on. I have no idea who I am going to listen to in the mornings now! Radio won’t be the same ever again with you and your team gone.

  102. Brett says:

    WTF man , noooooo.

    Roadrage,assault,murders the lot will triple in the next month. So just got back from macro with 14 cases of Jack Daniel`s,16 cartons of smokes,8 bottles of tequila and a tin of beans. Will now hunker down and stay pissed until your back on the air. Wow me and my wife just lost our best friends.

    I will also switch on the radio tomorrow hoping but after that screw 5fm.Kind Regards brett from Durban.

  103. Ivan Carney says:

    You buggers always do this! Just as I am getting into the groove of enjoying my Morning Show, you ditch me! I will not turn to ECR…cut my wrists if you have to. Best of luck to you and your team, I will be waiting to see what happens on 1 May.

  104. Bernard says:

    Looks like it’s back to a good old cds or mp3s in the mornings. All the other shows on other stations just irritate me. Thanks for the good times guys.
    Tomorrow just won’t be the same and hours in traffic will be noticeably painful again.

  105. Matt says:

    Iyoh! It’s still hard to swallow. Morning Radio will never be the same eish! #5fm and your listeners are mourning your departure. :'( :'( :'( :'(

  106. Dave says:

    Don’t worry guys, this isn’t the last of Gareth Cliff…

    …my guess….

    …watch this space for an internet and digital radio station coming soon to the people of RSA…

  107. Tammy says:

    I’m heartbroken, this morning Gareth you broke my heart when you announced that you would be leaving. Even worse is that I did not get to listen to your entire show, please can we have a recording of your last show as a final reminder of the many pleasurable hours that your show has brought. I’ve been listening to you from high school! You will be sorely missed!

  108. Raymond says:

    So Sad. Thanks for everything. Connecting the iPod from tomorrow. One month of mourning.

  109. Lizzy says:

    Only started listening to you a year ago and you absolutely make my day worth while. Will miss you guys terribly! Thnx for a great show!! Pls start your own radio station or something!!

  110. Linda Andy Magongo says:

    Job well done, you’re one of those who spoiled my year, if you were close I would use my sjambok to wip your ass. I joined 5fm in 2003 just because of you and now you’re smart enough to leave me just like that…good luck anyways.

  111. Sandra says:

    Can’t wait, its about time, hope its politics… Gareth for president !!!!LOL Funny thing is, now I am not sure what to listen to in the morning, so bought sone CD’s. You insane and I love that about you… Good luck team, hurry up and let me in…

  112. Sandra says:

    Gareth you are one in a million. I will be changing the dial tomorrow and again when you let us know the new channel. Enjoy April for we are ready and waiting for May.

  113. Nhlanhla says:

    “Don’t miss tomorrow’s show on 5FM… I have exciting things to tell you”

    After you announced you are leaving I asked my self what is exciting about this(with tears in my eyes)? After seven years?!!! But after hours I realised that at some point this was suppose to end. You are a person with ambitions,you know what you want and and how to get it and this is your time to leave what you master and go for what is challenging…
    You inspired me through out this seven years and I thank you for that,you are a blessing to many and I wish you success where you are heading, I love you(No homo) and God bless you.

    “The larger the audience the better. The more
    pockets in the world, the more interesting
    and exciting because it just makes it that
    much more liberating. This makes it that
    much more liberating for the various facets
    of creativity to be explored.” – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

  114. Jacqueline says:

    I can not believe this. I was impatiently waiting until we changed the daylight savings back to the same as South Africa (here in Switzerland) so I could listen go Gareth and the whole team again in the mornings (the waking up earlier did not really work). Literally this past weekend we changed it to the same time as you guys and today was your last show. 🙁 NOOO MAAAN!!!! Whatever you will do, I hope I can listen, follow on Internet from where I am!

  115. PJ Pedlar says:

    Gareth, you and your team will be greatly missed, as my family and I have always looked forward to your show. We’ll now have to return to downloading music illegally, and blowing the dust off those CD we’ve stashed away

    I’m looking forward to May, but until then, have a well deserved break

  116. Teresa says:

    My 6 year old just loves listening to you in the morning in the car on the way to school. Some mornings I cringe at the questions she comes up with regarding certain below the belt antics but you have made us laugh so much in this stressful Grade 1 year of hers, I have appreciated the distraction. no nerves in the morning and every single Saturday since starting school, she asks if Gareth is on in the morning!! Gareth, you are nothing without your team. Be good to them. Even Damon!

  117. steve says:

    Thanks Gee! Nice ride forth last 7 years! Caught your first and now your last show. Hope you atain what you long for? I do spell better than this text predicts! Lol . PistoriusnkandlaMandelacliff310314 all the best thanks for your time and efforts. Make HISTORY !

  118. Lucas Moeti says:

    Wish you well in your endeavors. Felt like crying throughout the day today. I have listened to you from your days at 702 doing a graveyard shift, when I was still at studying at UCT. So u have been part of me from my varsity days to my working life. On the days when you were absent at 5fm I never bothered to listen because I knew whoever was covering for you won’t have the qualities you have. I have enjoyed the kind of songs you used to play. Your music list always introduced me to a new song from any genre. Although I’m sad, good luck and I will follow you.

  119. Lee says:

    I am a fan of the show and now a fan of your writing skills. Best of Luck

  120. Simone says:

    I went on holiday for a week and come back to hear u talking about how it was the teams last show… What an absolute shock. I sat in the carpark outside the office till 9am to listen to u guys. I will miss the show SO much. Traffic was a breeze having u to listen to. My 6 year old is in awe of u too GC. She talks about how she wants to go to ur concerts like ur an international star. I wish only the best for u and the team. Good luck and we’ll see u soon 🙂

  121. Renier says:

    Wherever you go we will follow!! You made radio what it is to me.

  122. knox says:

    Hey G and family gonna miss your vibrant show, all the best and don’t stop saying it how it is. YOU intelligent ROCKER!

  123. Karen says:

    APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. videsh nana says:

    Uncensored radio? I hope so…
    good luck dude.

  125. Larry says:

    I love you Gareth…..(MJ’s voice), I heard you’ll be joining 4fm.

  126. Tanya says:

    No dude im devastated!

  127. Rob says:

    We shall follow!!!!!!! Wherever you go

  128. Cara says:

    Really, life will never be the same again without you all. Can’t wait to see what you have install for us next. 5fm’s only hope now if DJ Fresh and Rodger Good, if either of them go, they have nothing.

    I hope you start a revolution.

  129. Vee says:

    i have never bn so depressed this morning….jumpin from one radio station to the next- like a drug addict lookin for a fix….dammit Gareth…..sigh….

  130. Ntsako says:

    As for me and my sister, we shall follow you Gareth and team. We’ll be playing CDs to keep us going in April until May.

  131. Lorraine says:

    So where are you guys going then Gareth? I wanna come with…do you know how grumpy I’m going to be now in the mornings…you guys were my drug! There’s no ways I’m going to make the day without you 🙁

  132. Lynette says:

    I switched over to a local channel as soon as I noticed you and your teams absence this morning ….. good luck to you guys and thanks for truly keeping us informed. Hopefully you and your team are opening a radio station where you will NOT have to stress about rules, suspensions and several close-shaves. Vivaaaa.. Gareth Cliff for SA President!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Carolyn says:

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming!!! Mornings just aren’t the same!

  134. Rose says:

    Gareth, just make sure when you start your new venture, that those of us who live in KZN can tune in. Thanks to you and the team for many hours of great listening.

  135. Beke says:

    Oh my hat!! Today I drove to work without my favorite people on the radio…it was so bleak. I was so sad, I even had tears. I love you guys, and feel like I know you, cant wait to be able to hear you again.

  136. Ashika says:

    I drove to work with such a heavy heart when I heard you guys were leaving. You guys became part of our morning routine. Missing your show so much!

  137. Rajshree says:

    I tuned in to Five this morning, no Gareth…no team not a cruel April fools day joke. A very sad day. You guys will be missed tremendously.

  138. Pieter says:

    This sucks, this mornings’s drive to work felt so long….hope to hear from the whole team soon, and hope Sias joins later too.. All the best!!

  139. Frans van Sittert says:

    gareth you have so much more to give I’m behind you all the way, i think you need to grow, well done bold move, are you moving to the cape? politics is for you.

  140. Gus Behn says:

    Hey guys, it’s been ‘real’ listening to your show driving to work every morning. Morning radio won’t be the same without you, but i guess that the change is good for you as a team. I wish you well and the greatest of success in whatever it is you shall do. Keep us posted. Cheers guys!

  141. sharl says:

    You used to say that if we listen to your show we will know everything that’s happening in the world that we need to know without feeling like we live under a rock! That’s exactly what the morning show was like and more. Listening to news and sport was made so bearable! Miss u guys badly. Go well!

  142. NOJOKES says:


  143. theo says:

    i can assure you all its no biggey to 5fm and no great loss to the listeners. in fact, good riddens!!

    i’ve stopped listening to 5fm in the mornings. this frog thats always spewing blasphemy against Christians and speak down on others.

    if you think that he respects you as a listener, think back how often he would make fun of callers at their expence!

    very well done, garreth, thanks for leaving. you leaving the radio station is a step in the right direction!!


  144. jerome govender says:

    In true GC fashion….Your boorish, opinionated, sometimes appalling behaviour, and not forgetting; exceptionally entertaining show will be sadly missed. Your natural ability, coupled with your “intellectual” capability to argue and persuade your audience that seeing things from a dissimilar perspective is a considerably better and a more open-minded way of thinking. This, is what I will miss the most about you. Hope you and the team prosper in your new endeavour.

  145. Tammyzn says:

    Thank you Gareth for all your jokes, history lessons and weird singing. My mawnings are no longer to same. i wish you all the best. Love u lots.

  146. kishore ramsewak says:

    Jerome Govender got it spot on Gareth. u r the guy i love to ‘hate’. never liked u abruptly cutting off callers to your show, yes some deserved it but others did not. that however is a small issue when compared to other areas of your person, u are intelligent dude, u are a funny witty guy. most of all i like that instead of giving people answers, u leave them asking questions, that help them become individuals, by engaging with their own minds to find these answers. man breakfast radio is boring already now that u guys have left. hope to hear u guys on the daily someday soon. goodluck with the new venture.

  147. Hendrik & Annalie says:

    We can’t wait for the 1st of May.
    Please let it be a podcast.
    Rest well – we expect the best…as always.

    Missing you already,
    Hendrik & Annalie xx

  148. Andre says:

    Hey guys, it’s been ‘real’ listening to your show driving to work every morning. Morning radio won’t be the same without you, but i guess that the change is good for you as a team. I wish you well and the greatest of success in whatever it is you shall do. Keep us posted. Cheers guys!Hope to hear your guys soon again!! You and your team were the best thing to 5fm!!! Don’t care what other’s had to say! I feel the same!! Keep us posted! Andre, CTown:/

  149. Evelyn says:

    YAY…exciting times ahead! Can’t wait!!
    But my mornings are dull 🙁

  150. Joao Jardim says:

    Gareth you mather, it was a shock to hear that the whole lot of are waai-ing from 5fm, Im very emotional about this news man.
    Thank you for the awesome mornings and will be really missed!!!

  151. Cindy says:

    I was convinced it was a joke & Tuesday I would put my radio on you’d all be back! I felt so sorry for Grant (although I think he’s awesome) having to fill in the gap for all of u! Enormous shoes to fill. Missing u all already! Good luck xx

  152. GJ (James) says:

    Sorry to hear about you guys leaving… Wish the team all the best in your new (ad)venture. Gareth…continue the good work of speaking out for the people…this country needs people like you. Hopefully you will still have a platform to reach the masses…like you did on radio. Ignorance is bliss…and unfortunately most of the people continue to ignore that this beautiful country (which should have been the leader of Africa)…is going backwards. Wishing you all the best…and hope to continue hearing your opinions and thoughts out there!

  153. Liezl says:

    Wherever you going, we will follow….kyk uit daarna! yeeeehhaaaa!

  154. ronell says:

    Gosh,how am I going to keep up with Michael Jackson’s opinions,from beyond the grave. And in general,I need advise about which early-morning tonic to take now. Mine has just been discontinued!

  155. kingkenn says:

    So now im back on anti depressants cos of this. With Gareth gone there is no reason for living on 5fm anymore so I was forced to switch over to RSG or to shoot myself….the shoot myself option sounds better lol

  156. caro says:

    Put on the radio this morning, was a bit slow in realising there’d been a change, and wanted to slit my wrists with the mundaneness of the on-air conversation. Look forward to hearing your new venture- please may it launch soon!!!

  157. Muriel says:

    Have had an absolutely crap week since I first heard the news on Monday! I feel like i have lost members of my family…. I love Grant but I need you and the team to wake me up

  158. Brendan says:

    Just not the same, going to work, dark clouds and no weeeeeekend baby!
    Hurry up with the ace up your sleeve, the country is waiting 🙂
    All the best to you and the team!

  159. Mimi says:

    It’s only been a week, but I’m was already highly irritated by the replacements on Five FM!listening to my own CDs on my way to work instead.5 FM is the only radio station where English was spoken mostly. For me, that’s gone now. As an English speaking person, I can’t stand radio where other languages have time- share! Don’t misunderstand me…I have nothing against what language people speak, but when it comes to audio entertainment and information, I like English the best. My friends agree, and have often said that is so nice to have a radio station that broadcasts in Eglish only. There are plenty of stations for other laguages already. 😉

  160. Karabo Pare says:

    Dear Garreth

    I.have listened to your show since 2009 when I was in Grade 4 every morning you made me take it with anticipation and joy .The news of yor departure from five fm was heartbreaking and tearbringing knowing my mornings will never be the same and since I missed it while I was on camp

    Karabo Pare

  161. Wonder Machingura says:

    I used to u. One of my favorite djs. Sometimes to arrogant but I still ended up listening to you.thanks for making it easy for me. Now I can listen Glen and Unathi on Metro without worrying if I’m missing something on 5fm.ya. All the best guys. Yo new station better be a nationwide station not a community radio station. Or what’s the point of moving?

  162. shan says:

    you will be missed Gareth !! We have listened to your show for many years. I look forward to 1st of May – keep us in the loop please!

  163. […] had earlier confirmed that various members of his team would be joining him on the new […]

  164. Tanya says:

    I’ve never listened to a single Morning show with Gareth Cliff ……But now I’m so intrigued that wherever you eventually pop and broadcast from I will definitely make it a priority to tune in. Looking forward to my unhinged radio 🙂

  165. PG says:

    Can not wait until 1 May 2014. Always appreciated your opinions /views.

  166. COLLEEN says:

    Miss your team in the mornings – radio is just not the same. May have to change stations!!! There are not many options.

  167. Gordon Scotland says:

    As a working foreigner in Mossel Bay and knowing very little about SA , This unknown soldier brightened my mornings over the last year driving into work before the 0800 breathalyser. I placed a lot of value in his courageous wit . When did I find out his name – March 31st. Flying home to Spain tonight. Five FM have a hard act to follow.

    Gordy – A Scot in Spain.

  168. jazzman says:

    all good things come to a continuation………..

  169. Maritza says:

    This sucks!!! All the best…

  170. Lisa says:

    I am not a morning person,but listening to you guys while dodging taxi’s has made mornings bearable-good luck with the new venture-I am sure it will be a huge success!!!!

  171. Paul says:

    Well, …… I think you would make a good president. Would vote for you cause at least I know what We would get….

  172. Claire says:

    Here’s hoping you start your own radio station – where you can say what you want and be yourself!
    You are the best thing thats ever happened to radio in South Africa – for the thinking, open-minded South Africans, that is…

  173. Dean says:

    So glad 5FM got rid of you Gareth Cliff! You’re an ignorant closet case that thinks he has the ONLY right answer to every argument, any replacement will be a step up. KEEP YOUR OPTIONS TO YOURSELF

    SP, Why don’t you just go jump off one…

  174. Adéle says:

    Not only am I looking forward to 1st May to listen to you but also the fact that the whole team will be back. I am proud to be a part of your dysfunctional radio family. After returning from a US vacation, I was depending on you guys to make me feel better – but you were gone! I’ve listened so many cd’s these past days, cannot bare the idiots on any station… And how will I ever understand politics if you don’t explain it. It’s election time – I need info!
    Good luck with the preparations, I will be looking out – listening out for you. A

  175. Quinton padayachee says:

    I think the wechat move as the digital platform was bankable and gets them more apps downloaded and more popular at the end of the day. I do think that the digital route is a good one ,however, it still leaves a huge void in listenership and fm is still a good platform to utilise. A combination of fm and digital would be a good route.I should think that getting an fm frequency license would cement cliffcentral as the only platform that bridges domains in south African broadcasting

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  177. mathabo says:

    Its such a pity that in south africa resort to name calling when faced which what they deem to be difficult questions. I also want to know Gareth who is payed for the funeral? Did the money come from politician’s personal accounts? Or was it a tax money? If it was tax money I also want to know, are we now setting president that we are going to bury all soccer stars like kings and queens? Where did this budget suddenly come from? It makes no logical sense to spend the kind of money and worse we have people who fought for the struggle and they are not even burried at the heroes acre what did Senzo do to deserve this? I liked the guy I did not know him nor did I think he deserve the funeral of this magnitude at my expense. Mbalula needs to grow up and answer questions and stop making reference to vervoed I have no interest who burie vervoed or botha (they were by viertue of being in government entitled to a kind of funeral they got) what about Meyiwa? What did he do for people who did not support pirate or south african soccer? Why is my tax money used for burying them, when do we draw the line? Mbalula grow up stop behaving like a girl, you occupy a public office you need to answer instead of resorting to insults its no secret that you are not the most eloquent politician hence you have a spokesperson better still you did not have to respond to Gareth, you failed to answer such simple question I wonder what makes you feel justified to be speaking with such authority as Minister of Sports, why didn’t sport ministry cover this funeral why a provincial funeral. Shame on the government for wasting our money in the name of paying respects at my expense. Shame on Zuma for even approving such a wasteful expenditure.

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