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2nd March, 2011

Spare a thought today for those poor servile Zimbabweans who have been threatened and intimidated into a protest march to end sanctions against their greediest, most kleptomaniac officials and their cronies.

Much as my sympathy for the people of Zimbabwe runs low when I compare their complete lack of collective bravery (there are individuals who have shows great gallantry against the oppressive regime) with that of the people of Tunisia, Egypt or Libya; I cannot help but feel desperate for them as their ghastly slave-masters trundle them out into public places today for nothing that will benefit any of them.

A protest march has been called to demand an end to the special sanctions against the ruling elite of Zimbabwe. ZANU-PF have seen fit to order zealous party loyalists and zombie citizenry alike  to mass in demonstration against sanctions which are directed almost entirely at preventing Mugabe and his henchmen from international travel, anonymous foreign banking and plunder on a global scale.In other words, the sanctions should make no difference to ordinary Zimbabweans. But they must do their master’s bidding…

The slaves are still slaves, just as they were under the colonial power of Britain – only this time their masters seem to have less conscience and more personal greed. I can see the dream of Joshua Nkomo smashed into the ground and trampled on by the “liberators” of a country whose people have never been less free. What mindless, soul-destroying self-loathing this is. Zimbabwe, I weep for your people…


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