Freedom Day Thoughts

BlbhrugCYAAbF8NHappy Freedom Day to my favourite country on Earth. But with some sombre thoughts…..This possum ate it’s way into a box of pastries, overdosed on sugar and got too fat to fit through the hole it used to get in. So it just waited to be found, jam-smeared for rescue. Thanks to Tom Eaton on Twitter for this. I suspect you know a few examples of people just like this, well-known people, who are so greedy they can’t help but help themselves.

The ANC (government)(include the latter term if you choose, because there is such a blurring of lines) is overwhelmed with corruption – and on the grandest scale. Just the other day I heard about a man who gets tenders from a government department and in return lets the minister in question have his way with the man’s wife, regularly. Many hundreds of thousands of rands change hands in this transaction, not to mention the dignity of the man’s wife. Part of the deal is that the cream the man takes off the top gets returned in sizeable portion to the minister in question. I’m not sure the story isn’t just gossip, but then I’m not sure it isn’t. Who knows how much more nefarious the deals get, especially lower down the pyramid of influence where the amounts are smaller and the recipients more desperate and depraved.

Part of the rotten, depressing problem we’re faced with is that most deployed cadres wouldn’t be employable in the lowliest of jobs. They know the gravy train is their only hope at wealth and the material rewards of success, and they’re determined to get what they can out of the deal before the tap is closed. This isn’t some casual observation tainted with racism (because I’m already assuming that will be the first counter-argument) – the Auditor-General agrees with me. We have dysfunctional, uneducated, dishonest, immoral people in government office, starting right at the top. Because they don’t know better, they can’t tell the difference between a few thousand and a few million, but they know they want some. Like that possum, they gorge themselves on public money and perks like a fat child eats cake until they can’t anymore – and they always get caught – because they’re too fat to fit back through the hole.

Gwede Mantashe can call those of us who criticise this disgraceful stealing whatever he likes, but we’re not in North Korea, and his propaganda hasn’t got the power it might have had in years gone by, when he trained as an apparatchik. In fact people are so furious that they openly boo the President, laugh at him more than with him and are deeply suspicious of every single thing the ANC does and says – including their (it deserves to be said) very positive, powerful election campaign. It’s time we pull all the pigs away from the trough and force them to earn their office, earn their reward and deserve our respect. If they won’t, we’ll ridicule, insult and cajole them into humiliation and resignation – even the thick-skinned ones who refuse to budge. There are good people in politics, even a skeptic like me can admit that, but they’re becoming few and far-between as they end up tarred with the same brush as their less salubrious associates.

I don’t want fat possums making important decisions and helping themselves. I demand public service – from people who want to serve our great country, not pillage from it. Is anyone listening? Turning 20 means we can’t behave like teenagers anymore.


  1. Glass Half Full says:

    Do you always have to complain? Seriously. It must be exhausting finding so many things to whine about.

  2. Lisa says:

    Nice that you have the freedom to say these things these days. Corrupted power is viscious though and has everything to lose… are we going to have to get you a bodyguard soon?

  3. Realist says:

    Well done Gareth. I love how you have become the public voice of millions of South Africans who don’t have the same platform that you do. I have to tell you this…You have balls. Salute!

  4. chris wilke says:

    Gareth – true words, as always – I do truly only hope that the various opposition parties win enough votes to post a formidable front – a wish would to perhaps have the ANC garber less than 50% of the vote which would enable the thought process to start in terms of stopping the rampant domination of the countries resources (finacial and otherwise).

    Sadly – the well thought out propaganda etc mechanisms as thought out by the Soviet Union and passed on to those they trained still works – as you have said, it does work less and less I do wonder when the proverbial penny shall drop amongst the blind followers and the realization will happen that it isnt them who will be getting wealthy… I am a tourist guide and explaining the level of corruption to guests (and potential investors by default) is so often met with “theyre all currupt” – such a sad indictment of the human race I dare say.

    Ok, enough Rambling from me – I do support you and in whatever way I can, I will stand up and be counted with you for the stance you have taken and the public forum you have addopted to accomplished this.

  5. larch says:

    @Glass Half Full, so you took the time to complain about Gareth complaining? He makes a valid point in this blog post, what is the use of living in a democratic and free society when you cannot point out your governments flaws and criticize them for it. Free speech is the corner stone of living in South Africa, problem is free speech has become the current governments biggest enemy. And when we use that to criticize the current government we get called counter revolutionary. More people need to stand up and be counted and make their voice heard.

  6. suzi says:

    At last you have seen the light – on radio is was a bit sickening how you used to kiss JZs ass. Welcome to reality – well written too

  7. Niko Kopke says:

    Hope you get big platform soon. Your up their with Klem Sunter

  8. sue says:

    Ģlass half full – so I take it you find the state of affairs in SA acceptable and not worth complaining about? Imagine where SA will be in a few years from now at this rate. And no one caring to publicly voice their discontent?! You sound exhausted not wanting to complain about a very serious situation which is dragging this country’s name through the mud and negatively affecting this countries’ economy.

  9. Bring Back Honour to SA says:

    Well said Gareth. You have rooted yourself as the voice of the people. The powers that be can no longer hide behind their ill gotten gains. Respect. @Glass Half Full, are you serious? Your narrow minded comment can only mean one of two things. Either you are an activist for the ANC and you are one who has benefitted under the current flawed system OR you simply do not care about your country. The points raised here are in this blog are extremely relevant. Without outspoken individuals like GC, such issues will be swept under the rug and our country would be exposed to further ruin. It is unfortunate that there are still naive and senseless members of society like you out there! Shame on you!

  10. vinesh says:

    The sad truth is that the uneducated and the new breed of idiot in SA will ensure Zupta and his toe lickers get re elected. I’m scared to dream of where we will be in five years if this giant of fools gets another term in office. God help us all so use your vote wisely.

  11. margaret Thomson says:

    A great analogy! I love your sharp, intellectual mind Gareth and miss hearing you on 5fm! It is now battling to survive,dive FM!

  12. natasha says:

    Gareth, you are a freaking visionary and a legend! Well done we are really proud of you and how you’ve become the voice of many south africans 😉

  13. Fonnie says:

    By this time everybody with more than two brain cells agree with you but nobody knows how to get rid of this plaque. Who has got the power and political clout to generate enough support to “elimenate” your “possim”

  14. dee says:

    I realise we are being governed by criminals…… someone!!!!

  15. Hennie O says:

    I wonder what a graphic representation of actual service delivery per billion spent over the past twenty years would look like (compensating for inflation/decline in Rand value), broken down over the various sectors. Which would show the fastest decline? Health, education, security, etc.?

  16. Ricki says:

    Well said. This country is ruled by idiots and those that cannot see it, are idiots too. God help us. I better grow grass…

  17. charne says:

    Eish Gareth…

    Think about it during those first 20years of your life there must have been so many moments of failure, mistakes and all that other stuff. There was learning too, you cannot deny. You grew Gareth and you had time. And still you are growing. Like our 20years we grew… and trust me while I agree on this whole corruption thingy bear in mind that we are still learning how to grow. As a country the rate of growth is so much slower if we continue to grow apart.

  18. Angie says:

    Salute!!! Well said. We are ruled by idiots and need serious help and fast

  19. Mami says:

    I love you Gareth

  20. Gerhard says:

    Well said… @ glass half full: We like Gareth’s complaining. If you don’t, nobody is forcing you to read it or comment. Just saying.

  21. SicknTired says:

    Well said Mr Cliff. I for one am sick n tired of the current government. Um tired of the lies, the corruption, the list is endless. When I see them campaign, I just roll my eyes. Something has got to change!

  22. Nick De gouveia says:

    Well..shock..gasp..horror. .gareth cliff..the wannabe howard stern of south africa has turned on his previous employers like a dog infested with rabies. While everyone here has their tongue up your arse proclaiming you to be the voice of the people.. like a modern day messiah..they fail to realise that the only fools here are the cunts that complain about the government but continue to give them the power to pull their pants down. It wasn’t too long ago you were in bed with the very cunts you ridicule in your well researched paragraph. I mean you made a name for yourself and recieved your salary and fame from the SABC which is controlled by the in effect mr peoples were employed by the very government you ridicule.. But I understand that by throwing in a few big words here and there you are able to convince the intellectually challenged citizens of your favourite country as you so eloquently put it that you are a staunch critic of your now former employers. Thus leading them to declare you some sort of hero leading the fight for the righteousness. I however believe you to be a cunning individual seizing the opportunity to shall we say reinvent yourself. You said radio is dying but in actual fact its your treasured image that is dying..all these poor souls that are misguided by your carefully planned outbursts believe you to be the caped crusader of the airwaves but the truthof the matter is that your ratings have dropped quicker than a male proprostitutes g string in a dingy pretoria motel room hence why the sabc cut you loose..and now like the scorned lover you are.. you feel the need for revenge. You not the peoples champion as the narcissist inside you would like to believe. .instead you see the problems and topics this country faces as a means of enriching yourself and of course feeding that image that you have so carefully crafted over the years. Sneaky sneaky.. Welcome to uncharted territory captain.. here you are not protected by the confines of the harbour. In the vast ocean of the unknown in which you now find yourself You never know what is lurking in the shadows. Unhinged.. Uncensored. . Nice tagline.. the reinvention of brand gareth cliff..the revolution of radio.. well cliffy boy.. with every revolution comes new challenges. Challenges that will either boost that insatiable ego of yours or perhaps make you question why you just didnt take up that offer from highveld. Because lets be dont rise well to were on tv before and that crashed and burned. Well mr hero to the south african public. .every hero needs a villian..and even villians have a tagline. A tagline that I believe will leave you UNNERVED..

  23. julie says:

    There is such celebrating our 20 years of being a democracy, its so wonderful to have such freedom. In what way are we free?? You never know from one day to the next if you will high jacked at the robots down the road. If your house will be broken into while you are at work. I cannot rely on the police service if I need help. Mmmmm this am loving this democracy. Bishop tutu is ringing the alarm bells and stll jz sits stuffing his face with jam!! Gosh some people have thick hides.

  24. El Moody says:

    @nick de gouveia: In case you were unaware, this is the comments section of GC’s blog. It is NOT a BATMAN movie, which is what you clearly think you are in. Heroes and Villains? REALLY??
    You clearly watch way too much TV.

  25. Alan says:

    I was wondering when you would use the possum pic, Great, sticky, analogy.

    Not your usual self here though (busy I guess). The key point you forget to make is that your read/lead/listen/ership CAN do something about this.

    The only poll that counts is on May 7. Come on South Africa, you don’t have to put up possums!

  26. jacqueline clark says:

    Well said Gareth. I wish many more people would listen and own what you say. Nick. ..shame on you. Pick on Gareth when the government is stealing from you.

  27. Realist says:

    @Nick De gouveia: I have a lot more to say about your comment above, all of which are not complimentary to your person to say the least. Suffice to say that by using expletives to air your naïve views are offensive in the extreme and actually reflects your true character. You have not addressed any of GC’s statements but preferred instead to attack his person. You are a very sad individual.

  28. Val Roach says:

    I commend you Gareth. Don’t ever stop telling it like it is.

  29. Lisa says:

    What a diatribe, Nick De Gouveia. Are you trying to prove intelligence? It usually shows in eloquence not wordiness.

  30. ian says:

    As allways , this blog is filled with the reality of our life and times.To Nick and glass half full -yes you also have your right to make your comments -as ridiculous as what they might be! One wanders though, on which planet are you living currently because it certainly is not with us . Or are you just so part of the gravy train that you haveto defend the local circumstances.
    As always ,My biggest concern is the wrong group of South Africans get to read this .we all ready know what’s potting
    Some how this should be passed on to the uninformed masses (not those of us who can pick this up offa tablet, lap top or smart phone.)
    And so if Cliff is using this to “increase his new career /direction ” great I say. Well done I say .for having the guts and courage to openly share
    Only, you should pass on the names of the people you discuss (in this case the minister AND the guy who lends out wifey.)FOR THEY DESERVE TO BE NAMED AND SHAMED

  31. “Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” – Jefferson

    Ustinov wrote that corruption was ‘nature’s’ way of restoring faith in the democratic process. Let’s hope there is something left to be governed when the demand politics take over from the ideological and irrational position we find ourselves in.

  32. Iain says:

    @charne – 20 years is a long time, enough time to go through the entire school curriculum and varsity. Enough time for the people in power to get educated, to run the country properly. Enough time to educate childeren properly. Build schools, etc. instead we see school grades drop, text book not get delivered, etc, etc. education is a good foundation and this government is seriously lacking!

  33. nuttynyc says:

    Very interesting comments, I like it!!!

  34. Nicole says:

    Thanks, Gareth. For having the courage and integrity to be a voice against the corruption and disappointment.

    I regret I ever voted ANC. What a travesty.

    The world looks on, aghast (as we do) that these people get away with it and nothing is done.

    Well, at least some of our public figures have the ability to say what is on a lot of our minds.

    Viva, Gareth!

  35. Marc D says:

    Great article Gareth!

    Nick – foul language, pathetic writing, just make you a troll, and a wasted 2 minutes of my life reading your stupidity.

    I just hope that we, the people do actually make our voices heard on May 7th. We need to make our vote count, and stop this destruction of our wonderful country, that I am proud to call home!

  36. Ilse says:

    I find it extremely amusing that you twats who have so much to say about Gareth is even reading he’s blog. If you think he’s opinion is null and void then why waste your precious time reading it. Nick you are stupid and glass half full – Full of shit yes. Enjoy your stupid lives. AND GARETH KEEP IT UP.

  37. Gareth!!!! Shame on you! You don’t know the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’

  38. Kate rooseboom says:

    Congratulations to Augustine Mkhwanazi for standing up against corruption. Please interview her and give her some exposure.

  39. Nick De gouveia says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha aw no man.. my stomach ha ha ha ha ha. .ok we shall I begin.. el moody.. as I write this in the same place where I wrote my screenplay earlier..I was directed by the bold headline..leave a comment so thank you for pointing out the obvious..auditions for my new film..a biopic on the life of einstein is taking place sometime next if you can tear yourself away from “GC’s” blog that somehow interests you at 3 in the morning..its obvious your wisdom is vast which would make you a favourite. Clearly you are a huge fan in more ways than one to be scanning this blog at such an unghastly hour of the morning..Imagine how proud “GC” would be if you got the lead role. Jacqueline I am not picking on cliffy boy..all you lurchers are more interested in sitting on the fence and cheering cliffy boy on. Lisa.. ian..marc d…you are all just puppies that cliffy boy throws bones to.. if you are content to nibble on the bullshit he hands out..hey do what makes you happy.. controversy makes him and I get that..I was controversial and look at the reaction I got. Point is.. cheer him on if you must but just because you are fans don’t make him out to be the voice of the people.. he gives a fuck about a fuck about the people..he just preys on your insecurities to keep his pockets and ego full. Cause all you fans will ever amount to is sitting on that fence cheering and complaning when all of you are more comfortable then most of the masses that are manipulated by the same government that cliffy boy up until his dismisal is now outspoken against. Different levels. .same hypocrisy for a commen objective.. money.. its everyone for themselves.. until cliffy boy starts his own political party I will believe his and all his fans concern for this country… until then.. cliffy boy is part of the gravy train for his own needs. So pretty please with sugar on top if you are all so concerned with the state of affairs get off your privileged bumholes and do something. In fact I have an idea.. round up all the fans start a petition and campaign for cliffy boy to start his own political party. I mean. .from all the comments here cliffy boy will make history. The first honest politician that is actually there for the people. Yeah fucking right..wink wink nudge nudge

  40. Sharon0-P says:

    Comment No 1 actually sounds glass is half empty. Comment no 3….realist I am with you on this! I too salute Gareth! ( Gareth for President!)

  41. Richard says:

    Keep it up Gareth, SA needs you to make noise, lots of it! As to Glass Half Full and similar minded half-wits, move to Oranjia boys and girls and stay there. Morons.

  42. Kavi says:

    Hey Gareth – Love your stuff. in addition to what you just said,This weekend i saw things that moved me and spoke to something in my soul( note that im trying not to sound too deep but . . .) i saw a beggar sharing his food with car guard, i saw a man in a beat up Golf 1 pumping his music loud enough so that some kids on the side of the street could jive to the music that was clearly making him happy. i saw kids referring to elders as ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’ and i saw a kind of friendliness amongst people that i usually took for granted. theres so much more to South Africans that we care to take note off. we are truly a wonderful nation. this country has raised my parents, my sisters, my closest friends etc. and note, every single one of them are effing legendary in so many ways. I love south Africa. i am proudly south african. the elections are coming up. i think we make the mistake in thinking that a particular Party represents the people. we smart enough to know that all the candidates on that ballot paper are full of their own sh##. The likes of J L Dube (Dr),Chief A J Luthuli,Oliver Tambo,Nelson Mandela etc represented a South African ideal. a country that was innately powerful. they were leaders, intellectuals and well educated in life and academics and fought for the basic, God given rights of people . . . not one gender or race, but the people. they had that special blend of south african je ne sais quoi that we all share . needless to say, the current ‘leader’ in SA is an asinine tool who shamelessly represents corruption and womanizing and a form of bullying that the man on the street cannot of fight. BUT . . . BUT . . . he does not and never will represent the south african people! he has no claim over the wonderful and breathtaking blessings that the previous leaders fought for us to enjoy OR for who we were born to be. South African people are independent from all that nonsense. we are a cultured nation with a profound future, regardless of who is ‘running’ (abusing) the country.

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  44. Lorraine says:

    Gareth this is so true, I know of women who have lost their jobs because they wouldn’t sleep with certain MP’s and this was the ANC as well. Thanks for “speaking” with us and giving us the option to comment and even like Nick De gouveia, who seems to be riding on your apron-strings to be heard, big up to all of you!!! GO VOTE!!! and lets make a difference, albeit a drop in the ocean, it counts and good luck to us all.

  45. Marcelle says:

    Nick De gouveia, you are a pathetic foul-mouthed idiot!

  46. Nick De gouveia says:

    Sorry lurkers.. seems alot of people are getting all hoity toity over my comments.. well the fuck you line is full… grab a ticket and go wait in the I dont give a fuck section..

  47. Paula says:

    Gareth, firstly, I really miss you! Secondly, thank you for your boldness, your clarity, your candid comments, your eloquence, your bravery, your intelligence, your groundedness, your humbleness, your humour and your very healthy ego. You make me smile for so many reasons! Roots and berries forever! Love xxx

  48. Erica says:

    Nice! the thing is most of it wont change…and why? cause the education levels are screwed and the country is supposed to be teaching our youngsters(including myself) the right way, not their way…we are plagued by individuals that cannot think for themselves and follow blind into distruction…

  49. Erica says:

    Many a time i have spoken to follow peers and fellow colleagues of a differant race and the responses i get are revolving back to Apartheid…like uhhh? it wouldnt even be able to get that far anymore, not ever…after the historical steps we have taken to get out of it, i highly doubt it would go anywhere near it again

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