Decrypto - Luno - CliffCentral Series

At about this time last year, there was only one thing everyone was talking about. At every braai, dinner, party and the start of every business meeting everyone was talking about Bitcoin.

Do you remember? Did you know what they were talking about? Did you pretend to know?

One year later, we’ve seen prices tumble, but the interest hasn’t abated. Everyone agrees, cryptocurrencies are here to stay – and whether or not the Bitcoin price goes back to $20k or even higher, people are thinking differently about money. As the brilliant Yuval Noah Harari explains in Sapiens, currency is a made up thing that we all agree to believe in. It’s an idea. People have cottoned on to the idea that in a digital world, cryptocurrency is a dead-cert. Some people are ahead of the curve in terms of timing and others will fall behind, but you can’t be ignorant in the face of so much new information.

That’s why, in association with Luno, Africa’s first cryptocurrency platform, decided to launch Decrypto – a podcast series that provides you with a crash-course on what cryptocurrencies are, how they work and why it should matter to you. Engaging with evangelists like Simon Dingle, traders like Ran Neu-Ner, skeptical experts from the Reserve Bank and even the founder of Monero, Riccardo Spagni – we want to give anyone who listens the salient information that will make them feel smart and identify bullshit immediately, in any situation.

The future of creative content and the future of money have coincided in this latest example of how people are informing, empowering and inspiring themselves, and you can’t afford to miss out. Literally.


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