In case you were in a coma…

If you haven’t yet figured out that we’re live and doing our show between 6 and 9am, don’t beat yourself up, lots of people don’t know stuff. Some o these people died because they didn’t know fire was hot, or they thought wireless internet was a phone trapped in a gauze maze. I’m here to help. so for the people who are slow to catch on, don’t be ashamed, just pretend you knew right from the start and catch up on the podcasts (number 4, below). here’s how to listen to the Gareth Cliff Show:

1. Go to on your web browser. The stream will start immediately. If you’re on uncapped wireless at home or work, you can listen freely

2. Go to WeChat on your phone, no matter where you are. On WeChat, go to ADD CONTACTS. Then go to OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS. Type in CliffCentral and add us. Now we’ll appear as a contact. On the message screen you’ll see LISTEN. Press that, and you’ll hear us. If you’re on Edge, 3G, 4G or LTE you’ll pay normal data costs. If you’re on a wireless connection, no extra cost. We’re working on ways to get those data costs down.

3. Watch COMEDY CENTRAL Channel 122 on DSTV between 7h35 and 9h00 every weekday morning. The show is broadcast live on TV.

4. Download the podcast of whatever show you want to hear by going to Every show should be available an hour after it has gone out live. Go to PODCASTS. Downloading the show won’t take long and then you can listen whenever, wherever you are for free.

5. Listen live on and check out your favourite TV shows at the same time.

Remember if you have a smart phone you can connect it to most modern cars which will put the stream on your car radio. On very smart phones you can also use Bluetooth

Have fun, and tell us what you think. Remember you can call in on 0861-555-189 any time.


  1. Sine strydom says:

    Thanks for info , I will be recording it on Dstv .
    Am missing you guys a lot

  2. Daryl says:

    It was so much easier to simply tune in on FM. Why not offer us that option?

  3. Ade-Lyndon says:

    Wow I didn’t know that the show started @ 6am so devastated but atleast I know now. Thanks 4 the info.

  4. Carol says:

    How do I get WeChat onto my old Blackberry phone? Please use simple language. I am an old lady but want to listen to your show.
    When I open the internet on my phone (the round spinning earth thingy) it opens to News24 – have no idea where to type WeChat to download WeChat onto the phone.
    There is no Google search line on the screen.
    I know no young person to ask for help.

    Please be patient with us grave-dodgers Gareth. You need to keep your geriatric fans. Smiley face.
    Love, Carol (the one who is BEREFT without you in the mornings). Tel. 082 352 1143

  5. sikiş says:

    It was so much easier to simply tune in on FM. Why not offer us that option?

  6. This way i have got enough idea about how to get the gems and gold for the game.

  7. I am on the way to get premium apps from the google play store.

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